Can you take cefdinir with milk

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Avatar f tn But my LLMD said he's never had a problem with people taking Ceftin that were allergic to amoxicillin. Plus, I have heard that you can grow out of this allergy or never have it and as an adult, become allergic to it. I'm just super nervous.
1580434 tn?1378600128 ) i miss my milk. so thinking i can thicken it just a little with something. maybe soak crackers in in or something. have to go check out what i might have. you know that was cool - I didn't know they had online chat. anyway thanks again Lisa I just am not thinking straight at all maybe.
280418 tn?1306329510 Are you taking anything like milk thistle to help with liver function, and are you getting regular blood work? Have you taken any breaks from treatment lately? Though I think it's often necessary to push through, once in awhile I have benefited from pausing treatment to give my body a chance to recoup from the strain of so many meds and their aftermath. Hang in there, hopefully this stir in symptoms is a sign that you're getting closer to the bottom of this all.
10506901 tn?1431354357 Please let us know how you do and how we can help. If you want to read up on Lyme, you can skim Dr. Burrascano's treatment guidelines on the ILADS website, and also read or watch 'Cure Unknown', a book that came out a couple of years ago focusing on the mess the so-called mainstream medical world has made and is still making of Lyme.
Avatar m tn Like pharmaceuticals, though, it takes time; as you point out, Bb has a long reproductive cycle and can be quite long-lived as well. A daunting invader! I think my LLMD switched me to herbals because the side effects are less; for example (don't ask me how), the herbals do not wipe out all the beneficial gut bacteria like the pharmaceuticals do. Somehow they seem to work better with the body.
Avatar m tn It could sometimes be due to hypoglycemia. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
2125872 tn?1335238667 Yeah, I know that's not a lot of consolation, but now you know what you're dealing with. Your daughter needs you, so fight on. Let us know how you do and if we can help further, okay? Hang on, it's doable. We've all been where you are.
Avatar n tn You can purchase the booklet from most all health food stores and you will be absolutely amazed at he results. You can find the recipe on line as well, but I highly recommend the book in order to understand the benefits. It only cost a little under 7 dollars. Also research the netti pots. They work really well. I also use silver as an antibiotic in most cases and homeopathic remedies for mold, yeast and pollen. Good luck and God bless!!