Can i break flexeril in half

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1207048 tn?1282177904 Sometimes I sit in 'wonder' about the depth and breadth of pain that can be contained in one body. Sometimes I sit myself forward and just wonder how much I can take. At times it's just not liveable. The first thing I am going to ask this neuro/pain guy for is a Baclofen pump.
874521 tn?1424120397 If it is your hips than you may benefit from another steroid injection for the bursitis. Because I have had bursitis in my hips since my late twenties I can always tell when it is time for another injection. If your joint or surround tissue is painful to touch, move or you have trouble resting on it that it sounds like it has flared up again. Opus you should have the ability to try anything within reason) that you feel may help you.
Avatar f tn What is really painful, though, at least a 4 on the pain scale, higher at times, is the awful burning I have in the left half of my butt. I've had that before, though not in well over a year. To the touch it feels quite normal, natch. Can't tolerate Neurontin, went off Lyrica last year, as it stopped being very effective and I gained a lot of weight. Did okay, not too much pain, till recently.
Avatar n tn It does have to with a long half life and I have heard it accumaltes in body tissues. I am not clear on that. Buprenex-which is what you had has been a big dissapointment for me. Others have made it work. Buprenex has a long half life as well and you felt okay until the half life went down which took DAYS, 3 days sound about right where you would feel withdrawls escalate. I had the the same expirence I think as you have.
356518 tn?1322267242 If anyone has pain due to abdmonal adhesions and bowel obstruction, give me a shout. About all I can offer in the way of real advice is smoothie recipes, but I'll do my best with anything else. The list of surgeries I've had in my life is beginning to resemble an anatomy textbook. Chances are fairly good that if you've had a surgery, you've found a partner in crime.
Avatar f tn Another thing I do, in addition to reclinging the seat back, is to make sure I have a pillow that I can put behind my neck/head - I found that while having the seat reclined quite a bit was much better for my lower back/hips, etc. - it made it harder on my neck becuase I was still wanting to be able to watch/see out the front window, so I was constantly strainging my neck trying to do so.
542293 tn?1242165149 I saw a neuro-surgeon who basically said there is nothing he would do because I do not have conpression or syrnix, but I have so many symptoms that worry me due to functioning daily. So I feel I am left in limbo again. I don't know what to do at this point. I am having a hard time finding someone who cares about my pains. But, I am hanging in there and I am thinking about going to another Surgeon to see if I can't get some kind of help somewhere.
Avatar n tn It sounded so logical at the time. I do not believe in stealing someone elses sayings. I can hardly type so better go. I keep correcting. TAKE CARE. Chatahan.......
Avatar m tn I work 9 months out of the year and am off the whole summer (I wish I would have done this during my break!)! If I don't get too sick while at work then i'll give it a go and see if I can just not take anything from here on out, but if the withdraws are still on their way, and if it is anything like it was last time, I won't be able to quit CT and still function at work. Thanks for the advice. I will try to hold out as long as I can and keep you guys posted as to how I am doing.
Avatar n tn I have been have pain without medication. And I don't know how much longer I can do this. I feel like I am suffering. It is now getting cold and I am really suffering from pain. The ups and downs physically on my job, I'm scared to take anything. But I am tired of suffering with pain. I am too ashamed to tell my physician that was having an addiction problem with the meds. I just told her that i was feeling better and that i didn't need the meds.
Avatar n tn since I recently quit that too just over 2weeks I am in a process as well.. I still take the odd perc here and there...Because I am in alot of pain some days and cant barely move...However I just came from a daily habit from anywhere to 20 ...20s in a day..or 4 80s...or amixture of all of them..whatever I could pop or put up my nose It took me since Jan to get where I am today...and let me tell you its been a process....a long one...and having a healthy aspect on life...
Avatar m tn Symptoms starting to rare up now in hour 26. I can only imagine tomorrow but I MUST DO IT. FOR MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I will be posting here a lot as this is already helping and I know my darkest hours are ahead. Its hard NOT to think about how I am going to feel, just cant stop thinking about whats coming based on what I have read. Arrrgh. SO sorry if I get on anyones nerves with all my posting but I can tell this place is going to help me.
537731 tn?1268268886 The Dr in Pa where I moved from wanted to put me on Fentanyl Patches so I would have longer relieve. I said no I didn't want anything stronger. Well now I need something different. The Dr was really rude and said I could find another Dr. All I said was Percocet are not working the same- I am taking it he thinks I am a drug seeker- Not the case. I have been off all medicines since last Thurs. I am scared to go to another Dr.
Avatar n tn God can do anything, even increase your faith. Just ask. Don't expect an instantaneous response, but He will answer you. Without God, I (just myself now) wonder why I would be doing any of this? Glad to hear about your Jan 1 date - keep us all posted, and thanks for the thanks!
