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Avatar n tn During the last few days I have noticed a rash develop on the right side of my upper thigh and scrotum. It is a red rash that has bumps on it. They look like tiny zits, but without white heads or anything else, they just are red bumps that come up from the skin slightly. It itches a bit, and there is some moderate discomfort in the region where it is at. Just so that this is not what you might be thinking, I am not sexually active, so no std's. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I had (protected) sex about 2 weeks ago and I just noticed this weeked that I have large red bumps on my upper left thigh. They do not itch but hurt. I saw a doctor and she gave me itching cream and told me to come back if it does not get better within this week. I'm not sure wht this could be, but my sister said it could be a form of herpes.
Avatar f tn Well about a week or two after that I started itching on my upper thigh and started to notice bumbs on both thighs and a couple of my butt. I also have a hemorrhoid and I don't know if the bumps are from the hemorrhoid or if it might be something more serious (Like Herpes). They are bumps not blisters, a couple have scabs but I had been scratching them before I realized what it was but they have no pus and don't hurt. I have an appointment for my Gyn. on Thurs but I wanted some opinions now.
Avatar f tn Do you walk alot, if so, this could be an ingrown hair more than likely, especially due to friction form sweating and walking a lot. It will probably go away on its own but it will take time. Put warm compresses on the area, it should bring the puss to the surface and you may be able to squeeze it then and find a hair. You may get an antibiotic ointment and apply it for a few days or a week. If it’s not ana ingrown hair, it may just go down after antibiotic ointment. Try different stuff.
Avatar n tn Hi As you have noted this to be highly localized over your thighs ,this may not be something systemic or disseminated. This may be an insect bite. Have you been oudoors a lot? Any history of sleeping in someone else's bed? Any history of borrowing someone else's clothes or towels? Apply a cold compress over the area to alleviate any itching or swelling. You may apply antimicrobial cream over the area.
Avatar m tn On friday I have been feeling the need to itch on my upper left thigh, inside the crease of your upper thigh and genital area. I squatted down with a mirror laying on the floor facing up and used a flashlight to see if I see anything. As I was looking I see and feel two small read bumps that do not have any fluid or puss, it's just raised. It doesn't hurt when i walk or touch it, it just feels slightly itchy. Can this be herpes? Does the symptoms I just explained be genital herpes?
Avatar n tn Fluid did come out of them. We then had sex again and the bumps came back in the same place on his upper thigh but there were more of them than the first time. They really weren't in a "cluster" per say, but there were a bunch of them more in a line (not sure if that makes a difference). I have no symptoms (which I understand is "normal" for genital herpes).
Avatar m tn Dear all, Thanks for all ur help and support , last week I had protected sex with a sex worker. But after a week I noticed a bump near my upper thigh where the thigh connected the genital. It initially itched like an insect bite , but later it dint itch no pains , the bump then deflated like a circle , and looks similar to a ring worm. It is not in the form of clusters it's just one bump. No pain and no itching now. Is it an HPV ??
Avatar n tn A week later after shaving my pubic area I developed several small red bumps throughout my groin, none of the bumps were on my penis. All of the bumps were independent with a hair in the center. This normally happens after I shave my pubic area. Two weeks later I played/walked 18 holes of golf. After which my sack was red and irretated. The next day I noticed one larger red bump (size of a pencil eraser) that was painful to the touch on my inner thigh.
Avatar f tn I have these little small red bumps on my upper, inner thigh. They look like bug bites. I have maybe about somewhere between 5-10 on my left thigh and only like 1 on my right thigh. They're in like a cluster and maybe about 1 centimeter apart. They are itchy. I shaved on Thursday using woman's shaving cream. The rest of my legs don't have those bumps, just my upper, inner thigh. Any idea what these could possibly be?
Avatar n tn I have been getting these swollen bumps in my upper inner thigh area. I talked to my doctor about this and he sald they were infected hairs because I have sensitive skin. I only get them when I start getting hot or sweating. They swell up and my husband has to take a needle and pop them. Then the bump will drain with clear fluid and then blood. Then it will go away. And most of the time they scar.
