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Avatar f tn I had an endoscopy it got so bad. As soon as they added Cytomel to my generic T4, all that went away. On generic T3 it gradually came back. Now that I've been back on the brand for about 6 weeks, it's getting better again. If you can afford it, you might want to try the Cytomel and see if it helps you. I found a site, I think it might be a part of Mary Shomen's website where a lot of patients commented on having problems with the generic....similar reactions to my own.
1139187 tn?1355710247 My sis is going to approach her about adding T3 when she sees her in July and I'm really interested to see what she has to say. I'm curious, are you on Cytomel or generic T3 ? I had a problem with generic, got hyper and had palps, dizziness and joint pain on it after about 5 months even though the dose was the same as Cytomel. My pharmacist told me the FDA allows a 5% difference from the brand and I read on a drug website, maybe FDA, that the variation can actually be 10%.
198187 tn?1190637930 Toilet paper, clothing, clothes soaps, and foods, etc., etc., etc. I buy a lot of generic products, which are made by brand name companies, with the same ingredients. Its the advertising of the "Brand Name" products that is where the high cost comes from. Generics don't carry the "Brand Name" on it nor is it advertised, therefore cost are lower. Nearly everyone can take synthetic levothyroxine. It is identical to the body's own T4 .
Avatar n tn buy generic cytomel no prescription. How can I do that and what is th cost? Thank You!
Avatar f tn generic levothyroxine 100 mcg Cytomel 15 mcg at this dose my hair was still falling out dramatically and I gained weight without food indulgence. had spastic feet. non-pitting swollen extremities. slight facial edema on cheekbones. no energy, especially at night. TSH .06 (.40 - 4.50 ) FreeT4 1.6 (.8 - 2.7 ) FreeT3 2.7 (2.3 - 4.2) Labs 5-23-11 medication : generic T4 100mcg Cytomel 25 mcg hair loss back to normal but thinning left scalp showing somewhat.
168348 tn?1379360675 Target and Walmart have the generic prescription plan . it is only $4 a mo for any generic on their list I think.
Avatar f tn I also had a bad reaction to generic T3, so now back on expensive Cytomel. Labs, May 23, 2011 / Quest medication 100 mcg generic T4 (Mylan) 25 mcg Cytomel TSH below .01 ( .40 - 4.5 ) FREE T4 , direct 1.1 ( .8 - 2.7 ) FREE T3 3.1 ( 2.3 - 4.2 ) Labs,July 12, 2011 / Quest medication 112 mcg generic T4 (Mylan) 31 and 1/2 mcg Cytomel TSH below .01 ( .40 - 4.
Avatar f tn With the one in Canada you do need a prescription and if you are overseas they will accept your prescription. In the USA no pharmacy will accept any foreign prescription. The ones from Thailand will ship to US in a discreet form so you don't have to worry. I am no Thyroid S and I am very satisfied, at oppose to syntroid which gave me 50 pounds overweight. I have lost all that excess weight with natural porcine desiccated thyroid hormone.
Avatar f tn The brand name of the T3 medicine is Cytomel. The generic version is called liothyronine. In the U.S. you must have a prescription of it.
988694 tn?1332363079 Cytomel does not work for me, I had too many side effects when I have taken it in the past. That is why I was on a combo NT along with Synthroid. I suggested my current endo to add some NT again, but she said the plan was go only with Synthroid and continue to decrease my dose due to my TSH. She said she wants to see my TSH at least at the bottom of the range :( I don't agree with her.
Avatar f tn Your FT4 looks good; it's right at midrange. However, FT3 is very low. It's in the bottom fifth of the range, and upper half to third of range is the rule of thumb for FT3. Also, your RT3 is way too high (above range), so it looks like you have an RT3 dominance problem. Our bodies convert T4 into both T3 and RT3. RT3 is a mirror image of T3, but is inert. It can dock "upside down" at T3 receptors in cells blocking T3 from getting in where it's needed. Taking some T3 might help.
Avatar m tn Commonly know as Cytomel, or its generic. If not, then another option would be to get a prescription and order T3 meds from sources in other countries. I know of a couple, if you need them.
Avatar n tn 137 mcg, four times per week; 150 mcg, 3 times per week. I had been taking these Synthroid dosages since June 2010. Meanwhile, in August 2011, I began experiencing watery and pulsating sensations in my ears, especially my left ear. My PCP saw fluid in my left ear. In October 2011, I saw an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The specialist performed a "surface" examination of my ears, nose, and throat, including a tympanometry with reflex threshold on my ears.
Avatar f tn is closer to perfect, no muscle or joint aches, no constipation, no heart palps, good energy, happy, and not as hungry (carb. cravings gone). We will do labs again in two weeks. Her doctor would like to see her freet3 just a little lower, but really, she is doing fantastic with it a little higher!
Avatar n tn Yes the doctor is basing my meds on the TSH and he was going to bring me down to 100 mcg, but I am wiped out. No energy, dry hair, dry skin, and my leg muscles ache. The say that the TSH cannot stay My last visit I had a breakdown and they put me back on 150 mcg until I go and see the endo doctor.
