Bumps on pubic area

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Avatar f tn i have genital warts and sumthing popped up looks like razor bumps but i havent shaved, but i popped them they didnt hurt first there was and 2 more poped up....i think i have a swollen lymph node....
Avatar f tn I'm still very young and I have these bumps on my pubic area that hurt if their touched or have pressure put on them what should I do?
Avatar f tn I have a few bumps that have recently popped up on my pubic area. They are slightly red but do not itch, burn, hurt, or feel otherwise different than skin. They sort of resemble razor bumps but are slightly larger and have stuck around longer than those do. I have stopped shaving the area so that I don't irritate the bumps and tried to see if they would go away on their own or get worse or what. I've noticed no change in the bumps and they don't seem to be spreading or getting better or worse.
Avatar f tn Hi so I have 2 red bumps on my pubic area. One by testicles and one a bit on top of it. It doesn't hurt or anything if you just touch or press on it, it kinda hurts and there's no like white stuff inside it or anything it's just red. I did have sex but it was only for 3 seconds cause we didn't have condoms and we were both virgin. I'm just asking what that red bump could be? Oh and is it normal to get pimples on your pubic area? Thanks!
Avatar m tn For about the past 6-10 months iv'e noticed little red bumps on my shaft/pubic area. I'm concerned because I have had unprotected sex. They're absolutely painless and they don't itch. They're just red bumps no bigger then this "o". I don't have the money to go to a dermatologist quite yet, but I want to get some ideas of what it could possibly be. Me and my fiance have unprotected intercourse occasionally and i'm the only one that seems to have the bumps.
Avatar m tn Ive been noticing that i have these bumps appearing on my pubic area and theyre bothering me. they do not feel itchy or hurt but theyre there. this is the link for the view of the bumps: https://ibb.
Avatar f tn for the past week or so, ive been developing bumps on my pubic area, very small, not shiny, no signs of puss or a white head..they are very very tiny, and i also have them on the base of my penis..i DONT have any itching, or burning or discharges..im very worried bc it was at least 1 month since the last time i had sexual intercourse before they appeared..please help!!
Avatar m tn I have some small bumps on my pubic area I am a 33 year old male. They are small and look like a bubble filled with liquid. I also got them in my sac area next to my penis. At first it looked like three pimples in my scrotum area and one on the bottom of my penis. Then, a few appeared in the top part of the penis and now I have had them for at least two month. Its not really sore, except a little on the ones on the sac.
Avatar n tn However, they do not seem to be warts (or at least the types of warts you see/read about on the internet). These bumps are on the skin of my pubic area. They are mainly flat and roundish (however one or two of them looked more like a skin tag than a bump). None of them were of any significant size (all well under half an inch). So I squeezed them out. And for each bump it was the same. I would squeeze it and a solid mass would come out (sort of like a blackhead).
Avatar m tn Hello. For some time i've noticed bumps in my pubic area come if i masturbate with certain lubricates such as lotion or vasciline. any idea what it could be? i have had unprotected sex as well.
Avatar n tn I have red bumps in my pubic area and they itch like crazy and hurt because i scratch so much and i have small bumps on "stick" part of the penis toward the pubic area. Is there anything i can do for this?
Avatar m tn I Have had red bumps on my pubic area and up my butt crack for about a week now. They hurt, very very bad. So soar to the point where i cannot walk properly. Some soars have opened up and have broken skin around them. They are red. This isnt razor burn... i know that. I hope its not some kind of STD. I had sex for the first time two weeks ago, after not having it for about a year. Too soon for STDs to show up? I dont want to go to the doctor right away. I have tried hydrocotizone cream...
Avatar n tn So just 5 days ago I noticed that I had flesh colored shiny bumps on my scrotal/pubic area. There are some that are just 1 bump and there is one spot with about 4 or 5 bumps..Me being dumb, I popped one and only blood came out. I have been with the same girl for about 3 months now, have not had sex (insertion) but have engaged in oral sex once. I have no burning or discharge when urinating and some itching and irritation now and then. Can anybody shed some light on my case??
Avatar m tn I have red, flat spots (bumps) in my pubic area. A few on my lower stomach. They are red/pink. There is not much other way to describe them. There are quite a few... they are flat, non-itchy, non-painful. Many things I read on here people could pop spots like this, but mine there is nothing there. They are flat and almost seem like a razor knick would, nothing inside, nothing to pop. There are none on my penis shaft, scrotum etc... Just in my pubic hair area and the few on my lower stomach.
Avatar n tn The others are all in my hair area at my pubic area and are just like bumps you get on your face. I do have 1 large area that is always hard and hair no longer grows there that stays all the time. The ones at the sides of legs are kinda odd in if I go to press or mash them the fluid doesn't come directly out of the swollen bump but further down from it like from another pore. I am not sure if I can describe this any better but I am at my wits end. They never seem to go away anymore.