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Avatar n tn She was extremely sneezy when we first got her from the shelter and upon taking to her to the vet for her first shots and check up he gave her a round of antobotic for a "cold". Went through that, still sneezing so they put her through another round. Basically to this day she's still very sneezy, and mucus is present. Also, every couple weeks she'll be even more sneezy than normal and her left eye will get runny with a brown substance. Does this sound like a common cat problem?
Avatar f tn Honestly, I have not heard of infections causing sneezing that are contagious, other than a virus or a bacteria, and that condition usually comes with coughing, fever etc. Your cat does not have a cold. It could also be, like April said, cleaning products or......sometimes the litter. Have you tried a different litter? You did mention your cleaning the house a lot. That might have done it right there.
461993 tn?1245696952 Sneezing is very common with wd. You will sneeze for awhile. It starts to slow up after a month or so............
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a cat who has sense the day we rescued him been sneezing and at points discharging, for a lack of better words, snot balls on the walls. We have taken him to the vet and have received a medication that did not work after completing the full bottle. I don't recall the name of this medicine. My question is, are there any over-the-counter medications that we can give this poor cat so we don't have to pay 50$ over and over again to visit the Vet.
Avatar n tn I just came back from the Drs took today off. Woke up 3 am violent sneezing for hours..have to have a tea towel because my nose is raw from Kleenex, running like a tap..clear, eyes are watering,and my body is drained. I know tomorrow will be like nothing ever happened, and I'll just have a red nose to show for my lost day. When I'm like this I can't even talk to people because my nose is running down my face, in my purse, lap...desk..
Avatar f tn But my son had some eczema on his pinky toe during his first month which only went away after I stopped washing his socks in a certain laundry detergent. Breathing perfectly while asleep and then waking up sneezing sounds like allergies to me despite statistics. I remember my days with hayfever as such...It is almost as if the substance that irritates accumulates during one day and then drives the immune system over the edge by the next day.
Avatar m tn I get the sneezing the coughing up mucus clogged nasel sinuses and everything its miserable and when the cats are right next to me my lungs even start to lock up. But what i was wondering is lately ive been having heart palpitations and tachycardia. Hypathetically could a very severe cat allergy cause these things.
464626 tn?1206796885 My 4 week old daughter has had cold like symptoms(sneezing,coughing,congestion,runny nose,and alot of mucus and respiratory congestion) for about 3 weeks. We have been to the doctor multiple times with concerns ,every time resulting in the same answer, that its a cold and will pass. There is no infection and we have done RSV tests and oxygen levels that all come back normal. We are very confused and concerned.
Avatar f tn Chances are this one may have an upper respiratory infection and is sneezing blood tinged mucus--which may mean they have a bacterial infection . This will need some antibiotics. Keep us posted, K?
Avatar n tn My cat keeps sneezing and sometimes has watery eyes. It started today and. I googled it and apparentley he's got upper respiratory infection. Are there any home remedies or ways I can help him without taking him to the vet?
Avatar f tn When a dog vomits, we generally withhold food and water for 4-6 hours then start with for example a teaspoon of stage one, organic, pureed chicken baby food, wait 30 minutes and it will either come back up or stay down, If it comes back up, see your vet. If it stays down just increase the amount of food slowly and gradually until your dog is back to normal. A 24 hour bug is a misnomer, not an actual diagnosis.
Avatar f tn in a person clear mucus means that the nose is just running naturally. she's not sneezing like crazy is she? warm not hot tea bags help with congestion, so does a roman bath. lock kitty in the bathroom and run the shower on steamy hot. give kitty a good steam to relieve the sinuses. that actually saved my small cat when she was severely congested. way to go with the kitten milk! my best advice would be just calling the vet. they are very helpful when you call.
1232362 tn?1333139006 Our older Spirit (about 12ish, spayed) has been sneezing clear mucus, has bright clear eyes, good appetite, normal behavior (wants to play and does her pm yodeling and such) but this has lasted a good week now. She seems completely fine except for the sneezing and snotting. Could it just be some sort of allergies? We're using the same litter, same food, same same same.
Avatar n tn In the meantime, you can ask your vet about bronchodilators for your cat to help open up his airways. They give these to asthmatic cats (and people)! Ask your vet about this. At least, this will help him to breathe a lot easier. You can also ask your vet about prednisone, which will decrease the inflammation in his airways helping him to breathe easier. Have you had a chest x-ray? If so, what did it show? Does he have a fever? Was the white blood cell count elevated?
Avatar n tn He started sneezing excessively . These sneezes are also followed up with what seems to be an excess of saliva/mucous. He always seems startled when this happens and runs around trying to get it out! @ weeks ago I came home and noticed blood on his nose (which is from what I assume him to be scratching it...maybe it was bothering him?
