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Avatar n tn That was seven years ago, and Lyme etc. is a disease still being unraveled, so don't be surprised if your doc does something different. It's important to have a complete diagnosis so that the right meds are used. And also keep in mind that after the thrashing your body has taken from the illness, it may well take another while to feel really good again. I wasn't tracking it, but it was at least another year after completing treatment before I was back to my old self.
147426 tn?1317269232 I am learning a lot about Lyme infections. The debate between traditional Infectious Disease researchers and Lyme researchers continues to rage, but I am confident that some answers will be found and that we will see that each side has some valid points. I really hope that this raises some questions that either Rebeccah or I can try to answer. Lyme disease is very real and is underdiagnosed because of a misunderstanding of the medical profession on how to test for it.
Avatar m tn written in their charts have something that can be resolved, such as Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease, food allergies/sensitivities, malnutrition, mold overload, parasites, a genetic condition (like hemochromotosis), et.al. Don't worry too much about the "CFS" label when you have Lyme. Lyme causes chronic fatigue. The CDC and IDSA insist that "post Lyme treatment syndrome" causes chronic fatigue, but it usually clears up within a year or so.
10506901 tn?1431354357 Hello -- sorry you are still having problems, but good for you for not giving up! I looked back at your previous posts on MedHelp and see that you have posted mainly on the neurology and multiple sclerosis forums, and without much detailed response.
2125872 tn?1335238667 The naturopath means well, but his basic approach is not something I would follow when dealing with an illness as serious as Lyme disease. Lyme is caused by spiral-shaped bacteria in the same family as syphilis, and I would not spend time or money tidying up my old fillings before I moved aggressively to treat syphilis -- and ditto for Lyme. Much of the medical community does not take Lyme seriously, so there is much figuring out to be done by us, the patients.
Avatar m tn Just wondering if those of you diagnosed with lyme disease and on treatment or have been treated in the past are feeling better... if so, please tell how long the treatment lasted and how much better you feel. IF you have not seen any positive results or feel even worse please state that. I have been sick for 3.5 years, then was on doxy for 4 months and felt good for a month and a half, then symptoms sarted again, feel horrible at the moment and restarted doxy 4 days ago.
Avatar m tn 5 months of clarithromycin and cefdinir Then a 2 month break (I had a bad reaction to some yeast-based probiotics I was taking on doc's instructions -- turns out I'm yeast-sensitive; rare, but it happens Then 4 mos of azithromycin and flagyl (for Lyme) ------------------------------------------------------------- So total medication time, just over a year. But everyone is different, and especially when it comes to teasing out the co-infections.
Avatar f tn My doc, a Lyme specialist, didn't use doxy on me, but I don't know why. Lyme is on the frontiers of medicine, so there is no one way or treatment, and Lyme is an especially tricky infection in any event. Also some people react differently to different meds. Thanks for the leads on the herbs. I'd also suggest Stephen Buhner's books on herbal treatment of Lyme.
Avatar m tn I've had full blood work including testing for Mono, Lyme, Parvo, Thyroid, urine culture, blood culture, sugar, electrolytes, kidney/liver functions all normal/negative. I did have Strep Group G and Group C though symptomatic (apparently that means no big deal to the doctors) and was treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics (Augmentin; Cefdinir) I've gone on a low sugar, no caffeine, no dairy diet and taking a daily, d3, garlic supplement and probiotic.
362692 tn?1248642793 Johns Hopkins said chronic fatigue or maybe fibro......infectious disease said it couldn't be Lyme because I am not positive enough so it must be EBV/CMV... .Because I have another family member that has been battling Lyme for 10 years I knew the ELISA was **** and that it had a high false negative rate and that the western blot also has a high false negative rate...so I started screaming about the tick....and I screamed and screamed and yelled and begged and cried......
1917408 tn?1421955640 Every one of my 4 dogs tests positive for Lyme disease. I myself tested Serum positive for Lyme disease about 6 years ago, but when they did the Western Blot they said--not Lyme--and I have no idea what that "meant." And it was so long ago that the record of the test is long gone--other than a note saying "not Lyme." But, I don't have "arthritis" and like I said, I never had a "rash.
Avatar f tn , artemisinin is also called sweet annie], plant family, habitat [where it grows], collection [when to pick it], cultivation [how to grow it], medicinal actions of artemisinin, functions in Lyme disease, differences between the plant (artemisia) and the active ingredient (artemisinin previously called arteannuin), ayurvedic aspects, traditional Chinese medicine aspects, Western botanic aspects, scientific [chemical] aspects, dosage for Lyme (since there is overlap), side effects, and contraindic
Avatar m tn Ok. To keep a long story short...I'm a healthy (well, used to be) 28 yo male who never had a sinus infection in my life. In Aug. '07 I started having headaches which I later realized were sinus headaches. I didn't have a cold beforehand but just got these headaches out of nowhere. They were dull, never debilitating but would last most of the day. Anyway, the infection basically went on for 4 months.
4451049 tn?1387157037 Hi everyone. As the regulars here know, I don't frequent this part of the forum often, but Ricobord's mention of Dr Shoemaker, reminded me of I recent interview I read on a post form another forum, which I thought would be of special interest also to Lyme Disease and Co-infection sufferers. "Here is some info about MSH that might be of interest. found on another group that was discussing mold illness/inflammation and it's effects.
255722 tn?1452550141 I've seen very little progress in the 7+ months of treatment, my tests don't really support Lyme/babesia/bart though my symptoms and weirdness are generally on target in a lot of ways. I hate being on so many drugs--and then the extra drugs to counteract the drugs (probiotics to counter the antibiotics plus my "normal" meds). So, I'm starting to think end of treatment options.
Avatar f tn Also look for affinity groups such as the Florida Lyme Disease Association, which may have a list of Lyme specialists in Florida. I just searched on google for -- florida lyme disease association -- and got hits for several different Lyme organizations in Florida, with variations on the name.
798555 tn?1292791151 My LLMD said it's so common that they go hand-in-hand with Lyme Disease that she automatically treats for those protozols based on clinical diagnosis. I started a herbal protocol last week. The plan according to my LLNP is to build my immune system up well enough and then possibly do a final attack with antibiotics. This could take 6 months on herbals before the abx treatment, if needed. The herbs are quite powerful and am experiencing some herxing. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.
Avatar m tn I take a different view -- antibiotics and herbs are both chemicals, but they are not necessarily equally effective in treating Lyme disease or other bacterial infections. In recent years, the use of herbs instead of antibiotics has surged, because of fears about over-use of antibiotics ... but not because the antibiotics are ineffective or harmful in and of themselves.
Avatar f tn If you mean because of the parasthesia (numbness and tingling), that can be from other causes including even Lyme disease. The dizziness can be from causes besides seizures, such as low blood flow or low oxygen.
Avatar n tn Since I've had a couple tick bites (dog ticks) and rashes this summer, my internist put me on an antibiotic to cover Lyme Disease. After 15 days of taking the antibiotic (which also cures sinus infections), there is no improvement. I've had similar symptoms in the past, and am still trying to discover the cause. I once had a very severe reaction to drinking lots of corn chowder during a cold weekend in Maine.
Avatar n tn antibiotics- i'm going through complete torment on rocephin injections right now for lyme disease. i've gone through a few different oral ones that weren't doing the trick, and now the shots. i've tried the IV's too, and it's sooo much worse. i feel like howard huges craziness is overcoming me with the OCD, feelings of terror, panic attacks etc etc. i don't know what to do. i'll be on this stuff indefinitely, until the lyme is gone.