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Avatar f tn I am in medical hospital and they want me to detox off methadone with help of buprenorphine does anyone know about this drug or used it . I am scared and need feedback ASAP.
Avatar n tn Hi everybody, i need advice about buprenorphine. does it work to get off methadone? what do you experience when you're on it? anything would be helpful.
Avatar m tn urine creatine, I tested positive for Buprenorphine 10 and also for oxycodone (which is my prescribed med) also urine creatine was 174.9 mg/dl 20.0-601.
Avatar n tn Im sorry but I am not familiar with which "legal" drugs can give false test results. Are you asking about prescription and otc drugs "mixing" with that as a result or a prescription or otc, "by themselves", giving a false positive? If Im making sense at all... I just didn't see anybody respond to your question and hated for it not get some attention. I just can't think of any valid phantom amphetamine or intimater. Something like eating a 55 gal.
356518 tn?1322267242 •Patients prescribed high doses of oxycodone also may test positive for hydrocodone, which is believed to be present as an impurity; analytically this is a true positive, but diagnostically it is a false positive [Evans et al. 2009]. •It has been clinically observed that unanticipated conversions between opioids going beyond common metabolic pathways may occur, and these can be detected by high-quality assays [Haddox 2005].
356518 tn?1322267242 With so many having to deal with this problem I try and keep the newest information up here in the community. When someone has received a false positive it is good to have reference material to do to the doctor with and show that this is an all to common problem. I do hope it will help someone:) Drug monitoring in pain practice is often a two-stage process [Leavitt 2005]: A.
Avatar f tn Buprenorphine (Suboxone) has to be specifically tested for and isn’t commonly included on standard drug screen panels. Buprenorphine will not cause a positive result on tests for other opiates. The typical urine tests used to detect methadone, oxycodone, heroin, and other opioids check for a different metabolite than that found with buprenorphine and will not show a positive result in buprenorphine (only) maintained patients.
Avatar n tn Yes the false positive is possibility. If you are clean and the doc doesn't believe you, tell him that it can be verified by Mass Spectrometry (Mass Spec for short) and Gas Cromatography. Although I doubt he would actually go to all that trouble.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your false positive drug screens. I wish I had a good answer for you, I don't. Drug screening is simply chemical interaction - which is not my strong suit. As Phil said, and is common knowledge in our community, those instant UDS (Urine Drug Screens) are very often not reliable. We assume the lab your PMP is utilizing does the much more accurate immunoassay screening. Has your PMP said you will be dismissed? Can he/she provide a reason for the "failure"?
Avatar f tn However, since the test results are dependent on the test kits and sensitivity of the test, there may be false positive results. The medical nurse states that you may ask for retests if necessary. I am not familiar with labor law in regards to employee rights and medical confidentiality, but you should check with your physician and other organizations about the legal aspects of your rights.
Avatar f tn At times when a person is under tremendous stress, he/she may forget to take medication or take a wrong one. Usually false positives for buprenorphine do not occur. You should also get hold of a primary are physician. Thereafter, you can decide on further management of the pain. Try also physiotherapy. Also, yes, maybe your primary care doctor and therapist will get you a referral to the pain clinic. Hope this helps. Take care!
422795 tn?1293305009 If you were going to have a false positive - it's not too surprising to me that the false positive would be for oxycodone for those reasons. In theory, the test should differentiate between suboxone/naloxone and oxycodone. But stranger things have happened...
Avatar m tn last to last year when opium was not available i stared taking buprenorphine injections...to not let the withdrawls fall upon. buprenorphine I.V injections changed my life from heaven to hell. i went to a rehab and quitted opium and subuxone injections... but the things fell apart....my feeling of well being dimished... i was in depression for about a year and still in depression...even i am taking subuxone sublingually but it does not produce a feeling of well being...my life has become hell.
Avatar n tn Reports of needle sharing also decreased significantly, and no patient tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The apparent safety and effectiveness of buprenorphine, combined with a high level of patient acceptance, led the Food and Drug Administration to grant a compassionate extension of the approved period for outpatient buprenorphine treatment from 26 to 52 weeks. Clinical trials of buprenorphine are ongoing.
Avatar n tn These were people who never used Benzos and who were kept in a controlled inpatient environment. Something about them and the DayPro made for a false positive UDS indicating presence of Benzodiazepine. Very interesting, but in some cases we have seen patients taking Wellbutrin drop a false positive for Amphetamine. We continue to use Wellbutrin- another good drug. I've really seen it help with impulse control and concentration in the ADHD addict patient.
