Can you take augmentin with milk

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Avatar f tn if you are feeling better on the antibiotics, I don't know why any physician would suggest that you stop taking them. Perhaps after you finish the course of antibiotics... you can see how you feel and then follow-up with both of these physicians ? And what your other physician should look into... (my opinion) is that they are finding out that successive infections can and do cause these "autoimmune" conditions. My .002 cents.
Avatar f tn Consider using a sling or other baby carrier so that baby can be with you and breastfeed while you go about your day. Be aware of baby's typical breastfeeding routine, and remember to watch for baby's cues on busy days -- this is easiest when baby is close by. Be aware that after a really busy day (we all have them!), your child may need some one-on-one time with mom to breastfeed and reconnect.
Avatar n tn And can you tell me if it was worth it for you? I've done some research and it seems give or take with most cases. Any advice would be helpful, at this point it's so debilitating I don't know how I manage to function everyday. Can anybody relate?
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, Recently diagnosed with GM/IGM in left breast. I am 48 yrs old with two children ages 12 & 14. Became ill March 08, 2011 with a Mastitis Infection, my 1st treatment was Augmentin 875mg 2x daily for ten days. Felt major relief immediately the day after taking Augmentin. At my follow-up the doctor thought that my mastitis still had nodes inflamed but would take time to heal. No additional medicine prescribed.
Avatar f tn He thought I had a secondary infection in the uterus and gave me Augmentin to take along with the other I am taking. It has been 36 hours and my breast is still really red and sore. I don't know what to do! I am worried that it may lead to sepsis?? Or should I not be worried since I am taking augmentin? It is the weekend, so I can't call my doc again. I haven't had a recurrence of fever or chills. Was the fever just a symtom of Mastitis? Should I go to the ER and have blood work done?
Avatar n tn Thank you for your help Dr. Kennedy. After speaking with her dr, they recommended I try to give her Florastore to help restore some of the good bacteria in her stomach which could have been making it hard for her to digest food. That seemed to do the trick... she stopped vomiting the day she started taking it.
Avatar m tn They are becoming easier to find, because these bottles are what you have to put liquids in when you fly on an airplane. If you can’t find one anywhere, then you can just use any plastic bottle with a spout that squirts, like a Rubbermaid picnic bottle or a kitchen squeeze bottle. The best, once again, is a small travel squeeze bottle, which is listed as a 4 oz. bottle, but actually holds about 5 oz. or about 140 milliliters. Fill it up from the gallon of saline solution.
242516 tn?1368227505 Viruses can even cause colored mucous, that thick discharge you can't see through, which many people believe only can come from a bacterial infection. Colds can even cause pressure in sinuses, when viruses affect the sinuses . Antibiotics don't help in these viral infections. Treatments aimed at reducing symptoms can help.
Avatar f tn Penaten Cream can help, as can Vaseline. You also you might want to consider just wiping with a warm cloth (instead of wipes) and leaving her diaper off (if you can) as much as possible and letting her air out. The best time for this would be during a nap and you can put a towel over a plastic pad and just let her sleep on top of the towel and cover her with a blanket that you can wash after each nap (because she will probably pee on it!). Is her rash as a result of her medicine?
284738 tn?1283110419 What diapers are you using? And i would not go with the milk just yet. My money is on the diapers being the reason the rash is not healing, assuming you have tried treating it as a yeast and that was not effective.
Avatar n tn However i live off of Imodium ad and they have me on a prescripton drug called Donnatel. That helps with the spasms that are causing Diarhea. You might want to check with your doctor on that. I am so sorry you are going through this because I know I would never wish that on anyone. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Hello, If your abscess is draining pus then it means it is having bacterial infection and these bacteria can enter the milk ducts and can multiply rapidly. Apart from a course of antibiotics, you may need a needle aspiration or an incision and drainage to drain out the pus and then followed by a course of antibiotics. I suggest you an immediate surgeon’s evaluation.
1102290 tn?1278503553 To increase the supply, what worked for me was eating oats daily, Red Raspberry leaf tea (I start leaking milk as soon as I start drinking the T), fenugreek capsules (3 after each meals) with Blessed thistle caps (3after each meals) Good luck with your baby daughter..and hope you both recover soon!
