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Avatar m tn For about the past 6-10 months iv'e noticed little red bumps on my shaft/pubic area. I'm concerned because I have had unprotected sex. They're absolutely painless and they don't itch. They're just red bumps no bigger then this "o". I don't have the money to go to a dermatologist quite yet, but I want to get some ideas of what it could possibly be. Me and my fiance have unprotected intercourse occasionally and i'm the only one that seems to have the bumps.
Avatar m tn Ive just recently had sex for the first time, nothing really to worry about at all. then the next day me and my partner(female) had sex again. afterwards i noticed small red bumps on my pubic area not on my penis or balls. they dont itch at all and arnt very painful. they only burn when i move a certain way. its been 2days since ive had this and it seems to be going away the bumps are getting little smaller and burn less in certain areas.
Avatar f tn There are clusters of tiny bumps and some that are also spread out on their own, that are mostly located on the right side of my pubic area. There is absolutely nothing in the vaginal area. They do not hurt, or itch. I have had unprotected sex twice, the last time being in September. I am worried this is herpes, however, said sex was 4 months ago and the initial "rash" thing never burst or anything.
Avatar n tn 4) and I heard about the lypo solution BUT I would STILL have a problem bec other than the fat tissues my Pubic Bone IS half the problem..as its prominent and looks like a hump when lying straight on my back.. So Is there a surgery for that? I've been researching this and I heard there is the lypo solution but without having a solution for the pubic bone then its useless because these fat tissues are there to PROTECT the bone during sex.
Avatar m tn It swelled up again, and I repopped it, a little blood and puss came out. Afterwards, I found several red bumps in the pubic hair area above my penis. They are red, and some have hair that are starting to grow out of them. Some do not have hair. These bumps are different in size, and it doesn't seem that they all have puss. They do not hurt, burn or itch. It also doesn't look like they will all pop. There are no bumps or pimples on the penis. I had sex last week and this area got wet.
Avatar n tn Recently I have found 1 red spot on the outer pubic area on my vagina (where u have pubic hairs) it is very sore and gets itchy sometimes. I am a virgin and my mother has NEVER had herpes. I'm really worried b coz it has been there for quite a while now and I dont want to go to a doctor as I am quite young. Please help! Any answers welcome!!!
Avatar f tn I am a 28 year male who had protected vaginal sex (using condoms) with a sex worker woman with unknown HIV status on 04 April 2010 . I have sores (pink in color) in the pubic area about an inch away from the penis which have been existing since much before this encounter. I have no visible sores, bumps, lesion, etc. on the penis or scrotum. 1) What are the chances of me contracting HIV if the vaginal secretion of the woman came in contact with these sores on the pubic region?
Avatar f tn Some can look bigger and redder than others depending on how deep in the hair follicle was irritated and where it is on your body. The fleshier the area, the more blood can fill the infection. Try calm the area with ice and aloe vera gel. If you notice no improvement in a day or two, get a doc to look at it.
Avatar f tn I'm an 18 year old female and have been shaving/waxing my pubic area for several years, however recently I've noticed that when I remove my pubic hair pimples keep appearing that clearly aren't razor bumps. I assumed they were ingrown hairs and stopped shaving/waxing for a while, however the pimples simply won't go away.
Avatar n tn MC can affect any area of the skin but is most common on the body, arms, and legs. It is spread through direct contact or shared items such as clothing or towels. In adults, molluscum infections are often sexually transmitted and usually affect the genitals, lower abdomen, buttocks, and inner thighs. In rare cases, infections are also found on the lips, mouth, and eyelids. The virus can spread through contact with contaminated objects, such as towels, clothing, or toys.
Avatar f tn All of the bumps disappeared after some time. Recently, my boyfriend of 6 years has similar bumps in his pubic hair area. The bumps for him are also painless. I have googled almost everything thinking it was warts, herpes, acne, skin conditions, something with razors, etc. but nothing has come up that matches all of mine and his symptoms.
Avatar n tn another thing that helps hair bumps is when u get out the shower and dry off...put deoderant on the area then andn for a couple of night afterwards...
Avatar f tn I am an 18 year old female who is not in any way or ever been sexually active with anyone. I started to notice that my pubic/vaginal area became very itchy. I cleaned myself hoping that would fix the problem but it didn't and as time went by it just got itchier. As I started feeling and touching I notice 1-2 soft bump spots on either side on of my vaginal hole. I do shave and have had ingrown hairs before but it has never felt like this.
Avatar f tn I am a 23 year old female. A few months ago I got a pimple with a while head on pubic area. It was itchy and kept growing bigger for a day or two. After it burst, a lot of pus and some blood came out. Then it dried and healed in a few days leaving a brownish mark behind. But just as it was almost done healing, another one broke out. This has been happening for a few months now. Some of them go away if I apply a cooling medicine soon enough.
