Can i take tamiflu and nyquil

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162948 tn?1205256292 after the marina IUD for 5 years I am having it taken out tomorrow and really want to have baby #4 i have always get pregnant fast with all my baby's and i get morning sickness so badly i know i will know when i am pregnant but since my IUD was up in march and it is may i wonder if in theses few months if the hormones are all out of my system and if i can conceive right away?
Avatar n tn I am 12 weeks now and was wondering what kind of medicine I can take if I have a cold or flu. Thanks for your help!
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Avatar f tn I second the idea you should get a lawyer re the workers comp; I had a workers comp claim ten years ago and my employer agreed but the insurance fought it; in fact, workers comp insurance always try to deny claims but a good lawyer will win you something (get someone in a firm that represents lots of workers). More important---your ongoing symptoms may be from a secondary infection, bacterial or even parisitic; you need to see a good doctor.
Avatar n tn You may want to research it on the web and see if it applies. At any rate, I would see a doctor and get diagnosed. Sometimes this can be an indication of a serious problem.
535822 tn?1443980380 If the flu might kill you, and the vaccine might kill you...well, I MIGHT NOT get the flu, but if I take the vaccine theres no way around that. And like I have said before the government has it set up to where they are not required to take the vaccine should it become mandatory. Seems like they would want to be good examples and be the first in line, instead of saying NO WAY am I or my family taking it. They say this because they KNOW this is very unhealthy.
436516 tn?1382388265 The advair does not help but I need it anyway for my asthma, and so with rhynocort for my nasal allergies. Zyrtec is what I take for my indoor and outdoor allergies. I am done with Claritin and Alegra which does not help with my allergies. I take vitamins C, Calcium with D, iron, magnesium, and also take Fish oil and garlic pills. Tonight I decided to skip all the pills including vitamins and hopefully the coughing will be less frequent.