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Avatar n tn Her stools are normall and no blood when she t\hrows up. Can I give her tums at night? She now only throws up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.
Avatar m tn no, she is not vomting anymore, thank god, the last vomiting was last night at midnight then she slept fine all night, i dont sleep looking her but she was doing fine, today she ate her breakfast and she dont vomiting so far and of course if she continued sick i will take her to the vet immediately.
725248 tn?1316165845 As far as 4 AM vomiting, I ask what time the dog gets up (what time do you get up) and what time is the dog fed? I ask this because if the dog is fed at 430 or 5 regularly, then the advance flow of digestive juices may cause a temporarily "sour stomach" and initiate a brief vomiting episode. This all assumes the dog eats normally, holds food down, doesnt vomit at other times, etc. If my description fits, the dog may have "bilious vomiting syndrome.
Avatar n tn 30 a.m. every night) bright as a button after. My sister (who has lived a long time in Africa) listened to the symptoms (vomiting, very smelly runny stools) and said I should get him checked for parasites (very common apparently). Took him to the doctor who prescribe him something to get "the good bacteria" back into his system because with all the vomiting and runny stools he has flushed all the good ones out (makes sense). Starting prescription tonight will let you know. Dr.
4916067 tn?1360978562 GIGI sweats at night also.. Her belly is damp to the touch when she wakes up in the morning and it's not pee. She sleeps in bed and I would know if she peed. It's strange.
Avatar f tn My older daughter and my husband stopped vomiting after a couple of days, but my younger daughter didn't. It was only at night, but every night, or every other night for weeks she would wake up vomiting. She looked terrible and was losing quite a bit of weight for a 2 year old. During the day her appetite and behaviour were normal, but at night she would wake up vomitting.
Avatar f tn Hopefully your dog will be able to keep the immodium down long enough to help clear the diarrhea..but again, if your dog is still vomiting and continues to have diarrhea, and you see no improvement by tomorrow, I suggest that you call your vet back, and get your dog re-evaluated. Please let us know how she is doing...
Avatar m tn Sounds like except for the vomiting, she seems to be OK. This can be due to slow motility of the stomach or just an empty stomach for too long. Instead of one large meal at 5:00, try splitting that up into a few smaller meals and feed the last one later. I would also cut down on fat and watch what she is getting into! Last thing you want is an obstruction. Your Vet can prescribe something for the stomach or you can ask your Vet if you can try some Pepcid. Always consult with your Vet.
Avatar n tn My husband and I were out walking our 10 year old Sheltie dog last Sunday when a Roteweiller came up behind us and attacked our dog. She has been at the Vets most of the week. We just got her home today and she has vomited approximately 10 times. Apart from the 8 wounds on her small body, the Vet said that she may have developed an Ulcer from the trauma of the attack. Has anyone experienced this before? Will my dog survive this attack? It is so hard to see her like this.
Avatar m tn Hi, my 11 year old dog has been vomiting for almost a week now, since Tuesday. Sometimes she vomits her food, while other times she vomits a clear, foamy substance. During the past week she usually has been vomiting once or twice a day, however, on Thursday she did not vomit, and seemed all better. We took her to the vet's office on Wednesday and the vet said she was fine, and that she probably just ate something foreign.
Avatar f tn Wow, 17 years old, you have done a wonderful job keeping a dog healthy for that length of time, regardless of what breed it is. Bland seems to be the only thing I can suggest, and hope you are not feeding one of the "popular" dog foods seen on most super market dog food shelves. No grain is one suggestion. Did the vet say anything about using one of the human diarrhea over-the-counter medications?
Avatar m tn I agree that it's best to get your dog tested for all possible causes of this mysterious vomiting before simply trying a Homeopathic treatment on him. At least if you get a definite diagnosis, you'll know more clearly what you're dealing with. Anyway, the dosage for Homeopathic meds are usually the 6c potency 2 tabs every 2 hours in acute cases, for 6 doses. Then when the symptoms start to lessen, cut down to 3 times a day.....then 2 times a day....in relation to any improvement.
Avatar n tn A friend recently said her dog did the same thing if she missed dinnertime by as little as 30 minutes. PROBIOTICs is what helped her dog. I gave him his first pill last night and after 3 solid days of atleast one episode he is resting comfortably and has NOT vomitted. Looking for some validation on probiotics. Im praying for him to be more comfortable, cant stand the wretching. Thanks for any help or advice!
6824408 tn?1385142108 At first we thought it was acid reflex and her tummy was hurting from being empty, so we started to give her a snack at night (a homemade pumpkin pie dog biscuit, wheat free, and a few spoonfuls of plain low fat yogurt. Then when she was still vomiting in the evening we start giver her 3 meals a day instead of 2.
4487133 tn?1355335664 She eats only her recommended amount of Innova-Weight Control dog food twice daily (given to her in small amounts at a time) - No table food at all. She has been taking half a tab (37.5mg) of Zantac twice daily (per vet instructions) without any relief of symptoms at all. Is there any other home remedies or food recomendations before I take her to the vet again? Thanks! .
