Bumps on legs that hurt

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1468158 tn?1363029895 They itch very lil but they hurt like crazy I have 5 on my right foot all on top and 2 or 3 on my left, one on bottom one on top. Theres also one on the back of my calf. I cant wear shoes I can only wear flip flops. They've been here for about a week. I have no idea.. it just hurts.. help.
1701959 tn?1488555141 I have red bumps on my lower legs, lots of them, this is the 4th time in 8 months I have gotten them. They do not itch but hurt to the touch, are red like pimples and are just in the front of my lower legs. They all seems to happen with 24 hours after I shave. I use new razors and shaving cream but I am not sure if I am coming in contact after with something or I am just breaking out in razor burn? I thought they maybe bug bites but they do not itch and no one else in my family gets them.
Avatar n tn they really don't have a topic for my question. I have red, itchy bumps that appear on my legs sometimes when i take a bath or shower. And sometimes they last a couple of hours and sometimes they last a couple of days? they hurt really bad. what is it?
Avatar n tn Then, last Sunday I woke up with incredibly itchy bumps(so bad that it's actually woken me up at night) on both of my ankles, and at this time the other spots were gone. Now, I still have the itchy bumps(which don't seem to have gotten any better) and the small red spots on my legs have returned. I've pretty much ruled out allergies, since I haven't been in contact with anything different than normal. Same with bug bites, especially since they don't appear to look like a bite at all.
Avatar m tn But I felt sick and got a rash clusters of red bumps all over my legs and nowhere else after having a protected one night stand. I have been reading and i read about ars that is a rash and I have no idea if this is it. I know you can't see it but they are tiny (like pimple size and smaller) flat red bumps that don't really itch except for a tiny bit in some spots.
Avatar n tn I guess I'm just looking for advice. My goodness I hurt. I've been on Darvcet fo awhile after back surg. I realized about 2 weeks ago that maybe I wasn't in as much pain as I thought (in my back) and that I was still taking 3-4 pills per day. So yesterday morning I decided enough was enough and gave the pills to my husband who disposed of them. Last nigh I was so sick, but okay it was to be expected, today still sick but with abdominal pain. I hurt all over but my tummy is so bad.
Avatar n tn I have nothing to show on my legs except scabs from the scratching that never seem to heal entirely, the itch is on and off consistantly, and it is so frustrating.
Avatar n tn Mine tend to appear in the same spot on my shins, but over the years more of the redness has spread higher up my legs. The heat areas don't hurt, no bumps, warm to the touch, about the size of a poker chip, and the surrounding skin does NOT turn blue or pale. I've been an active person my entire life, I go to the gym 3 times a week and play tennis, so they usually appear while I'm hot/overheated.
440535 tn?1312371665 My husband gets there bumps on his inner thighs and has for quite some time. They look horrible. They don't hurt at first, but they get larger and larger to the point where they burst and they are full of puss and blood. He thinks his underwear cause it, so he buys new underwear all the time so the legs are tighter and stay down. He thought it was laundry soap for a while too, but I changed it a few times, used all dye and perfume free stuff and there was no difference.
Avatar f tn I have been getting small red bumps on my legs i'm not sure if it's due to shaving or not. I was first using Venus razors but they were not working and they started to give me bumps, so i would put Aveeno moisturizing body lotion on after shaving. I feelt that would help but it didn't. So it recently switched razors to Daisy along with Dove cucumber body soap. The problem is the bumps are now on my thighs too. I'm not sure if it's the razors, lotion, or soap. plaese Help!
Avatar n tn I have also started noticing that my body is itchy all over and the painful red bumps have spread to my chest and ive started getting what almost look like spider bites on my legs (which could be the same thing, but they are just bigger on my thighs). Also, when I get out of the shower my skin is particularly itchy and a red blotchy rash appears and then clears up after about 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn I have red bumps on my legs that kind of look like the measles and I also have vaginal itching that sometimes burns. Has anyone had this and would you know what this could be.
Avatar n tn Then lately I have noticed a couple of other bumps on my right inner thigh and they become irritated when I wear certain pants, or when I sweat, or when my legs rub together from walking. I was diagnosed with HSV-2 3 years ago and I have become accostumed with the symptoms and I am almost positive these spots are not herpes. They do not itch and they do not hurt unless like I said they have become irritated. The spots sometimes become raised and kind of hurt when you push down.
