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Avatar f tn You asked for responces from people diagnosed with uveitis. I certainly have a lot of patients with uveitis including a 24 year old with bilateral acute iritis that came in last week. There may be more we don't know about uveitis than we do know. Many schools of medicine have an ophthalmologist that specializes in unveitis. A rheumatologist is also helpful. You live in New Jersy there are a lot of good ophthalmology departments in that area.
Avatar f tn I have had uveitis for 21years. I have had 3 vitrectomies, bilat cataract surgerys w/ iol placement, total of 18 methylprednisolone intravitreal injections and 1 kenalog injection. I have been on po prednisone to A MAX AMOUNT OF 160MG A DAY TO CONTROL THE INFLAMATION. I have never responded to topical steroids (drops) and it wasn't until I started po prednisone that my vision actually cleared.
Avatar n tn He says they hurt more than itch now. Like a blister. He has been taking cellcept for over a year for an eye condition ( for uveitis). He also was taking care of a puppy for a friend. Could it be from one of those things?
Avatar f tn It has been suggested by the doctor that inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyes would also assume inflammation in the brain. However, the MRI was clear. I have been put on Cellcept and Prednisone. They are going to wein me off of the Prednisone once I am up to the highest dosage of Cellcept which is 2000mg a day. I am starting at 500mg for 5 days, then 1000mg for 5 days, blood work, and then 2000mg. Most websites don't speak specifically about vasculitis of the eyes.
645390 tn?1338558977 Hi all, I am sorry I haven't been here for some time. Summer has been VERY busy, hot and exhausting for me. Basically been a single mom since May to my 4 boys. Life is rough right now. Here I am asking for advice. Saw neurologist today. Long visit. Starting a round of solu medrol tomorrow. Eye issue, uveitis again, more walking issues as well as some other new Neuro "stuff". I decided to discontinue Tysabri a couple months ago. Too many respitory, voice issues.
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with nodular scleritis and anterior uveitis. At this point in time I have no inflammation. However I have triple vision in that eye and I see straight lines wavy. I aso see for instance cars 100 feet further and 1/2 the size so it appears that my depth perception is off. I also have a large staphyloma from 12 to 2 with a small spot of significant thinning.
Avatar n tn I am being referred to specialist (posterior uveitis and retinal specialist) because the floaters are white blood cells (WBC's) suggestive of systemic inflammaroty process. I do have a red "rash" over bridge of my nose and cheeks but not a big butterfly...it ends at the middle of my eye on both cheeks. (See pic) It is smoothe, not bumpy. I have had this for more than 8 years. It is worse with exercise/sun exposure or hot shower.
Avatar f tn Methotrexate, Cellcept, Colchicine. My levels were normal. They started on Baclofen No noticeable change after three days. Sent me outpatient to a Movement Disorder Specialist. When I saw him he did an eval of my movements. He did not want to go over my past history & the months leading up to this. He was insistent on my being able to go faster & stronger when I could not. He had me try to walk with a belt strapped around my waist. I could barely walk three feet.
Avatar n tn I have had excessive swelling in my parotids for a few years. In addition, I've had reoccurring Uveitis which indicates an autoimmune disorder. I've been to several rheumatologists, including one at USC. I had a parotid gland biopsy which indicated Sarcodosis, even though all of my blood work over the years have shown no autoimmune markers. They only way to keep my parotid glands down was using prednisone.