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Avatar f tn I've been off Chantix for over 3 years and I'm still dealing with depression. Sure you can quit with the drug as it worked for my husband but if totally RUINED my life. I had a severse adverse reaction and had to stop the program in my 2nd last week when I was down to one cig every 3 days. I was extremely impulsive, hostile, agressive and suicidal and I had almost no control over myself. I had the crazy dreams along with the other typical side affects.
Avatar f tn I was taking Chantix for about a week and a half when I had to quit it because I was experiencing depression which was getting worse by the day. This is going on the 2nd full day of no Chantix but I am still feeling depressed. I want to know how long does it stay in your system for. I woke up today and felt close to normal and then it came back again.
Avatar f tn Hello! I was also concerned about the depression and the Chantix affecting me, but my doctor said that the likelyhood of feeling suicidal or more depressed is quite remote, so I decided to give it a try and would quit if I felt awful. I know of a few people who used it and actually claimed to have become "homicidal" and felt extremely angry and violent. Both of these individuals were very, very heavy drinkers, and I am certain that is why Chantix affected them that way.
427279 tn?1210923421 so i have decided to go it another way...i have had some not nice thoughts to and the depression its not going to work for me unfortunetly.......thanks for listening....
664798 tn?1225825218 will chantix efect the use of all my meds for seizures/hiv.
444932 tn?1273984397 Why I feel the need to do everything at once, I don't know, but I guess when the time is right, it's right. For those of you who have had success with Chantix, how long did it take before smoking started to be less appealing physically and psychologically - I have heard that happens during the first week while you are still smoking. I have a pretty bad headache today - is that a side effect? Any other words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I am also on Fluoxetine (20mg) and Venlafaxine (20mg). I do have a prescription for Chantix also. Can anyone tell me what kind of side effects they have had when these three medications were taken together?
Avatar m tn First thing...stop the Chantix. Yes, in many people even those with no history of major depression Chantix is proven to have the potential to cause depression. There are better ways to stop smoking than to alter your brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn Can I take chantix if currently taking lamotrigine (150 mg 2x daily) for epilepsy (petit-mal)
Avatar m tn I do not have a good relationship with Chantix, as it made me severely depressed. I do not advocate Chantix for opiate addiction. If Chantix makes you feel depressed, stop taking it; see your doctor immediately, and tell him exactly how you feel. I had to use Xanax in a very low dose to stop the depression.
Avatar f tn I was having thoughts of wanting to hurt myself. I went to the hospital to get evaluated and it came to find out that chantix wasnt for me. I got dignoised )sp?) with depression/anxiety. so you might wanna reconsider taking the drug. I am not saying that what would happen to you if you were to take it. We are all different and take to medication differently. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the medication before you do start to take it.
Avatar f tn It's your doctors fault for not fully informing you about Chantix and how it alters brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn I'm a very addictive type and chantix works for me. The only problem is that when I was in the hospital for surgery and they didn't give me any, I started again briefly. My doc told me to start again on chantix and it worked again. Give it a try. It's the best thing and only thing that has worked for me and I've tried them all.
Avatar m tn I too believe that the chantix helped me to quit!!! ive been abusing norco for about 4-5 years!... i have a running script for 90 10s. i usually have those gone within two weeks and then buy from various sources to get me through the rest of the month. I have tried to quit them various times throughout the years but the withdrawals and cravings become too much by the second to third day and i always fold. not being able to find them was always the worst!
Avatar f tn I started gaining weight rapidly, on top of the 25 pounds I'd put on in the previous 8 months for no reason. Doc put me on Wellbutrin - for both the depression and the smoking. I went back for a follow-up, and by that time I told her the depression was so bad that I could barely put one foot in front of the other when I got out of bed in the morning. She ran blood tests, and bang! Hashimotos. I'm with Dac as far as mine goes.