Avatar m tn ive tried to wax, but it only made it worse Now my vagina area is full off ugly shaving bumps and dark area 's. Ive tried bleaching creams and also a few shaving bump stoppers but nothing helped. can u please help me how to get rid of my problem, i am so ashamed?
Avatar f tn So I noticed a couple days ago that I have these little white, hard, bumps under the skin of my pubic area. I have had ingrown hairs before, and I definitely know the difference when I see them because I shave down there. They can be popped, but once you try, its popping through a whole layer of skin.. And they're maybe the size of a grain of sea salt. They are hard, and to me they seem like eggs.. I'm just not quite sure.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected oral sex with a black female on May 4th of 2010. I performed oral sex on her. We also had condom protected vaginal sex. About a month prior, I received unprotected oral sex from her. I have tested negative for HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed what looked like a skin tag located in the upper region of my inner thigh almost in the crease where my leg connects to my groin.
Avatar m tn Good Afternoon, Every once and awhile either in my pubic hair area above my penis, or on the upper inner parts of my thighs, I will get small pimples. They are normal white headed looking pimples, with the exception that they have a small black dot in the very top center. I have popped them before, a little pus comes out followed by a little blood. They don't happen very often. I do, from time to time, shave my pubic hair off but haven't in about 2 months. Any clue what this is?
Avatar n tn It was minor at first and there appeared to be a slight discolouration on one area of the rim (small, slightly more reddish part than the rest of the penis). Other than this, there was nothing else found upon examination or no other symptoms. As time went by, the irritation and discomfort worsened, but no other symptoms manifested. The discolouration on the rim of my penis would still be present, but on some days it would disappear.
Avatar n tn I have developed this irritation that looks to be a rash in my pubic area. It is not on my penis itself. It is not really itchy but when it does itch i think it is because i think about it too much. It looks more like an irritation. They are really small bumps but not elivated or anything. There is no puss or open soars coming from these bumbs. I am not very sexually active but have been having unprotected sex with only 1 female whom I know is clean.
Avatar f tn I have recently developed razor-burn like bumps in my pubic region. I am female, and shave regularly. At first, I wasn't concerned and thought this was just razor burn. However, it has shown up and gone away 3-4 times in the past ~2 weeks. What could this be? Also, I cannot currently see a doctor and need treatment I could easily get OTC.
Avatar n tn I explained to them though that this is like in the pubic area almost where my leg meets the pubic area but on the actual pubic area. It does give quite a bit of discomfort when I push on it. Has anyone had anything like this?
Avatar f tn (I preface all my questions I ask with this info) So, I shave my pubic area about once a week, sometimes a week and a half. However when I shave, when a week of growth comes in, my skin on my pubic bone area (this excludes my vagina), gets a little red at the hair follicle. There is not actual bump, so my research seems to exclude folliculitis because there is no puss filled bumps. I also get razor burn on my bikini area and ingrown hairs there.
Avatar f tn I am a 16yr old female and I went to the doctor because I had a rash on my pubic area above the vagina, and I was treated for crabs twice, which should have killed them. The doctor said it only looked suspicious of crabs Since then the rash has been spreading to the inside of my thighs, and hasn't stopped itching or burning, it is not a rash rom shaving, what's wrong with me?
Avatar m tn She and I are experiencing similar symptoms. I am having red sores on my pelvis area 4 have shown so far and they look like infected hair follicles only bigger and scab over if left alone. The sores are round are covered by red skin and is yellow/white on the inside, I took a needle and tried to remove the yellow/white part and it’s very hard to break. At this moment there are no sores on my penis. I also have inflamed pelvic lymph nodes, bad breath and clear sticky mucus coming from my throat.
Avatar n tn I keep getting tiny white bumps that appear in random places in my genital area. I have 2 tiny bumps on the head of my penis and a couple of the shaft area, and some on my inner thigh and where all the pubic hair is. I never got these until I shaved one time about 3 months ago and then I got like 3 white bumps and they went away and then a few days later other white bumps popped up in random spots. Idk whats going on and I'm really worried.
Avatar n tn Yes I'm 29 years old and I started getting these red circle bumps that itch and has drainge from them. I got one on my arm,leg,neck,stomach and five on my pubic area. The doctor said Indian fire but they have'nt come out anywheres else. The ones on my arm,neck and stomach has went away,but the others haven't. They seem to itch more when I sweat or take a bath.I've thried the grease my doctor gave,but still there and its been a month now. What could this be?