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327948 tn?1224030837 ) Good luck and hang in there. Kathy Jo --- 2m 1d 14:36 smoke-free, 1,373 cigs not smoked, $329.
Avatar n tn I was reading through all of your posts and how you guys are saying you are addicted. Well, my husband has got you beat as to the amounts of gum you are chewing. He has been on Nicorette 2 mg gum for 20 years after chewing tobacco for 15 years or so. He has never tapered off--fortunately, not gone to 4 mg either. The easiest way to tell you how much he chews is that in a week, he goes through 1 1/2 to 2 boxes. Each box contains 110 pcs.
Avatar n tn and when I did I’d have nightmares all night…so I went out and bought 20 packs of every flavored sugarless gum and quit the Nicorette gum cold turkey last Saturday…I have to say the key is to set a quit date… throw out the gum (I have to flush down toilet otherwise I would search trash).
Avatar f tn I was addicted to the Nicorette gum for years and years. I think I would have been better off quitting from the patch. To get off the gum, I substituted cinnamon gum, one piece at a time for the nicorette. Sorry to say, I am still addicted to the cinnamon gum just not the nicroette gum. If I were you, I'd transfer over to the patch (you will still be addicted to the nicotine, but the mouth thing will leave). Gradually leave the patch on longer and longer.
Avatar n tn I have never heard or seen a discussion regarding your question but I do know someone personally who is trying to break the nicorette habit and has replaced every other piece with regular gum and hopes to gradually reduce the amount of nicorette by substituting it. It's worth a try! Good luck!
Avatar n tn and when I did I’d have nightmares all night…so I went out and bought 20 packs of every flavored sugarless gum and quit the Nicorette gum cold turkey last Saturday…I have to say the key is to set a quit date… throw out the gum (I have to flush down toilet otherwise I would search trash).
874521 tn?1424120397 My question today is does anyone know of or had personal experience with the use of nicotine gum and oral cancer? Its always been a worry for me, I know smoking can also do this, however the gum remains in your mouth for even longer than the nicotine from a cig.
Avatar m tn Google Online Pharmacy, Nicotine gum, ect. --- I payed $18.99 tax and shipping free for 105 pieces of 4mg. brand name Nicorette gum.
Avatar n tn You are not the first to claim that Nicorette is an addiction and I can imagine, like any other addiction, that over time it will show some effects. I'm glad to hear that you have given it up and if it becomes to much to handle, post here and we can try to help you through it. There was someone else that posted on this forum regarding Nicorette. Read the post and leave a message. Hang in there!
195469 tn?1388326488 How long have you been taking Chantix and have you totally quit yet? I am still striving to put that LAST cigarette out, not only for my overall health, but so I can visit that plastic surgeon to get the "excess part" of me, thrown in a trash can somewhere. So much hanging skin. The side affect of a large weight loss. The only down side, as a matter of fact. My age doesn't help with good skin elasticity either. I'm getting so old....
Avatar f tn I know a few people who still chew gum years later after quitting smoking. I used chantix and still take a few pills a week as dirested by my doc and am doing well.
Avatar m tn I do go to a dentist for a cleaning and check up twice a year however I have recently become a first time daddy and want to quit, and I mean I really want to quit. Are there any ways or methods that are out there that can help me overcome this difficult addiction. I chew approx. 1 1/2 cans per day of Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen. Thank you!
1165896 tn?1263571386 I 've been clean for over 3 years from alcohol and cocain, but cigarettes is still holding me captive. At this time I do not know if I want to let it go. When I've made attempts to stop I go through the withdrawals of anxiety, mood swings, and panic attacks. I know cigarettes are causing damage to my body but why can't I seem to let it go. I guess it comes to not being ready to let it go.
Avatar f tn I believe that is why hypnosis works - because you do it in your mind first and then all that is left is for your body to follow along. I did and still do chew some nicorette gum because there really is a nicotine addiction in there too. I could stop the gum now but I do rather enjoy it because I can do it when I want to and it is nicotine after all., The patch never helped me and, in fact, I think it hurt me because I wasn't in control of when I could take the nicotine.
768479 tn?1234910906 I smoked for the better part of 40 years and tried to quit numerous times. I've tried the patch, gum and every other means of drug store aids I could find but nothing worked. The reason nothing worked is because I enjoyed smoking. My doctor and I had discussion after discussion and eventually he gave me a prescription for Chantix. He said this is the only thing that will work. This is a two part RX. The first segment, one takes a pill for 30 days, then you go to the second segment.
Avatar f tn If you read through some of the posts you will see that some quit cold turkey and some used the patch and a few used nicorette gum. You have come this far so you must want to quit and that is the first step. Anyone that has quit cold turkey will tell you that it's probably the hardest way of doing it, but in the end, the best way. No matter which one you decide to use, you will have 3 days of nicotine withdrawal and then the mental/emotional part : ) My favorite article on the whyquit.
