Bumps on upper thigh

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Avatar f tn I have these little small red bumps on my upper, inner thigh. They look like bug bites. I have maybe about somewhere between 5-10 on my left thigh and only like 1 on my right thigh. They're in like a cluster and maybe about 1 centimeter apart. They are itchy. I shaved on Thursday using woman's shaving cream. The rest of my legs don't have those bumps, just my upper, inner thigh. Any idea what these could possibly be?
Avatar n tn During the last few days I have noticed a rash develop on the right side of my upper thigh and scrotum. It is a red rash that has bumps on it. They look like tiny zits, but without white heads or anything else, they just are red bumps that come up from the skin slightly. It itches a bit, and there is some moderate discomfort in the region where it is at. Just so that this is not what you might be thinking, I am not sexually active, so no std's. What should I do?
Avatar n tn So yesterday I had about 6 bumps show up on my thigh and I noticed immediately after a run. They are in two short lines with a few outliers. They have faded some since the yesterday. I'm trying to hold onto my negative HSV result and not freak out.
Avatar n tn Genital warts can appear on the upper thigh and buttocks but it is not a common location. We don't look at pictures here, and we couldn't give you a diagnosis anyway. If you have concerns, a doctor should be able to tell what the bumps are with a quick visual diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed a rash on the outside of my upper thigh. It is very red and has a little but of bumps. Some of the bumps have a cleanish look to them, but don't itch at all. I just want to know what it is and how I can get rid of it..
Avatar n tn On sunday morning i noticed several bumps of a zit like nature on my upper thigh towards my groin. over the past few days they have not grown in size. I have found several more of them. None of them on the tip or head of my penis. Only two very small ones on the lower shaft of my scrotum. None on my testicles nor inner thigh. all the rest are on my upper leg area or my right thigh. still in the area of pubic hair. im a hairy guy. they do not hurt, at all.
Avatar f tn Do you walk alot, if so, this could be an ingrown hair more than likely, especially due to friction form sweating and walking a lot. It will probably go away on its own but it will take time. Put warm compresses on the area, it should bring the puss to the surface and you may be able to squeeze it then and find a hair. You may get an antibiotic ointment and apply it for a few days or a week. If it’s not ana ingrown hair, it may just go down after antibiotic ointment. Try different stuff.
Avatar n tn They are just on my upper thigh. And i actually noticed a single red bump on the upper right side of my ribs. All bumps are on the right side of my body. Thank you for any help you can give!
Avatar f tn I also have a single tiny red bump on my inner thigh as well as above my pelvic bone on my stomach and 2 on my outer labia. I thought they may be razor burn but i dont shave this far upper thighs! I was thinking allergy, or something? I don't know! I am just petrified it's something incurable. If anyone has any idea what this could be or how to fix it with any home remedies, etc. please please let me know! Thank you so much!
Avatar f tn Well about a week or two after that I started itching on my upper thigh and started to notice bumbs on both thighs and a couple of my butt. I also have a hemorrhoid and I don't know if the bumps are from the hemorrhoid or if it might be something more serious (Like Herpes). They are bumps not blisters, a couple have scabs but I had been scratching them before I realized what it was but they have no pus and don't hurt. I have an appointment for my Gyn.
Avatar n tn After 24 hours the condition has not seemed to worsen in the initial area on my right upper thigh, but the rash on my left upper thigh seems to be slightly redder. To begin with my washer and dryer in my house broke and as a result I have had to engage in intense athletic practices and conditioning in unwashed compression shorts for about two weeks. However, the problem became noticeable about 3 to 6 hours after having protected sex (my first encounter with this girl).
Avatar f tn I have had pain on my upper thigh for almost a week. I asked my Dr and he said it was normal but its hard for me to sit down or stand up. I can hardly walk let alone move my leg while im sleeping without feeling pain on my upper thigh. Any remedies or similar experiences ??
Avatar m tn I have had a rash on my inner upper thigh near my scrotum for the past week it kinda burns and stings because of the skin being almost chaffed. There are some small red bumps in the area as well as It is blotchy and slightly itchy also. It is only on my left side upper inner thigh and though it has not begun to spread it is worrysome because it is slightly painful.
Avatar n tn Yes i just had sex with my GF of 5 mounths and i am clean and so is she i was tested and she said she was too. I just noticed i have red spots on my penis shaft and on my upper thigh, where the testecals hang( so the inner thigh). They are not bumps just spots, i have no itching or pain their, But it is dry and i noticed pealing(Very little) i was wondering what thig could be pls help. and for treatment pls give info.
Avatar m tn I noticed a couple small white bumps in the inside of my thigh. At first i figured they were ingrown hair or maybe some pimples, but they have yet to go away (its been over a month). I decided to pop one and a white thing came out then it bled, there are about 7 of them but they are kinda scattered. I have had chlamydia but it got taken care of. I also have received oral sex, and protected anal sex.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what the white and black bumps on my upper thigh and near my penis area are. I have done a lot of reserch and they have many explanations can u help thanks.
Avatar m tn about a year ago some red bumps appeared on my thigh right by my groin where my testicles rub against my thighs. It looked like small red bumps and on occasion i would get a large blister like thing that when it would pop would drain pus and blood and would be really painful. it would then heal and leave a purple scar where it used to be. there would also be bumps under the skin that you couldn't see but you could feel them, almost as if there were bumps under the skin.
Avatar n tn what do you mean sore bumps are they like the big bumps and they hurt real bad then eventually they pop????If so you need to go see a Dr. and they will have to lance them then they will follow up with a series of antibiotics..Good luck..
Avatar f tn Large red spot on upper thigh by croth and on butt it doesnt itch just burns a little in certain spots, i have been clean and just got a new sexual partner someone said jock itch but im freaking out any ideas plz
Avatar m tn Yesterday (day after a 9 mile hike and a few days no shower) I noticed a linear pinkinsh red rash vertically formed about an inch and a half long in the fold of skin between my right inner thigh and growing area. To the right on the leg are a couple of small pinkinsh bumps, I am almost positive they are irritated hair follicles. To the left closer to the genitals is some slightly pinkinsh skin also somewhat linear in form.
Avatar f tn s amazing i suffer bad with cysts i now have 5 on my upper inner thigh cant get rid of them they are very sore very inflammed can hardly walk with them they ruin your sex life is there anything i could do to keep them at bay
Avatar n tn I found a bump on my inner thigh towards the center of my thigh just below where my scrotum normally hangs. I have one also one in the portion of your leg where the buttocks meets your upper thigh again towards the center (somewhat in the fold) the thigh one is larger and became enlarge and sore one day after a lot of walking. I have been putting over the counter antibiotic cream 2x daily on both since and the thigh one has reduced in size and the buttock one has remained the same size.
Avatar m tn First I had fungal infection on left side of penis and then some pain below left testical and upper part of left thigh. Now these bumps. Please see this image (https://unsee.cc/remitazo/) and help me in identifying the problem.
Avatar f tn s affected mostly my torso and lower backside/upper back thigh area, never my face or limbs. I had raised itchy bumps that would spread all over the area on which it formed. At one point, the length of my torso and almost my entire backside was covered in these bumps, which I had scratched enough for them to bleed a little and then turn into brown, scaly, dried-up scars.
Avatar m tn s brownish around that area. When I was going to the bathroom I also noticed small pink cluster appearing on my upper thigh. Hr later it seems To almost be gone. Crazy thing is I still have those two small raised Bumps on my right inner thigh. They peeled yesterday and don't itch or burn. I'll make an appointment today with dermatologist. Just wondering why you don't think it's herpes or syphilis? Any thoughts what it may be?