Avatar n tn And would any of these practices cause a release into the bloodstream and ultimately to the urine producing a false positive ??? My daughter is on house arrest and drug tested regularly.... she has had a false positive once and the GCT proved it to be clean urine.. and not too long ago she had a false positive for THC and it was sent out for GCT and it came back clean... she also went immediately from probation to a hospital and had them do a test which also came back clean...
Avatar n tn First let me say that I am happy for you that you've made the decision to quit abusing alcohol and hydrocodone. I was drinking and taking them myself. I'll tell you what I did: first I quit drinking - tapered actually then quit altogether. I was "clean" from alcohol for about two weeks when I started my "at home detox" with buprenorphine. The doctor gave me 3 injections of buprenorphine to take SUBCUTANEOUSLY or "skin popping" injection.
Avatar m tn there is subutex, which is used in the very beginning of treatment at some centers/clinics, that is just buprenorphine...now buprenorphine is a potent opioid, it is 30-45% stronger than morphine and is commonly used and abused in europe for analgesia(killing pain), its average half-life is 37hrs. and usually people with one dose are good for almost two days, no wd's..
Avatar n tn my fiance just had a positive drug screen for cocaine? how likely is it for percocet or vicodin to be mistaken for cocaine in a urine screen? if he was in an enclosed environment with someone who was smoking crack, would that give him a positive also? what effects would crack have on a person with hiv+ disease whose cd4 count is only 93? are there any false positives to cocaine with the use of herbals like siberian genseng, echinacea, goldenseal, aloe vera gel tabs, ginko biloba?
Avatar m tn Don't come asking for false positive reinforcement though, because then you are making all of us your excuse pigeons. Good luck, friend.
Avatar m tn Alot of the unsucessful stories ARE due to uninformed drs, this is true, however it is a bit of a false security. Now this is my opinion only, but i was on the suboxone for 7 yrs...it was a miracle drug, for sure. Cravings, gone, high, gone, i loved it. The trick to using subs sucessfully is staying on them the least amount of time possible and the lowest mg u can stand. I was initially started at 24 mg per day....WAY TOO MUCH!
Avatar m tn http://www.gracermedicalgroup.com/resources/articles/rf_file_0009.pdf When I finally felt I was strong enough, I stopped my sub treatment at 3mgs daily on May 18, 2010. The wd period was a process, but for me personally wasnt a fraction of what the Methadone detox was like even with minute tapering... As far as PAWS, I didnt have much if any. I just kept focusing on the big picture, and improving myself mind, body, and spirit. Mind you, it doesnt take years, like it did me...
Avatar f tn Ask your doctor about alternatives ~ There are many other effective pain relievers on the market, do not just accept Methadone because it's cheaper...cheap is not always better ~ For addiction consider Suboxone, Buprenorphine, inpatient treatment, or detoxification...
Avatar f tn baby) don't test positive for any other drugs then cps involvement will be minimal. Some home visits, regular drug tests, parenting classes. I can tell you, the ONLY cases that I personally have seen where the child was removed from the mother were cases where the mother lied or hid the drug use (usually it was use of multiple drugs/alcohol), or sadly, cases where the mother just didn't want the child.
Avatar f tn I don't think the original poster, nor most of the commenters are active. Your statements are not 100% correct. False positive and false negative drug screens happen, especially in 2012. Our testing has improved but inaccurate results still occur. Physicians will see you if you fail a drug screen under most circumstances. Ppl can be allergic to one drug within a family of medications. Admittedly it's very uncommon. I can't explain exactly why that happens but it does.
Avatar m tn I think a 2 or 3 week taper wit the subs will Give me the positive attitude and willingness to do the change I kno I have to do. I think I do need to get on an anti depressant also. I've never been this depressed. I'm am going Tuesday and would like to stay in touch with this site for support and wisdom. You people are what really works.
Avatar f tn He had positive toxoplasmosis antibodies and positive hepatitis C serology. Echocardiogram showed tricuspid valve vegetations and large abscess cavity. He developed septic shock with DIVC. He required inotropic support, and was treated with IV penicillin and gentamycin for four weeks. The patient then absconded from the hospital, and returned eight months later, presenting with persistent fever and chills. He continued to inject himself with Subutex and shared needles with other addicts.
Avatar n tn I always heard that using those breath sprays shortly before a breathalyzer test would produce a false positive. I remember when I always carried a spray tube of Binaca in my purse. I have no clue if this is true but I think those sprays do or did contain alcohol. I suppose an update would be helpful because I switched to mints ages ago when I first heard this information.
Avatar m tn I wonder if it was called by its true name(Buprenorphine) if the same amount of people would turn to it. In my opinion the problem is with the marketing, although some people say they had no w/d's, Ive met many more that have questioned whether or not it was appropriate or not. In time I believe we will get a clearer understanding of how and when it should be used, atleast that is my hope.