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696149 tn?1314324559 One thing that I can reccomend to you is lowering your dosage drastically. Buprenorphine is a highly potent drug... when used for chronic pain management, the drug is titrated in micorgrams, not milligrams! A typical dose of Temgesic which is Buprenorphine in Europe is around 0.3-0.5mgs! Your hydrocodone addiction was over three years ago so there is no way that you could benefit from the Mu antagonistic properties of Bupe...
Avatar n tn An example of a long acting opiates are methadone,LAAM, and buprenorphine. I only know details concerning methadone. IT is IMO one of the best medicine for chronic or long term pain management. Methadone has been studied and researched probably more than any other medicine. It has been used for 30-40 years w/out any negative medical concerns. Other than it can cause dependency like all opiates.
Avatar f tn I do know that depending on the state you are in you can go on the buprenorphine which is the generic of subutex. It is almost identical to the actual suboxone and the cost is much less. However I moved from missouri where i was receiving buprenorphine and now I am in Illinois where they cannot supply it yet. Ask your pharmacist. The only way to get on suboxone is to make that trip to a suboxone doctor and get your precription without anyone knowing.
666151 tn?1311117976 In this article I will use the name ‘Suboxone’ because of the common reference to the drug, but in all cases I am referring to the use and actions of buprenorphine in either form. The unique effects of buprenorphine can be attributed to the drug’s unique molecular properties. First, the partial agonist effect at the receptor level results in a ‘ceiling effect’ to dosing after about 4 mg, so that increased dosing does not result in increased opiate effect beyond that dose.
Avatar m tn It feels my only 2 choices to survive is stay way below poverty or somehow become Upper middle class with Insurance! And my insulin's just keep going up in price! just like all meds ! I live off food pantrys im lucky to eat 1 meal a day! instead of the 5 mini healthy meals im supposed too! So I'm sure this all plays major factors in my detox! Thank you for all ur support! And Sarah Im aware of the very important issues I didn't put in that are very true!
230262 tn?1316649534 theyre are two types of subs, theyre is subutex which is purely the opioid drug--buprenorphine and then theyres suboxone which has buprenorphine then a small amount of naloxone, which is used as a way to deter ppl from abusing suboxone,cuz if they do try shooting it up the naloxone will become effective and naloxone is an opiate antagonist which is used for opiate overdoses in hospitals, but if taken properly sticking it under your tongue and let it dissolve which takes about 5 minutes only the
Avatar f tn I am sure your body would need time to rebound back, even with being on the buprenorphine. I would let the buprenorphine work for at least two to three months to help your body get used to not having methadone in it. Then, gradually get off the Subutex...if that is what you must do. But, I would seriously consider your pain control needs, if I were you.
Avatar n tn Sorry to break the thread, but I have a question about Buprenorphine.... I talked to the pain clinic today, and mentioned BUPRENORPHINE (or Buprenex) to one of the docs... They MAY put me on this medication for pain, but I'll find out on Thursday. Anyway, I have been taking VERY LOW doses of this medication (.2 Milligram sublingual tab, 3 times per day) starting yesterday, and it REALLY WORKS!
Avatar m tn I wonder if it was called by its true name(Buprenorphine) if the same amount of people would turn to it. In my opinion the problem is with the marketing, although some people say they had no w/d's, Ive met many more that have questioned whether or not it was appropriate or not. In time I believe we will get a clearer understanding of how and when it should be used, atleast that is my hope.
Avatar n tn Yes, your white pills are probably generic name lortab (same as the blue oblong just different company). I didn't look this up in a reference book but am 98% sure this is correct from experience.
Avatar n tn You could consider medical detox with buprenorphine as well. The recipe does make it easier. Read a few thread down, it is posted several times in several thread. again welcome among us, and I look forward to getting to know you!
388261 tn?1215403444 If you are unable to get the Rx's, I have added replacements in a natural form. 1. Advil/Motrin/Generic Ibuprofin - be sure it's the big bottle, you will need it. Immodium AD....believe me, you WILL need this! For those of you who cannot take Motrin/Ibuprofin, Tylenol Quick Release caps work fine. 2. Heating pad/Electric blanket. - These are good for the chills, and also to wrap around your legs when they start to jump, and are in pain.
Avatar n tn i wanted to write you because he recently went to a doctor for a prescription for buprenorphine. he, like you, wants to be completely clean and done with everything. the buprenorphine is said to flush the methadone out of your system, so when the treatment is completed you will not feel the withdrawal. i'm not a big fan of covering up one addiction with another drug, but i am going to support him in this. maybe it's something you should look into. i've heard nothing but positive things.
Avatar n tn , Medicare), though those most often are aimed at controlling costs more than they are concerned with therapeutic value. My insurance did indeed cover that, and being generic version, my co-pay was only $12. I work for a large enough company that they self-insure, so they make their own rules about coverage and hire an insurance company to simply handle all the claims and payments.
Avatar n tn If you are interested in a non addictive med that can help subdue cravings, ask your Doc about revia. It is naltrexone. Suboxone consists of buprenorphine (the opiate part) with naltrexone in it to keep addicts from crushing the pills and abusing them. Naltrexone (revia) blocks opiates from attaching to receptors, thus if you take an opiate while taking naltrexone you won't feel anything from it. I'll keep you all posted on how my weaning from suboxone goes.
Avatar n tn So, I either go without , or I take the occasional buprenorphine. It is an opiate, but gives no buzz whatsoever. Ask you doctor if it is an option for you for pain management. It has much less potential for abuse, though some folks do abuse it. It is addictive physically, in that if you take it every day for a while and go off it there is a mild withdrawal syndrome, or so the reading I've done says.
522415 tn?1242941355 i have taken every pain med there is on the market...i am now on buprenorphine..it is useless for the pain also.. there is not a medication that will take this pain away...NOTHING! the cymbalta, neurontin, amitriptyline, klonopin, suboxone, oxies, methadone, percs, vikes, morphine, tylenol, advil...there just isnt a thing that gives me any relief..i have stopped searching because i've tried it all, and nothing works, plain and simple.
1697690 tn?1329127238 there are a few things that may help you feel better, like a good multi vitamin plus about 500mg of vitamin c, If you still have gut problems immodium with help, and it helps with withdrawal symtoms as well. I also found a good web site about that suboxone (Buprenorphine) treatment we were talking about. It's http://www.naabt.org/education/what_bt_like.cfm You should read it just so you can learn about it, and have a back up plan if things don't go well.