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Avatar n tn You have no liver damage dear, why are you even on treatment... I don't know anything about Motrin vs Tylenol other than I took Tylenol 3's every day of my life for years (degenerative disc disease) and when I found out I was HCV active they took the Tylenol away and now just give me codeine, said Tylenol is not liver friendly...
225213 tn?1213738290 I don't know what type of surgery you've had so I have no idea if trying NSAID's like Motrin, Naproxen, or more targeted NSAID's like Celebrex would be worth a try or if you even have any experience with these med's (usually very effective in prescription doses even for moderate to severe pain and not habit forming) Mucle relaxants are also very effective for a lot of people after surgery, flexeril is fairly standart but there are stonger one's like soma.
Avatar n tn good morning, ask your doc if you can try vioxx instead of the celebrex, celebrex didnt do **** for me either but i had excellent results with the vioxx.
Avatar dr m tn If you end up in this latter group, your treatment options will include warm soaks, Motrin, and time. If it does not resolve, you may need a vasectomy reversal and it may not be covered by insurance and could cost $4000 to $12,000. You have an approximate 70% chance of responding to the reversal. Of course if you have a reversal, you will likely be fertile again.
Avatar m tn I'm on day 2 now. My neck is killing me but I've got motrin 800 and regular Tylenol and hoping I can still function............ Thank you all for your honesty. That's what I wanted. My husband does not know about what I'm going thru. He knows I'm in pain most of the time but doesn't know my thoughts about me possibly being addicted............. I always thought that if you were addicted, you'd take like 30 pills a day then lie cheat and steal to get more.
Avatar n tn What are the benefits of detoxing in a hospital setting vs. trying to do it at home? Either way, if you have easy access to the drugs, are you that much cleaner (for lack of a better word) than if you went to a hospital. I know you mentioned about the first 3 days. Are those the worst? HOW DID YOU STAY CLEAN???
Avatar n tn Ask him to give you Vioxx, Relafen, Celebrex, do the exercises...whatever it takes. IF YOU WERE ADDICTED TO ULTRAM...YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO VICODEN, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.
Avatar m tn 12 when I seek an explanation for the 24 weeks vs 48 weeks. Then, I am going back to UCSD where my treatment began 10 yrs. ago.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing about a year ago. My internist placed me on steroids, antibiotics, pain meds, and cough med. All my symptoms were pain over my left carotid artery, I had a cough that was almost constent, I could hardley turn my head, I could not lie in bed on my left side, you could look at my neck and see my pulse pounding, I had pain from my ears all the way down my shoulder. I first went to a nurse practioner who said it was all my ears and to take mucinex.
Avatar n tn Can a person use plain tylenol or motrin during withdrawal? It has to do something ... especially in therapudic doses ... any information is appreciated.
Avatar n tn She's been taking Aleve with diminishing results. I got her some Celebrex. No improvement. She states that her pain is mostly while standing. She can sit, and even has an exercycle which she uses as best as she can. She did try a cortisone injection and states that the pain was worse, if anything. At her age, I think knee replacement is out of the question. I wonder if there are some "older" folks out there who have had good results with synvisc?
Avatar n tn I am in extreme pain but have only been given Lortab (which has not helped at all with the pain) and 800mg motrin. Anyone out there with positive stories about surgery or other options? Pain relief? Thank you for your time.....
Avatar n tn I used pain meds for nearly 3 weeks, post TKR, gradually extending the time between pills and then from 2 pills to 1 (Oxycodone). Since then I've been taking 2 acetaminophens 3 or 4 times a day. I also take 2 200mg celebrex a day and have for the past 2 yrs and will continue through the next TKR and left Rotator Cuff repair which is tenatively scheduled for mid July. I Had the right shoulder cuff reapaired in January.
Avatar n tn When I rotate my shoulder blade around I can feel it rubbing over the muscle/knots that actually help to massage it. Motrin, aleve, tylenol, nothing over the counter works. Wearing anything even just fitting that puts pressure on my shoulder blade ends up very painful halfway through the day. I am constantly jerking my neck hoping to crack it as if it would release the pain/stress but it never does.
Avatar n tn I went to the Dr. today he said to take prenatal vitamins .vs. multi-vitamin.
Avatar f tn but I know something is seriously wrong. Since my surgery, like you, Im on clarinex-D 24 hour dosage, with lunesta for sleep and celebrex for pain. Pre-surgery I was on nothing and worked out pretty regularly, sometimes 2x a day, weights and cardio split. Now, I ache and hobble around.... I think instead of going into a long winded story of what I think is going on with me, I'm just going to start telling people I have heavy metal poisoning.
Avatar n tn I only take advil, motrin and adivan for anxiety... Does anyone have any suggestions, do you have people come to help you? My sisters were coming to help for the last 6 months, but they are burned out and I don't feel any better, in fact I feel worse in some ways.. my equilibrium is bad. I also have bulging disks in my neck from the accident which started this nightmare.
Avatar n tn The only reason I am able to make it this time is I stopped a few other meds-Previcid,Zocor and Celebrex. That makes it easier. I also have difficulty with soda or any carbonated drink. They all taste yucky and taste flat. Some foods feel odd to chew. Has anyone else had gastric problems? Will this pass or should I give it up before I further tear up my stomach? Thanks if you have any tips for me.