798555 tn?1292791151 I just called a couple of places as well after having my Armour prescription(30mg) price jacked up about $20 higher than 3 months ago when I got it. I get it filled at Rite Aid pharmacy and it was $71 for 90 pills. It used to be cheap. That's why we would just pay cash for it and not go through our insurance. I called Kroger pharmacy and they had the same thing for $68 for 90 pills, not too much cheaper, and their NP Thyroid was $38 for 90 pills.
Avatar f tn She said that she did not want to send me to the ER. I have been on generic before felt okay but never had my T3 tested while on generic. I have been to a heart doc and my heart checks out apart from premature beats. Recently had saliva test done with a holistic doc but will not see her until the end of the month. My endo wants me to come off meds due to the heart stuff. I have tried before but crashed hard after a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn I am no longer bothered by the Cytomel. I am wondering if it was the Beanito chips I'd been eating or maybe the tomatillo salsa. LOL! I am not sure about ezekiel bread. It must say gluten free on the label before I'll eat it. Sometimes even all kinds of bread will upset our stomachs because of the yeast and our leaky guts. Virgin coconut oil - starting at one tablespoon a day and going up to two or three as needed, helps soothe the leaky gut.
1823715 tn?1319389396 This could be either a small dose of a T3 med like Cytomel, or generic. Or you could also switch part of your dosage to a T4/T3 combo, like Armour Thyroid, or equivalent. Many of our members report that symptom relief required that Free T3 was adjusted into the upper third of its range and Free T4 adjusted to around the middle of its range. So you have a lot of room to increase your Free T3 level, as necessary to relieve symptoms.
Avatar n tn I want to buy desiccated porcine Armour. Can someone help. I have no prescription. Thank you very much.
Avatar f tn synthroid, levoxyl, Tirosint (new), generic levothyroxine. Synthetic T3 meds include cytomel or generic liothyronine. Dessicated (natural) replacements are T4/T3 combos, such as Armour, NaturThroid, WestThroid, along with others. You don't say what your doctor is referring to as "natural", whether the treatment is in the form of vitamin/mineral supplements or "natural" (dessicated) thyroid hormone supplements. There's a huge difference.
Avatar f tn It is important to take one of the recognized brands of levothyroxine (and to get the same brand every time a prescription is refilled). Synthroid is no better than the others, however, unless it happens to be the brand that a particular person gets along with the best. Some of us seem to have hypersensitive systems where thyroid drugs are concerned, and I have heard of people who switched from one brand to another and felt better.
428506 tn?1296560999 My sleep is more restful. I notice that I oscillate a lot more, experiencing large swings between less and more symptoms. Before starting antibiotics, I was more so on a very slow, steady decline with little amplitude. Mentally, I still feel very fuzzy. I still stutter, get "sensory overload" very easily, and have poor short term memory. However, my LLMD says it is very encouraging that I am showing as much improvement as I am at this stage, so I am very excited.
Avatar f tn I would have to jump through hoops and then pay a top tier drug price. I have been on generic levo since 2009 and Cytomel/generic T3 in addition. My dose isn't resolved yet. ( My advice to all, try not to live past 65, Medicare is a nightmare. Just kidding about the death part.) As I said, just having a philosophical discussion here, not actually working myself up.
Avatar f tn I take generic cytomel and it's very unlikely that it will cause your same symptoms, with the exception of intolerance to heat and it may even help alleviate that. Often raising FT3 levels alleviates symptoms, not causing them. The website you posted says "possible side effects" of cytomel, meaning that they are possible, not inevitable; it also says "side effects of cytomel typically occur when the dose is too high".
Avatar m tn I'm not sure what that, actually, is. Is that a prescription? What we buy here is nothing but ground up tissue. Did he mention the testosterone levels? Offer to supplement those? That might go a long way toward helping you feel better. Have you considered, or do you have the option of, changing doctors to get one who will, at least give you a therapeutic dose of thyroid hormones?
Avatar m tn This was in 1956 and he has been on Thyroid meds ever since, first Cytomel (T3) until it could no longer be tolerated, Then on Synthroid (T4) which didn't help very much and he was having problems with that also. He gradually changed over to Natural Sources RAW THYROID about ten years ago. One capsule per day kept both symptoms & labs better than either script had until a few years ago, when his MD suggested 2 per day. Our MD knows he has problems with most pharmaceuticals..
Avatar f tn Back again... I saw a new Endo yesterday. The thyroid panel here was done before taking my 60mg daily dose of Armour yesterday, over 24hrs after my last dose. Daily supplemental Iron & Vitamin D was not taken for 5 days before the draw. This was my first B-12 test, to my knowledge. Does this explain why I feel like death, can barely get out of bed or keep my eyes open & can't take a deep breath for anything?
Avatar n tn looking back at pictures from a few years ago, ive put on alot of weight, i used to wear size 8-10 and now in some places i have to buy a 14. im always tired, i have no get up and go and always very emotional. my dad tells me he loves me and i break down in tears. but dont you think im not going to be sitting outside my doctors until they open so i can get back on those tablets and shift some of this weight. not taking the thyroxine has made me depressed and put on weight.
Avatar f tn I eat 6 times a day but no more the 17 g of protien and for countable carbs no more than 30 g per meal I have lost 20+ lbs and lost 3-4 inches. my thyroid has nodules that are still growing but my doctor is keeping a close eye on them. it is all whole grain for breads. to track your eating habits you can go to it is free and a great resouce.