Avatar f tn I have little bumps on the inner thigh and down my legs a bit and i pop them and they have a little white thing in the middle and they leave a scar. If I don't pop them they get bigger and hurt and when i pop them when they're big they have several little round white things hooked together. What are they? My husband and I have never had other partners and he doesn't have them. I got them when I got pregnant and hoped they would go away once I had my son. They didn't.
Avatar n tn My mother has the same thing as you all describe. Small red spots on her fingers that hurt when you push on them. She had sinusitis and the antibiotic the Dr. put her on helped clear them up. They are back now and today she went to the dermatologist. The derm. cut off a red spot and is sending it in to be tested. She said it would take about two weeks for results. When we get the results I will post them so that it could possibly help some of you!!
Avatar f tn It hurts for few days then pain goes away but bump stays. I have at least 5-6 bumps like that on my right leg and 1-2 on left leg, they don't hurt anymore. There is always poosibility of getting one more like that. Do I need to worry?
Avatar n tn I also said that my mom has these same few bumps on her hands that will do the same thing but my case is worse. He automatically labeled it "Dyshidrotic Eczema" and said it was just a skin condition, but I should do some research on it online. Over the past month my body has been extremely itchy all over. Legs, butt, thighs, chest, etc.. and once I start itching I'll often have attacks of more itching elsewhere.
Avatar n tn Now i have a small spotty rash on my penis as well as small bumps showing up in certain spots(on my shaft, scrotum and thighs. It doesnt hurt and it doesnt burn when i urinate; but sometimes i get a tingly feeling in the head. The bumps on my thighs are itchy though! The bumps look similar to a pimple,they dont scab over,and not sensitive to touch! but more show up still! Thank you, any advice?
Avatar n tn It looks like a bug bite, but after looking more closely I can tell that these are clusters of bumps on my arms. I tried popping one to see what would happen, and a water substance came out. It wasn't a lot of water, but it was almost like a blister. The only bump that itches is the one on my waist line that sits right under where my pants go, but overall they don't itch, and only the ones I've messed with hurt.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I noticed in the bathroom that I had small red bumps on my inner thighs. I don't know if it's anything serious, but I'm worried. I'm still in high school and still a virgin. I never had any sexual activities with others before. I don't know if it's anything serious... because I tried touching the big, popped one (I don't know how it popped.) and it hurt. The others are small and red, sort of like pimples. Is this some sort of disease/infection?
Avatar m tn This time on my biceps, a little on forearms, a few on the neck and 2 or 3 on my chest area. NONE on the legs or lower torso like last time. I have shaved my arms in that area previously, but not my chest or neck area. ANY idea what this might be? Could it be viral?
Avatar m tn white bumps appeared on boy, 2 years old, sunday morn, on the chest and leg, changed bedding and clothes, washed and dried boy, today monday, more appered on the butt area and legs, slept in pj, long, all night, sezs they don't hurt
Avatar m tn If seen on the skin it is known as a dermatofibroma and a special form is the keloid. dermatofibroma look like a round, brownish to purple growth commonly found on the legs and arms. Dermatofibromas contain scar tissue and feel like hard lumps in the skin. It is unknown why people grow dermatofibromas. Some may be caused by insect bites or other disruptions of the skin. Dermatofibromas are best ignored if possible, they are deep and if removed will leave a scar.
Avatar m tn For the past few weeks I have started getting itchy raised bumps through various parts of my body (legs, arms, back, buttocks) especially at night. It doesn't hurt and will go away once I apply hydrocortisone on it. It is getting annoying. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary and have not allergies to anything. Please help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have been getting these bumps on my legs now I have one on my thigh. they are red slightly raised,hurt to touch, about the size of a quarter or half dollar. I had one a long time ago the doctor said it was from having the norplants in my arm so I had them remove and he put me on steroids for a week. Now 11 years later I started getting them again and only on my left leg. Also on my shins if I push on the shin bone It will actually leave an indention that last for about 15 minutes.
Avatar m tn They do not itch, and the only ones that hurt are the ones I am sitting on. A couple have developed in my pubic region as well. Yesterday, the tops of my feet suddenly began to hurt, and the balls of my feet became numb. I have not changed soaps or detergents, but I did buy some new jeans and wear them without washing them. I am posting this in the dermatology area because the first sign was a rash. I am wondering if anyone has any idea what this might be.