751521 tn?1233408032 My dog has been vomiting since last night it is now just a bile that he is bringing up he also has diarrhoea. I have not fed him since 17.30 last night but he is still bringing up bile. I have tried to get him to eat some boiled chicken but he is refusing it. He seems a little restless and has been going through stages of panting. He is a 7 yr old collie x. I am on income support and have no money at the moment please can you give me some advice on what to do i am really worried about him.
Avatar f tn You could tell by looking at him that he just wasn't feeling well. I held him for a little while to see what would happen before calling the vet. Within 45 min, he was fine! Came home last night and he was shaky again for about an hour, then fine! Same thing happened tonight. He is eating and drinking normally as well as pooping and urinating normally too. No vomiting or diarrhea. Up to date on all shots. No possibility of him ingesting any kind of cleaner, poison, plant, etc.
Avatar n tn I really need help! My friend had a dog for about a year (the dog is a year old) and she gave it to me because she could no longer take care of him. Now I've been around the dog since she had him so he's very familiar with me. He's a very rare breed, he's a Pitt bull mixed with a poodle. He loves people especially children and he's very loving and playful. Any who, his sickness started Sunday and lead to him not eating or drinking at all.That morning and most of the afternoon he was fine.
Avatar n tn dog vomiting 2 to 3 times a night orange coloured vomit ,hes fine next day eating playing. hes a 10 yr old Labrador.hes fed twicw a day wet food.had him to vets for blood tests came back fine .
Avatar n tn At one o'clock AM she ate her dog chow, an hour later she had a little more macaroni and cheese. She slept through the night. About 11:30 she woke my father up. She was shaking, and drooling uncontrollably. This happened twice, for about a minute a piece, and the last time she vomited. The vomit was foamy, and it didn't have any dog chow in it, but all the macaroni she'd eaten was still there. Is shaking and drooling a prelude to vomiting?
1086217 tn?1256699689 my 3 yr old shih tzu vomits yellow bile at times, i give him pepcid at times, i cook noodles with chicken,i make sure that he eats at night,but he still vomits in the morning, i feed him with Nutrish by rachel ray. the vet says that all bld works were all normal. they also ruled out pancretitis. the vet said that i shld try pumpkin to put in his kibbles, but he didn't like it, right now , i'm giving him pepcid everyday. is there any suggestions ?
Avatar n tn My dog hasn't been eating at all and he hasn't got up to go bathroom at all either. When we call him he just sits there when he usually gets up and is very energetic. He is just a puppy and I have no reason why he is acting this way. I don't have the money right now to take him to a veterinarian. So if anyone has any idea to aid him; can you please help me.
Avatar m tn I feed her regular dog food in the morning, a lamb and rice one and in the evening she gets rice and hamburger or poultry at night. She really doesn't get many snacks except a bit of Apple or a small bit of cheese. When we got her she did a lot of scratching of her chin to the point of bleeding, which I think was food related, so I am very careful with what I feed her. She had a tooth cleaning at the vets this fall, and her teeth are in good shape. No, bile, urine tests have not been done.
Avatar n tn On Saturday night, at around 11 p.m., my 7-year old dog started to vomit. At first (3-4 times), he vomited bile mixed with clear fluids. After that, he vomited (the 5th time) bile, clear fluids mixed with flecs of bright red blood. This occurred during the next 4 hour period. The last time he vomited (about the 6th, I lost count), it consisted entirely of bright red blood. It was two circular 12” round puddles of red blood. Sometime between 3:00 a.m.
184674 tn?1360864093 Could this be giving him an upset stomach? I fed him dry dog food last night around 7 p.m. He also drank a lot of water last evening, but I'm assuming that's because it was about 88° last evening and I took him for a long walk between 7:15-7:45. He didn't eat anything during the walk. After the walk, he ate some grass and drank lots of water between 7:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. When I brought him in for the night, he was coughing and throwing up watery liquid, but no dog food or grass.
298029 tn?1211192440 $5,000+ Case #3: Four year old goes out the dog door at night to chase critters on the fence. She jumps up 6 feet high and lands on a 3 foot bamboo plant stake - right up her anus. Surgery #1 to remove the stick which impaled 10" into her body: $1,000. Surgery #2 to fix the rectal tear, 24/7 nursing for 4 days, massive amounts of IV and oral antibiotics: $6,000. She's doing great now. These are the kinds of situations that most pet policies are set up to handle.
Avatar n tn my 8 year old female boxer has been vomiting on and off for three weeks last night and this morning is the worst. What can i do? she drinking and eating.
225036 tn?1294513000 We just got him last Thanksgiving form friends. He often vomits yellow foamy bile. He doesn't eat well at all and sometimes when he vomits there is undigested food in it. I was wondering if this is common and what are some suggestions to help him feel better. Thanks everyone.