634590 tn?1293777693 i want to discuss with you all my problem. As you know i took 20mg isotretinoin for 15 days and pain started in my right hip joint. Went to Arthopedic and he said it is infection. im now on antibiotics (one week on IV augmenten + oxidil and then on ciprofloxacin 500 twice) for last 5 weeks. Today i suddenly feel same kind of pain in my left groin (front of hip joint) . im wondering if there was infection in right hip joint how can that infection travel to my left joint even im on antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I've had this actually right now. It started with my period so I wasn't really worried but has kept on afterwards. It got better for a few days and then started again. Then the back pain on either side of my lower back started. And then the fever and chills. I looked up the symptoms of UTI and bladder infection and I had almost all of them. Please be careful. You didn't do Anything wrong diet wise or physically people just get them sometimes.
Avatar f tn Hello. I must ask you ... the antibiotics you have given ... are they intended for humans or dogs? Some antibiotics can be used on dogs, such as Ampicillin and other penicillin-based antibiotics (which are good for tooth abscesses). However, there are two things you should understand. Firstly, dogs can have some considerable side-effects, including diarrhea, because the drug changes the bacteria population in the gut.
175861 tn?1428186013 Maybe next time be sure to ask for some other type of antibiotic that might agree with you better. Pneumonia can take weeks to get over....just do what you feel you can manage until you are feeling right again.
Avatar n tn I ask this because I have a Dr. friend who said that with ars you are usually super sick and you have a faint pink rash that doesn't itch or hurt. He said he feels that the only reason that one might get hives with ars would be because they were presenting with something else along with it.Thanks so much, I am just trying to gain info to better understand all of this.
Avatar f tn Redfords site and suggest you post this same info to him and perhaps he can give you more guidance. I wish you and kitty all the luck in the world♥
Avatar f tn I am now on Doxycycline (sp) for the Lyme and she had told me to come back in 3 or 4 weeks to see what tests results say after the medicine is all done...can you explain your story to me? P.S- she had also said its very common around here for Lyme disease to occur and many people don't even know rash,or bite or symptons, says that the tick can just bite you and fall off. which would mean you probably wouldn't know it was even there ever.
Avatar n tn I'm pregnant and seems to be getting stuck with this cold forever with fevers come and go, just miserable, and there's no meds I can take.
Avatar f tn If you are eating the wrong thing all the time your gut is always going to be upset, and therefore all foods - particularly with sugar and acid will bother you. But, there are many helpful supplements you can take as well - try L Glutamine, Magnesium Calm, and probiotic. These are all things that my Naturopath has encouraged. Either way - good luck, but know that it's not a quick and easy fix.
290867 tn?1333572878 my ped actually just switched aubree to the solitabs ( prevacis) and they are 15mg and she is only suppose to take a half of a tablet a day.. and I mixed it with just 1 ounce of formula.. the doc said if you mix it with more than that it looses its affects... but so far so good aubree seems to be doing better.. much less spit up... she has only gained 2 ounces in a month and half due to her acid reflux..
Avatar n tn I agree with everybody! Also, consider the possibility of lactose (milk sugar) intolerance--causes diarrhea, cramps, bloating. Try taking LACTASE ENZYME (like "Lactaid") with any milk products, OR, avoid milk products. I totally agree with using PRO-BIOTICS (like Acidophilus &/or Bifidus). Try some from a health food store, with as few additives as possible. I found the FOS (Fructo-oligo-saccharides) irritating to my stomach.
Avatar m tn If the pain diminishes for you, then you're good to go. You can gradually go over to a solid diet, and your protein can be scrambled eggs, but avoid meats a little longer becuz many are hard to digest and will just sit in the intestines and create gas. Gas hurts.
Avatar n tn The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Avatar m tn But some med side effects can take a couple of days or more to go away. Also, didn't you say you had pre-existing anxiety? Do you feel that your anxiety has not gone down to previous levels? In addition, since you haven't been able to tolerate the antibiotics, you still need treatment for your sinus infection--that certainly isn't helping you to feel better.
Avatar f tn I always feel so bad when I see a kitty with a stuffed up nose. I feel so helpless, because, well, face it, it's not like you can hold up a tissue and say "blow", you kind of have to just wipe away what you can and hope that they can sneeze out the rest until it's clear enough for them to breathe.
Avatar n tn If you live on or near the east coast there are some good GI Doc's in Hershey and Phila, PA and Baltimore,MD. You could also try a major teaching hospital which is usually where you can find Dr's who have seen alot,and may have better experience to handle you daughters situation.Every Dr has different ways of approching things so a new attitude may help you. Oh,ulcers can slow gastric motility also. Good Luck to you.