Avatar n tn For me I found Chantix had a serious affect on my mood and i went in to depression and relapsed on crack and booze after yr clean I believe it was a direct result of the pill ,go with the patches and now they have ones that you can use patch and gum if the craving gets to bad good luck to your wife, j34
Avatar m tn Recently i read how alot of people who used Chantix in the Usa and the uk are suffering from Depression and suicidal thoughts and its thought that chantix is the reason for this depression. I also have become depressed after its use. I am wondering what others think of my claims?
Avatar f tn I am a 32 year old female and was in excellent health (except for my smoking) until December. I took chantix one for a month last march to quit, fell off the wagon and started it again last december and quit for good. Since then I have had Heart palpitations and speeding up,a constant headache that doesn't go away, dizziness, confusion, trouble breathing, and pain behind my eyes. I have had every test and they can find nothing.
Avatar m tn Chantix side effects may include suicidal thoughts, depression and even violent behavior
Avatar f tn I feel for your son! I Took Chantix for 2 weeks and quit smoking. Then 2 weeks later had 2 severe Aniexty attacks that landed me in the ER. That was 3 years ago.. I have had a panic attack daily since then and always feel like im dying and never want to be alone.. I wish your son luck and hope there is help for everyone that has taken this drug and had these horrible side effects!!!
Avatar m tn I have been smoking a little less than a pack a day for almost 10 years. The anxiety and depression was wicked and downright scary at times when I got off the medication. Any advice about what to expect with smoking cessation would be great. What was the overall effect on mental health? Thanks!
380558 tn?1309045987 My sleep patterns are somewhat back to normal, thank God for that also.. I'm no longer on the Chantix (made me feel so darn creepy, so I had to stop taking it- and yes- still smoking, haven't kicked that as of YET, but planning it, believe me!) I've been taking the vitamins and herbs and it's been helping tremendously, but not sure which ones to take for the depression/anxiety/stress.. I've already tried 5-HTP, but it doesn't do me much good.. makes me feel soo weird! Eeek!
Avatar f tn I haven't visited this forum in quite sometime. I am 9 months Post Treatment and am battling Depression & Severe Mood Swings - I feel like I'm going CRAZY!!! Directly after treatment I was so happy that it was finally over, I did all kinds of things that I never would do throughout the summer, just enjoying life to the fullest. Now I'm angry or crying all the time, I've tried diet, exercise, anything to shake myself out of it, but nothing seems to help.
Avatar f tn 12/15/10 Pfizer Inc., the pharmaceutical giant that makes the smoking cessation drug Chantix, failed to test the drug on the mentally ill or those with a recent history of depression, according to a new report by Chantix, which helps smokers quit by suppressing the effects of nicotine on the brain, has been linked to suicidal behavior and other psychotic problems. By mid-2009, the U.
645390 tn?1338558977 Hi there, Thank you for sharing this information with us and I hope that you and your therapist are able to get on top of your depression. I am hoping that a switch in pain meds might do the trick. Just for interest I take Neurontin (Gabapentin), in the info pamphlet on that it also states that some people are more prone to suicidal thoughts on this drug and to be aware of this.
Avatar n tn With all your past history of depression and anti-depressants, make sure you are aware of the possible side effects of Chantix. I have been on Lexapro for two years and started taking Chantix a month ago to quit smoking. I did quit after two weeks, but I've fallen into a severe depression that I believe is caused by the Chantix. I have been checking online and many people with mental illness have had severe depressive episodes and even suicide attempts while taking Chantix.
Avatar f tn My son was murdered in Jan, 2005 and I've since been treated and diagnosed with PTSD - however, I was previously being treated for depression. When I was tested last year the psychologist stated that I had severe depression, with PTSD & severe anxiety and panic disease with possible OCD and maybe some personality disorder.
Avatar n tn Its not so much for smoking, ive not had one since 11/06 and im doing fine w/it..its more for depression thanks for the input!
Avatar f tn hmmm, then they vaccinated me against hep a and hep b without even checking to see if i had either, not to mention, i'm the one who had to ask for bloodwork for my viral load/subtype (when I asked them for bloodwork for "liver functions, what do I know? I'm not a doctor, they sent me for a CBC, my ALT and SGOT were elevated, they never commented on either) Thank God I was ablel to save each month to buy this computer....