Avatar n tn When i found out I had emphysema I quit smoking. I used nicorette gum and it worked. I kept looking at pictures of my children, they are small and it helped. I just kept telling myself to get through the next five minutes and it got easier and easier. There really is no easy way, but if you have respitory issues not quitting is a lot scarier than quitting. Good Luck. Go get gum.
Avatar n tn I am going to get the lozenges tomorrow and give them a try do I just wake up and use those instead of smoking? I cant do the gum its really nasty! agian thank you everyone you guys are awesome! thank you for the supportive words they have really helped get me in the mindset to beready to quit! smoke free here I come!
Avatar m tn It's sooo hard to quit smoking much less trying to do it without the support of friends and family. I've been there and failed many times due to no support. So, about the patches. None of them are "worthless". It just matters how badly you wanna quit and how much support you have around you. Quitting will be difficult no matter what your friend uses. These are only aids to (help) with withdraw. I am a BIG proponent of Chantix as a cessation aid.
Avatar n tn I am 54 and started smoking about 10 years ago. I would stop for a few months and then start again. I found I smoked from bordom and running out of my Klonpin and Xanax too soon. I really don't like the feeling of hot smoke going through my throat and into my lungs. Then I get this caugh the next morning. When I get a cold or have to stay in bed a few days, I don't smoke. I take advantage of that time to start the no smoking cycle.
1831849 tn?1383231992 The first things I did were quit smoking and clean up my diet. My PCP gave me Chantix, which helped immensely. I am still chewing Nicorette gum. She said that the nicotine did not pose nearly the health risk that the smoking did. As long as I was "given permission" to chew Nicorette forever I could wrap my head around not smoking. The diet thing was easier. Even though I'm a carb junkie (I have way too many kinds of flour in my kitchen :-)
Avatar m tn When I was a teenager, a neighbor of mine did it that way, but I don't know if that sort of program is still offered today. Oh, and there's Chantix too. Several people on here have used it with success. Have you tried every aid out there? You're not alone my friend. I quit last July and it's been sooo hard!! I have relapsed for the third time and today I am quitting again. Listen honey, you CAN do this because no one but YOU can do it.
250084 tn?1303311035 Quitting during a health emergency may not be the optimal method but many people find when they are sick as he11 they don't notice the discomfort from quitting as much. (if that makes any sense at all.....) The nicotine patches and Chantix might get you done smoking and thereby promote a faster or more comfortable recovery. It wouldn't surprise me if there is some info on the net since a health emergency like pneumonia might prompt others to quit at that time. Take care kiddo.....
675923 tn?1296241611 I quit for 3 years before resuming again (I know, kick me where it hurts but I'm almost at the point where I'll attempt again) What helped me before was hypnosis (1 session 3 hrs) cost then about $150, nicorette gum, brushing my teeth lots, orange juice to flush the system, deep breaths, knowing that it was my "choice" whether I lit up, changing my routine (no more coffee & cig after a meal instead a walk), showers when I really had an urge, substituting sex for cigs (don't laugh,
Avatar n tn I have tried nicorette, patches, hypnosis, chantix, wellbutrin, yoga, acupuncture, cessation classes, therapy and cold turkey to quit smoking. I have smoked for 40 years. When I try to quit I get hysterical, I cry for days and I can't function and I am just overwhelmed with anxiety. I have a very high stress job, I care for an elderly parent in my home, and I am a recovering alcoholic, 20 yrs, so addiction is not new to me.
898040 tn?1284040109 Every time I try my husband brings home a pack (he smokes too), it's so hard to quit when you see people smoking...The nicorette gum was working for me, but like I said when I see my husband with one I want one, and I let myself lose control and smoke one...Where's my will power??? The only tip I have for you, is keep your hands busy and stick to it! You're doing good, don't give up, don't be like me, lol.
Avatar n tn or just click on DelRaybchFL6525 and read through that entire thread and you will understand better. So put the patch back on and buy some chewing gum and don't look back! You can do this, I am a living, breathing example of someone who swore she would die with a smoke dangling between my lips. You have to fight every urge and believe it or not, they will come less and less and you will get stronger and stronger. Take back you life bean!
Avatar f tn of my first day into quitting)....then i chewed my first piece of nicorette 4mg gum. it didn't 'make it all better'....but it reduced the urge enough for me to keep going. for the first couple weeks, i used the gum. after that, i went it on my own. its VERY hard...but the gum does make it just a little bit easier than cold turkey. some people use chantix....
Avatar f tn Maybe they can give you something like the Nicorette gum in substitution of smoking, or the chantix starter kit if appropriate, given your pregnant they would be the best to help. Sounds like you want to do this cold turkey, which is a great way to start, but if other ppl smoke around you it may be much more difficult to do. Ask them don't be shy, and don't think they will judge you. They are there to help you. Believe me they understand it's difficult enough to ask for help.