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Avatar f tn It hurts all the way from my heel up the back of my calf and even with ibuprofen, all it does is decrease the pain a little bit, barely noticeable. Around the same time that that started, I had random sharp pains on the back of my hand, mostly after using my hands. However, the doctor when he examined my ankles, he said that my ankles were not inflamed and that my hands pains were from subluxing tendons, which he didn't seem to be too concerned with though he was very surprised.
Avatar n tn You have no liver damage dear, why are you even on treatment... I don't know anything about Motrin vs Tylenol other than I took Tylenol 3's every day of my life for years (degenerative disc disease) and when I found out I was HCV active they took the Tylenol away and now just give me codeine, said Tylenol is not liver friendly...
Avatar n tn Having said that I believe it is possible that the the Ibuprofen/Celebrex (3% or more in pure form is excreted in urine (who knows what effect the metabolites still have) stayed in the urine in my bladder for undue time and is the cause of my current problem. Explain to me why this is not a possible cause (that is damage was done to the beta-adrenoceptors) or some other damage was done.
Avatar n tn Prior to that I had only used Ibuprofen, with minor results. He did MRI's of the brain and neck and said everything was normal except I had two bulging discs at C4-5 and C5-6. He said that they were not touching the cord so it was nothing to worry about. I've always had a "stiff" neck with somewhat limited motion and a "grinding" sound when I rotate my neck.
Avatar f tn Am pretty clueless at the moment, but i intend on finding out for myself if there's something i could be taking to prevent it from worsening. Just started taking ibuprofen and vitamin tablets for now until i find out what i should be taking. Is your cousin a member on this site yet? Would greatly appreciate any advice myself, as i don't know much about this yet.
Avatar n tn At that time i got a steroid injection which seemed to deal with the problem, except all the pain came back about 2 months ago i have had to take off from my union construction painting job for the last 3 weeks . Hopeing that rest would help, it has not. I have been prescribed celebrex, it has done nothing for the paini have tried motrin , it has been no help. i go to see the ortho doctor friday morning. i was wondering if there is any pain medacation i should ask for .
Avatar f tn As for my pain management, i go to PT and massage therapy, i ice everyday for the pain and swellening, and i take Aleve, and the doc prescribed me Celebrex. I would have said 2 months ago that Celebrex would not even make a dent in my pain, but you know what it does. As for the phantom pain coming off opiates, that does not last long, a week maybe.
Avatar m tn ) Taking these drugs is absolutely a decision that involves risk/reward calculations. When I look at the very small risk of a serious side effect vs. the absolute certainty that without the drugs I'd be disabled, it's a risk I'm willing to take. For what it's worth, I've been taking meds like these for decades and have not suffered any serious side effects. If you choose to go the herbal remedy route, please don't stop seeing a rheumatolgist, and keep up with the exercise.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it does spike to a higher level 8-10 but not nearly as often as it used to. Now that I am on my current regimen, I spike 2-3 times a month vs 2-3 times a week. With meds my pain is halved to a 2-3 level and/or I am pain free about 30% of the time. So, my meds are making a big difference for me.
Avatar m tn Can diet play a role along with medication help prolong survival longer than usually indicated. I heard of an alkaline diet vs an acidic diet, heard of controlled amino acid therapy and different foods which helps to starve the cancer cells, trying to help him before cancer spreads outside of liver and to different organs. he continues to work, but tires easily, his AFP blood levels recent results currently at 22000. Is it too late to do something, oh!
Avatar m tn I have tried both Celebrex and Vioxx in the past for joint pain, never found either any more effective than ibuprofen. I do want to look at those articles about its effect on wbc/platelet counts (an off-label" use), but of course wonder who financed the studies. Sorry, I've become a real cynic over the past few years. Anyway, the heck with statistics. This weekend I felt better than I have in a month. Go figure, did nothing different, fever went down, let's hope it stays this way.
Avatar m tn NSAIDs are acetaminophens, right? Do they include Ibuprofen and Aleve class pain meds (I forget he tech name) drug? Yes, I will have to wait and I think my liver is in good shape. My doctor said I have some scarring but not much. Again, I can just thank GOD because I do not know why. I eat well, and do not drink alcohol (since I was diagnosed in 1994.