Avatar n tn I am just glad I am not crazy. I actually reach for my cell phone (which I keep in my back pocket) about half the time this happens. I know the "buzzing" is there and happens about every 30 seconds, but every now and then I am convinced it has to be my phone. It feels like my pelvic floor muscles are vibrating or buzzng. I hate this feeling. I have not told anyone about it because I was not sure how to explain it. I found this site and I can't stop crying.
Avatar n tn Boy oh boy can I realate to you SJMCRAE! I have not heard anyone say they have the severe pain in the early morning hours only. This is me. I just dread going to bed every night because I just know how much pain I am going to be in come 7 hrs later. It is totally amazing how all day and all night it doesn't hurt at all, only SEVERE pain in the am. I can barely roll over. My husband has to help me out of the bed as I grit my teeth. This has been every morning for the past year or so.
Avatar n tn There is no particular time that this occurs. I can be doing nothing at all but laying on the sofa watching TV. If I get them in my legs, I have to walk them out. There's been times where I could hardly finish my shower or using the toilet because the pain was so bad that everytime I tried to finish doing what I needed to do, the pain would come back. Try sitting on the toilet for half an hour so you can finally clean yourself. The doctors are useless.
Avatar m tn Real-world, practical, tried and true help that they can do themselves. I think that everyone gets so caught up in thinking and talking about their situation from the medical perspective, that they don't ever mention the little things that they have discovered on their own that helps them. I cut and paste all these little helpful suggestions to a separate file and save them for future reference.
Avatar m tn My insurance also wouldn't cover Cymbalta, so after weening myself off of that, I am on Neurontin. The side effects are intense, but I know I can get through this in a few weeks. I am so frustrated. My doctor wants so badly for my pain to go away, but the insurance company could care less. Surgery seems to be the only remaining option. Physical therapy did not work and meds don't seem to help with the pain.
1243543 tn?1269127622 I heard that you could break them in half so that the drowness when u wake isnt so bad.Has anyone done this and did they still work or should i just take the whole thing?Im just afraid that they will be to strong.I only weigh 115pds.I also take .25mg of zanax at night to help relive night and morn anxiety cause thats wen its the worse.I dont take the zanax any other time unless i have a real bad panic attack. Im also supposed to take the flexell at night.
1035252 tn?1427231433 also - I have generalized anxiety disorder (which isn't being helped by everything) so I thought of something that would help me... help me list out what I can expect (i know no one can say for sure but I want it in writing errr in typing so I can list it off as it happens and not freak out) from long it can last on average...and what the best thing to do to combat each individual problem would be. i.e.
Avatar m tn has literally destroyed my quality of life, I can no longer do things I enjoy, I can't ride a bike (I was supposed to race competitively), I can't row, I can't run, I can't even sit/stand/walk/etc. without pain, I can't focus on anything for too long. I'm seeing a pain management physician in 3 days but I seriously feel hopeless. It feels like doctors are determined to find anything but opiates to control the pain.
Avatar n tn i tryed to wingd myself off them i just hope i did it how i was supposed to i didn't ask anyone how i sould do it but i would cut them in half and take a total of 1 to 2 a day..can someone please talk to me and let me know what i sould expect...i stopped sunday.
177003 tn?1266273955 During early AM and Afternoon I break Xanax in half - I take half tab of Xanax then 1 hr later I take Toradol w/ Flexeril (take every 8 hrs as directed). Bedtime - 1 tab of Xanax, wait 1 hr, then take Toradol & Flexeril then hop in bed. Ive been doing this and so far it helps. I'm hanging in there and keep fighting.
Avatar f tn my two (2) bosses are willing to help me in any way that they can. They see how much I am struggling with this. They know I want off & can see why. I do not have an addictive personality at all... Except to chocolate & music.. lol I use to be a smoker but quit several years ago because I woke up one day & decided I was not enjoying cigarettes like I thought I was. I was simply smoking because I was use to it. So I woke up & stopped smoking.
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Evening Tramadol Warriors! Welcome. Please come on in. You are most welcome to snuggle in and make yourself cozy & comfortable. It can be a rough ride. But better with friends. All are welcome!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hello Tramadol Warriors! Top 'o the evening to you and welcome. We're glad you found us! You can do this.
Avatar f tn , I am going to try to set up my January appointment in Dec. to ensure I can get in so I don't have to wait as long to receive my medications. I would try to setup your appointment early too. Fighting through is very hard to do but we are here to give you as much support as we can to help you make it through this difficult period. Please don't give up!
544292 tn?1268886268 This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.