611067 tn?1458595083 But, he continued to cough, bring up mucus and his nose stayed stuffy. We took him again 2 weeks ago and the vet took x-rays and the x-rays showed a little fluid still in his lungs and his sinus cavity was blocked. So, he gave him a stronger antibiotic via a shot that he said is very strong and would last 2 weeks and also gave him a prednisone shot for his breathing. He hasn't lost weight or anything, but he still has all this mucus and sneezes a lot. I'm so worried about him.
Avatar f tn I'm a 19 year old female, i've had hayfever on and off all my life, but it's never been bad compared to some people who suffer from it. Since the begining of this year i've woken up everyday with a runny nose, sneezing, runny/watery eyes and flem that i have to spit out constantly.
Avatar m tn He does seem to be breathing harder than normal, though it does not appear as if he is struggling or gasping for air. The other cats are fine, and not acting any different. His symptoms came on extremely fast. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn All the research I've done is getting me nowhere. She hasn't been sneezing, no vomiting or diarrhea, and no mucus or really anything I can use to point me in one direction or another. It's just her heavy breathing and general lack of energy...Anyone gone through this before?
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male, who has never smoked, I have had a pretty constant wheeze since about the end of January, it's not something that pops up now and then it seems to be there all the time. In January, I came down with a cold, my symptoms at that time were congestion, cough, wheeze, fever, sneezing. While most all of the symptoms went away in a few days the wheezing has remained and now it is mid March. I do live in a house with 4 cats that I am allergic to.
1761287 tn?1313828387 there are few herbs that are so I would be very cautious using this one, esp when its marketed for both cats and dogs...b/c dogs can safely use many herbs that cats cannot...I always err on the side of caution. I really hope you find away to pay for that xray and some blood tests to help your kitty and not throw your money on products that your not sure of when theres been no diagnosis...
Avatar m tn Whenever I get up in the morning, my nose becomes ticklish and just after 3-4 minutes of waking up, I start sneezing. And immediately after 1 two sneezes, my nose starts running. This is kind of a recovery stage of flu when the fluid is thicker than it is at the peak of the flu. This condition persists till noon. And sometimes till 3-4 pm. With lots of sneezing and sometime 3-4 in a row.
Avatar n tn ENT says these symptoms can be from allergies but honestly I don't believe her (no sneezing, mucus, stuffiness or anything like that) AND I have 3 cats and I'm apparently allergic to them, yet I've had these guys for years with no problems. I should also mention that on a MRI & CT Sinus scan, a polyp was found in my spheniod sinus.
Avatar f tn While there I got a call from the shelter because a couple had come in that were interested in adopting Toby. So I drove home, picked up Toby and Jo Jo, took them up to the shelter to show to this couple. They ended up not adopting Toby or any other kitten. Decided as long as I had them out anyway, I would try them at one of the local PetSmart adoption centers we use. So did that paperwork, drove them to the PetSmart and got them situated there.
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar m tn sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, hives, rashes. But I never had these symptoms. My symptoms are, stuffy nose, swollen throat, excess mucus production, tight chest occassional difficulty breathing. I do not have Asthma, I am a smoker, had 3 PFT's return normal, breathing at 97%., I was prescribed Asmanex & Foradil for Ashtma prevention/maintenance, allergist said I was developing Ashtma.
Avatar m tn This gives the cilia in the closed nostril a chance to clean out all the pollution and mucus. When it’s clean, it opens up and the other side is closed to repeat the process. The things that swell up to close your nostrils are called turbinates. Keep this in mind when you are blowing your nose. One side will always seem more congested than the other, even if it’s clean. Step One: Spread your feet so they are about 2 feet apart, for better stability in the shower.
Avatar f tn I'm rinsing my nose with a saline solution an damping with a few drops of eucalypol and thyme in the morning and evening. I woke up every 2-3 hours last night, sneezing my head off. I'm wearing sanitary pads now cause yesterday i had to change underwear after a sneeze attack on my way to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn It gets caught between the nose and throat and hacking and snorting will finally bring up a chunk of hard mucus, sometimes with a bit of blood...whether through the mouth or nose is hard to tell. This happens consistently. I have coughed up 3 today alone, and it's only 9:30 a.m. It's disgusting. The snorting is embarrassing. The ear pressure and headaches and sore nose are highly irritating and draining. I chew gum, blow, everything to relieve the pressure.
326352 tn?1310997895 I felt so bad for him because he really loved the cats and wanted to cuddle up with them. He was taking some Claritin back then in the beginning. Then, we found out that he was doing fine without the Claritin. It took several months, almost a year for him, but he is IMMUNE! Yah. So, it can be done. Some people wrote to stay away from the cat, but that does not work. You have to be exposed to the dander in order to build up the immunity. It won't kill you.