Avatar m tn Yesterday (day after a 9 mile hike and a few days no shower) I noticed a linear pinkinsh red rash vertically formed about an inch and a half long in the fold of skin between my right inner thigh and growing area. To the right on the leg are a couple of small pinkinsh bumps, I am almost positive they are irritated hair follicles. To the left closer to the genitals is some slightly pinkinsh skin also somewhat linear in form.
Avatar m tn Hi recently I have been getting little red pimple like bumps on my upper thigh, but no on my vagina I'm really scared that its something else like std they don't itch or burn but when I scratch them they feel like a pimple and when I don't mess with them they stay flat.
Avatar f tn A few days later I noticed a few more bumps on that side and also a few bumps on my other upper inner thigh, these also being near but not on my genitals. There is a small cluster on my right inner thigh but there are other bumps that are not in clusters. Now on my right inner thigh they have started to appear further down not by my genital region at all. I am concerned that these are herpes but have researched and found out that it is rare for herpes to appear on the thighs.
Avatar f tn ive noticed that for about the past 7 months ive been having these medium size red bumps on the back of my upper thighs and at first i thought maybe they were acne but it hasnt gone away. theyre not itchy nor painful. im wondering what they are and if there is any way to treat them. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been applying caladryl on the bumps and on the rash and been taking benadryl at night. The bumps on my arm and near my underarms went away. It looked like the rash was slowly going away but all of a sudden its back. It gets really red and hot. It feels like a welt. What could it be?
Avatar m tn Around a month ago i had protected sex with a girl i know, and about a week ago i have developed a bumpy red rash on my upper thigh. I have had constant problems with jock itch over the last year, but it usually appears as a solid red not dots. They appear in the area under the testicles and are really itchy, but its worse on the right side. I have put lotrimin jock itch spray on them, and used a body powder to keep it dry, but nothing is seeming to work.
Avatar f tn I also have a single tiny red bump on my inner thigh as well as above my pelvic bone on my stomach and 2 on my outer labia. I thought they may be razor burn but i dont shave this far upper thighs! I was thinking allergy, or something? I don't know! I am just petrified it's something incurable. If anyone has any idea what this could be or how to fix it with any home remedies, etc. please please let me know! Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn i have noticed little cyste like bumps and waxy filled zits now too! its only on my thigh and a little on my scrotum and anus. it itchs like crazy and the creams only seem to relieve the itching now but they do not take it away any. i really dont believe its a std as i havent had sex in a while. this has been going on since december and i have chosen not to have anykind of sexual contact because i dont want to give this to anybody if it is contagiious.
Avatar f tn Ive got itchy round spots on my inner upper thigh and under my arms.. they tend to scab over then start to itch. there isnt really anything on the inside of the rings just exposed fresh skin. most start out as little bumps almost like pimples. they go away but a few days later theyll be back. any idea of what it could be?
Avatar m tn Hello I have had a rash for this past week, I have an appointment with a dermatologist on Tue but I was hoping for a little info possibly. It's only on my left upper inner thigh real close to my scrotum. It's red and kind of burns occasionally there is also some small breakout of little red bumps. It doesn't itch however. I have been keeping the area very clean by showering frequently and using mild soap and water and I have been getting some relief by usuing some Neosporin.
Avatar f tn About 7 weeks ago I woke up with a single small blister-like bump on my upper left thigh. The bump seemed to heal and go away on its own. 5-6 weeks later a small rash of tiny red bumps appeared in the same area. The collection of bumps is a little smaller than the size or a key on a computer keyboard. I have googled and only come up with things like herpes and syphilis. Could these things present themselves on only an upper thigh area?
Avatar m tn So last week I got a rash where my scrotum meets my upper thigh. At first i thought it was just from chaffing, but it has lasted a week with talc powder which has never happened. It doesnt really itch but kind of hurts if i pull on my scrotum to get a better look. Im terrified its an STD, but don't really know what it would be. The rest of my scrotum is starting to seem a little redder and drier but that may be caused by the constant talc-ing.