Can i cut diovan in half

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Avatar n tn Best to check with your doctor... I don't know your specific medicine, but in the case of a beta blocker I have chosen to take the the regular release at 1/2 does level rather than the slow release full dose once a day. I did this for two reasons: regular release available in a very inexpensive generic version (Atenelol or Metoprolol), and two I have more confidence in getting medicated 24/7 as one each 12 hours I give it a boost.
Avatar m tn I wanted to go back to once a day and I asked my doctor if I can do that. I did, but a few days after I cut Metoprolol to half, suddenly as I was driving my heart started pounding again and was going faster and faster or that's what it felt like. I asked someone to call the ambulance. I was told that my heart rate was around 120. In the hospital, they put me on IV and kept me for 4 hours and gave me a Metoprolol Succ (25 mg) pill.
Avatar m tn An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare. ReGen, based in Hackensack, N.J., asked the FDA in 2005 to approve its device under the so-called 510k system, which allows speedy approval for devices that are similar to products already on the market. ReGen argued that the Menaflex was comparable to shoulder joint implants sold by Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and other companies.
Avatar n tn I've had this problem sporadically going on about 10 yrs always in the fingers.Two and half weeks ago I had an acupuncture session and about 1 1/2 days later I noticed a large bruise 1 x 2 inches in size on upper left chest about two inches below the collarbone. I blamed it on the acupuncture even though any bruising with acupuncture is usually immediate. This bruise still hasn't totally faded. Yesterday I felt that familiar pop in my right ring finger and sure enough a vessel popped.
Avatar f tn My arm discomfort is mostly left sided but I also have chest discomfort/pressure with it. I also can go months in between episodes. I have a had numerous EKG's, treadmill stress test, echo stress test, and a nuclear stress test. All of the tests show that my heart is functioning fine, no evidence of CAD, but that I do have MVP. My cardiologist and my PCP do not believe that the MVP is causing my problems though. I also thoracic outlet syndrome on the left side, a hiatal hernia and GERD.
369861 tn?1306279286 Now,I have gained about 3 pounds since my doctor took me off all diuretics and may have possible congestive heart failure. I posted last week about diuretics and i took the advise, but when i went to the doctor on thursday, i had gained the weight. I am still full of fluid and the darn stuff wont go away. I have to see the cardiologist on this thursday regarding CHF, low potassium and when I can go back on the diuretics. I don't want to have to deal with another diagnosis.
170935 tn?1225374676 Hiatal Hernia runs in my family. I also cut out soda a year ago because I found out it causes hernia that can push against the vagus nerve and cause pvcs. Cheese should also be cut out 90% of your diet as many have lots of oil and anything oily will set off my pvcs such as chips. I have also been to three cardiologists in my life while having pvcs and they told me they are normal nothing to do about them.
Avatar m tn Iā€™m 44 y/o male 5ā€™ 8ā€ / 190 lbs (20 lbs extra). On 2/7/11, I was at my retail store, I stood up & suddenly, collapsed of a cardiac arrest. My bus. partner came over, felt no pulse, started CPR & called 911. About 40 mins earlier, I had finished (1 1/2 hrs) practicing salsa dancing in prep for a performance that had been scheduled for the following week. My general habit, in the last few yrs, was dancing fairly intensely 10ā€“20 hrs per weekend & mostly deskwork during weekdays.
Avatar f tn Your Cholesterol and BP are great, My Cholesterol was 153 last time it was tested, although I have been taking Lipitor for years, I take 80 mg of Diovan per day also and my BP averages around 120/73, Thats why I am hoping that once my thyroid is stable, I can cut back on the BP and Chol. Medication. I guess we will both find out soon.
529295 tn?1212775780 I ask the Dr to take me off of it and he did ..No More feeling weird at nite .He also cut the diovan in half and no fluid pills for a few days.To bring down the creatin levels Now I am on clonidine 3 xs a day and tekturner 150 mg and diovan 160 mg . still havimng erratic blood pressure this moring 160/144...I am goin to a Duke specialist tomorrow and see what they are goin to tell me.....
1323747 tn?1364810482 When I first was diagnosed with Pure Autonomic Failure a few months back I was having wide swings in my BP. Generally it was higher when I lay down and lower when I stood up. The longer I was up and about the lower it trended. Being reactive, it could at times of stress jump high as 190/150 but trended more generally to be in much lower ranges. and on the very low side of normal.
Avatar n tn [Atenolol is a beta blocker, but its half-life is far longer than what is the case with metoprolol (6-9 hours vs 3-4 hours). ] Ouch, when I asked to move from the slow release BB to normal BB, Metoprolol, to save money I had no idea the half life is so short. If I understand half life that says in 8 hours my medication level is to 25% and at 12 hours (2 half lives) down to 12.5% almost the same as empty. I take every 12 hours, approximately.
Avatar f tn I had cut my 50mg pill in half and was on that dose for about 3 days when I went into the AFib and went to the ER. The doctor I saw after being admitted came in to talk to me about what was going on. I asked about my Beta Blocker because I had heard that you should not stop them "cold turkey". Well he told me I was on such a low dose that just stopping them at that point wouldn't matter. About 3 days after I quit the Beta Blockers, I started having a flutter in the morning.
