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Avatar n tn I live in Canada, so have more opportunity to cover my arms than someone living in Florida and cover them I do. I am embarrassed by them. I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. So ladies, I empathize fully. If I find a solution, I will post for you all. It seems so unfair when I (and you) have worked out so darned hard to stay in shape and it still happens...
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. What you may consider normal testosterone levels for one person, may be different for another. As when you age, your testosterone requirements can change over time. The typical male testosterone level is between 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. In a 45 year old man normal testosterone levels are around 600 ng/dl. Discuss with your doctor regarding the symptoms you have and ask for a hormone replacement therapy. Best.
Avatar n tn I have no history of testicular trauma, no sign of varicoceles, and my testicles were above average in size before starting the androgel. I have a few questions... Since I'm on adrogel and am still having sexual dysfunction/abdominal fat, do you think my problems are being caused by high E2? If so, would the androgel contribute to this at all? If it is indeed my pituitary that's causing the mayhem, will I need to get an MRI? Should I wait until I see the urologist to start nolva? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn That might give you an understanding as to why the federal government pays out so much in medicare/medicaid... Anywhoo - yes, you can still buy it online without a prescription. Try - actual Pregnyl brand... takes about two weeks for delivery and the instructions are in Russian, but instructions in English are readily available online as well.
Avatar n tn I used to get Belladona suposetories but they are no longer available in Canada. Ask your doctor about the Morphine or Percacet. For me the Morphine targets to pain more than the Percacets. I hope that soemthing will work for you. All the best.
Avatar n tn I also asked for soma but supposedly its not available in canada. He prescribed something else I am going to try yoga targeted at the pelvic floor muscles and maybe throw some swimming in there.... Hot baths also seem to help me a lot. I got checked for prostate pain the other day they stick a finger up your butt and apply pressure to the prostate and ask you if it hurts. In my case it didnt feel good but it didnt hurt either.