Avatar n tn She said to take Ibuprofen and ice the arm. Well I tried that and would not like to be on Ibuprofen daily. I am 50 years old, relatively healthy and have not been on medication. Since this happened, my blood pressure has jumped up and I am on blood pressure medicine daily. I am also in pain and am limited with my right arm movement. The pain started the night I received my yearly flu shot.
Avatar n tn I have had x-rays and had a MRI about 6 weeks ago. Therapy made my pain worse. Now I am taking Celebrex, but it isn't helping. I have another doctor's appointment coming up soon and he is going to want to inject my spine. I know this because he actually mentioned it before. When I take prednisone I have a reaction which makes my eyes feel as though they are going to pop out of my head.
Avatar n tn Rent a great movie and lay in bed and watch it, help get your mind off of it. Take something for inflamation like 800mg of ibuprofen, fact is it actually works better alot of times for back pain because it reduces inflamation and inflamation is usually the part of the back problem causing most of the pain. Most people in this world do not even think to take a vicodin if their back is hurting bad for a day or few.
Avatar n tn The only thing they have said is that most people get this once, maybe twice, during their lifetime and never again. Usually treated with over the counter Ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. I have it this four times in the past year and they just don't know why. I hope I have had the last episode already. Blood work shows slightly high sugars and CT shows nothing. Go figure.
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia which causes my neck, shoulders and upper back hurt chronically. I tried many different things to relieve the pain, Ibuprofen, Relafen, heat, cold, exercise, Tylenol etc. The Ibuprofen doesn't do enough unless I take more tablets than I am comfortable with taking. Relafen was good for a time, but then I realized it affected my mental clarity. I felt like I was in a haze and couldn't come out of it so I stopped taking it and looked for other options.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the club. It's a exclusive one that no one wants to join. Neproxin is what I was given and it was more for the swelling than the pain. I'm un aware of that type of injury and I've been looking around the net for weeks since I hurt my self. Good luck. I never saw my primary my insurance I don't need a referal so it makes it nice and you don't get jerked around. Reading all of these peoples problems the boot doesn't seem to be the way to go it wasn't with me either.
Avatar n tn She's been taking Aleve with diminishing results. I got her some Celebrex. No improvement. She states that her pain is mostly while standing. She can sit, and even has an exercycle which she uses as best as she can. She did try a cortisone injection and states that the pain was worse, if anything. At her age, I think knee replacement is out of the question. I wonder if there are some "older" folks out there who have had good results with synvisc?
Avatar n tn I take handfulls of ibuprofen and naproxen daily, my stomach is a mess and I'm miserable. I sincerely hope you're among those who find answers....good luck to you.
Avatar n tn for fibromyalgia opiates are contraindicated and should be used occassionaly for breakthrough pain. The best medicine for that condition is ultram. The antiinflamatory meds like vioxx and celebrex do not work because fibro does not come from inflamation. I have stayed away from opiates for 3 years and used only ultram .... and it went away! Now I am getting off ultram .... and hopefully will be off in a few more days ....
Avatar n tn The last thing that no one mentions is that eventually you can add an some type of OTC anti inflammatory (Ibuprofen, naprosyn) to your daily medication on a regular basis (not just when it hurts). A lot of the pain comes from inflammed tissue, tendons in the surgical area. Eventually you'll find you can drop the pain pills and just continue with the anti inflammatory meds.
Avatar n tn I also started running around seeing massage therapist, chiropractors, etc. and also taking Flexeril, Ibuprofen, heat etc. and nothing helps. I am almost positive this is 100% muscoskeletal now that most of the serious stuff has been ruled out. I think the massage makes it worse, cause most of the therpists do not know deep tissue or trigger point massage. Also, having my neck and back adjusted makes it really bad..and I think he just aggravates the problem.
Avatar n tn Had shot in foot for some pain I was having. Broke out that night. I was also on celebrex. Its been 9 months since I have had any prednisone. Still have some hives but a lot less. Doctors said it takes about 10/12 months to get all prednisone out of the body. Waiting to see what happens next. By the way I was also told stress but I baried my father, father n law and brother n law with no hives.
Avatar n tn Obviously I am past all conservative treatment such as physical therapy, injections, and decompression. Currently on a regimen of lyrica, celebrex, zanaflex and percocet to control nerve pain. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has already had a fusion and then done the disc replacement as well. If so, what were the results?