343006 tn?1314450071 Well, I figure that since I am on it, I can't just go off it and it has only been a few days. I started by cutting my pill in half to see how I felt on it and then take the whole pill. My dosage is 25mg and yours is 50mg. Should you be taking it twice a day? Like you, I don't know, I am trusting my Doctor. I will be seeing a cardiologist soon to get a further work up. I just really want to sleep. My nights are worse, anxiety mostly.
Avatar n tn I'm currently taking a statin, ACE-inhibitor and mild diuretic which have cut my episodes in half. I also carry Nitrolingual spray, but rarely have to use it. The nitro seems to have a rebound effect in my case, i.e, the angina goes away then comes back later after the nitro wears off. The diet recommended by the CCF cardio definitely helped me, although it took about six weeks before I experienced the benefits, so don't give up.
Avatar f tn For instance, if I have a bulletproof coffee, I'm not going to be eating much more fat for the day, but I'll load up veggies (either raw or cooked), with other seasonings because I can have all of those I want. I do eat bread, but in very limited quantities. If hubby talks me into pizza for lunch I'm done eating bread for the day.
Avatar n tn I also have to take Lasix 40mg(water pill) because my Cardiologist told me that the Minoxidil/Lonitin can cause fluid build up, and then I have to take a potassium pill because the water pill can cause potassium depletion. I have no side effects whatsoever. The Minoxidil caused all my hair to grow back (I had small spots of alopecia due to stress) which is a good side effect (all the hair grew back) and my eye brows turned black that is all.
Avatar n tn I'm gonna have to get in touch with my doctor and have it changed----I've been dealing with this for far too long now. I have 3rd stage kidney dieaese so I'm limited to what I can take in the first place. Anyways appreciate any input anyone can give.
Avatar m tn I hope you find a doctor who can explain everything to you and that you have faith in. I am 44 also and when I had the stress test, I could only walk and I was very out of breath. They brought my heart rate up to 180 and then did an echocardiogram afterwards. There was nothing that showed up, so everything was normal so far. Take care and keep your doctor appointments.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to let you know that I have had little success in getting high blood pressur under control on Lotrel and Diovan. But I recently tried a beta blocker metoprolol and blood pressure was finally decent at the Dr. office. It is usually high. Sometimes it takes quite a few drugs to help. I hope the best for you.
Avatar f tn 1) The results of Telaprevir may be lower than expected or desired but they still represent a vast improvement over current TX/SOC; a) Treatment times cut in half b) Lower relapse rates c) dramatically higher RVR rates d) The ability to at least try a treatment and if you don't RVR one can quit treatment. EVEN in FAILURE of treatment we see an improvement. e) There has not been any evidence so far of long term toxicity issues.
Avatar n tn Now, they got me on a diff adrenal med, and I experienced too high a dose with my original med, so on the new one, I cut the pill in half. It is very powerful, BUT because I know what things to eat and how to fix my sleep (two of my symptoms, as examples) and what med to take for depression now (another symptom), I am doing better.
Avatar n tn I got phentermine pills that are 37.5 i am supposed to take one a day and a water pill. I cut the pill in half because i was unable to sleep the first night, should I have done that? I just want to weigh a little less what kind of diet are you guys on? I mean i am so not hungry but i know that i need to eat so what do ya do.
Avatar n tn If it goes below 40/minute I need to cut back on the medication. (I am only taking 10 mgs in the am and 15 mgs in the evening...sure is hard cutting up those 20 mg tablets!) Sorry for the long story here, but I did have a couple of questions I'd like to ask to see if anyone has experienced the same results as me: 1. Are any of you tall women with small rib cages? 2. Is anyone on propranolol experiencing their fingertips drying out and peeling?
Avatar n tn I have found that it isn't really working and after running it by my general doctor he isnt so sure he wants me to continue it. I see the cardio for a f/u in 2 weeks so i will talk with her again but in the mean time I will see how it goes. The only thing that bothers me is that there is no solid explanation for the rapid pulse rate...
222011 tn?1265475648 Similarly, her need for asthma (advair) medicine also was able to be cut in half when Thyroid dosage was increased. So I think it would make sense to get your Free T4 and Free T3's tested. Please report the results and the reference ranges. It MAY be that you need to increase your thyroid medication and that could offer some relief.
Avatar f tn My Doctor thinks I can get disability, I have been a hard worker and I go up and down with my on going fight I was wanting to know how long does someone with these problems go on with out a transplant,I also had colon cancer in 1985. I get really tired and run down .What can I do to help things.
Avatar f tn I have found, through working with my Naturopath, that it is due to food intolerances. Once I cut out the offending foods, I was in the clear for the most part. I also see a physical therapist that specializes in "Strain, Counterstrain" method. His explanation is that the fascia that surrounds my heart is being restricted by the toxins in my body from the undigested food my body could not process. I have found this true especially when I have a lot of gas.