Red bumps on arms that hurt

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Avatar n tn i have bumps that are on the side of my stomach,arms and underarm area. the bumps are under my skin ,but hurt and have a little dried skin on it...some have puss what is it?
Avatar n tn Well iam a 35 year old male been with the same sex partner for many years but i have started seeing red to purple bumps on my testicals for a few years now they dont hurt are itch and iam starting to get a few more now i do have a family history of cherry angiomas in the family and i have a few on my chest arms ect the bumps on my testicals look like cherry angiomas i do somtimes where a little to tight jeans at times and i do sweat alot down there is it normal to have cherry angiomas on the tes
Avatar n tn My mother has the same thing as you all describe. Small red spots on her fingers that hurt when you push on them. She had sinusitis and the antibiotic the Dr. put her on helped clear them up. They are back now and today she went to the dermatologist. The derm. cut off a red spot and is sending it in to be tested. She said it would take about two weeks for results. When we get the results I will post them so that it could possibly help some of you!!
Avatar n tn Are they in an area you usually shave? I used to get raised, red bumps on my underarms that I soon found out were a reaction to the soap-like liner they put in womens' razors. Afterwards, I discovered via my GP that I was allergic to the sulfates in most soap products, and that was the likely cause of my various bumps that eventually occurred all over. If you can, I would recommend trying out sulfate-free products and asking your GP.
Avatar m tn About six months ago, I start to get a cluster of small red bumps on my upper and lower arms first, and then the bumps showed up on my hands. They have only shown up twice on my foot and face. The bumps start out as red marks and then turn into small raised bumps. They last for about three to four weeks. The bumps appear in straight lines on my arms, are one or two next to each other, and a cluster on my hands. They hurt only after they become a raised bump.
Avatar m tn Around 7-8 weeks ago I simultaneously developed two different-but-similar types of odd bumps on the back of each of my upper arms that I haven't experienced before, and haven't gone away since. The first is a cluster of about 10-20 colorless bumps. They're within a one-inch diameter area, and each one is fairly large as far as skin stuff goes -- about 2mm across -- which seems to rule out keratosis pilaris (which I've had before, so I can easily recognize).
Avatar n tn It looks like a bug bite, but after looking more closely I can tell that these are clusters of bumps on my arms. I tried popping one to see what would happen, and a water substance came out. It wasn't a lot of water, but it was almost like a blister. The only bump that itches is the one on my waist line that sits right under where my pants go, but overall they don't itch, and only the ones I've messed with hurt.
Avatar m tn They look like pimples but are similar to my skin color and won't pop. They do not hurt or itch at all. They are right on top of the skin on either side that converges at the opening of my (urethra?) penis opening. I asked the girl if she had anything and she said she had been tested and that she did not.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I noticed in the bathroom that I had small red bumps on my inner thighs. I don't know if it's anything serious, but I'm worried. I'm still in high school and still a virgin. I never had any sexual activities with others before. I don't know if it's anything serious... because I tried touching the big, popped one (I don't know how it popped.) and it hurt. The others are small and red, sort of like pimples. Is this some sort of disease/infection?
Avatar m tn None the less I had reached a point that I had to say Herpes isn't the cause of whats going on. I get all kinds of red bumps on my legs, my butt, and heck I even have had the under part of my legs hurt. My point here is that once I learned that you know I could be the one person that is rare few that doesn't test positive on HSV tests. Or I could accept the fact my testing is right and whats going on is normal. You have to get to that point. So where do you go from here?
Avatar n tn I have noticed a couple - very few and far between - tiny red pinpoint dots on my arms. I have not noticed any on any other parts of my body, just arms. They are flat, not raised at all, very tiny (not noticable unless you look really close to my arm). All of them are single pinpoint dots - no grouping. If I push on them, they do not seem to disappear completely (only fade a bit), but if I scratch one, it will disappear and then reappear within a couple seconds.
Avatar n tn my 4 yr old has 4 or 5 red bumps that are very red appearin on her chest arms, chin and under her eye. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I am uncircumcised and pulled back my foreskin to wash and check things out and noticed a few small red bumps sporadically placed on my glans. I have been intimate with the same girl for 3 years now and have not had sex with anybody else, in fact, I have never experienced intercourse. The bumps are small and are only very slightly raised. They don't appear to be clustered at all. They don't itch or hurt as of yet, but bumps on my penis are not a pleasant thought.
Avatar n tn I have almost unbearable itching on my arms. There are raised bumps, but they are not terribly noticeable until I have scratched them into bleeding and scabbing. I've used Banadryl cream to no avail. I have had some sun exposure (sunny Texas)but the rash preceded that. I have had it for several months. I have few allergies - Texas Mountain Cedar, cat dander, molds, but they typically present as respiratory or sinus complications, not dermatological.
Avatar f tn I have small red bumps on my right arm and the right side of my stomach that don't itch. Can someone help me understand what they are? I woke up with them one morning on my trip to Italy. When I went to the pharmacy there, the pharmacist prescribed me "Teva Ticerin" which I was told is for allergic reactions. I don't think that's what I have and would be great if someone would be able to help.
Avatar m tn The majority of it has been on my right side. I have a few bumps on my left side. It has not itched or hurt... I've put some cortozone lotion on it. I'm not sure it helped. I've had it for a little over a week, and some of the bumps/ areas look like they are a little dry now on the top. I also just noticed it was under both arms. Not as bad in the groin area. It kind of looks like poison oak... again doesn't itch or hurt... I do have a hot tub and pool that I go in every night.
Avatar m tn Hey guys. I'm a 20 year old male and I've noticed some small red bumps on my face that never go away. They're very slightly raised, don't hurt, they're not very large, and are light pink in color. I had two by my nose for a year or two and never thought anything of them because they didn't do anything. But this morning I noticed one looked slightly redder, but maybe I just irritated it somehow, I'll wait to see. But I also noticed what looks like another one farther away from my nose.
Avatar n tn I've been getting these strange red bumps that are small and croweded together. They appear mostly on my arms, hands and ankles. I have had them for roughly about four or five months, about the time my neighbors moved in upstairs. I thought they were origonally bedbug bites, (we had them before but managed to get rid of them, got rid of furniture and doused the house to rid of them, it worked) my boyfriend and I searched the couches, our bed but found nothing.
Avatar n tn besides that i found two red sores on my vagina, but in different places. at first that hurt a little when i touched it but otherwise it didnt bother me. i figured they were nothing sense i am not sexually active. so it couldnt be a sexually transmitted disease. anyways. they eventually subsided and are now practically gone and have just about dissapeared. now i find this red pimple like thing on my left outer labia and its red and irritated and when i squeezed it a little white puss came out.
Avatar f tn I have to go and get an ice pack from the freezer to cool it down and that eventually allows me to go back to sleep. This has gone on for 2 years now. On and Off. I dont know your age but I am starting to believe this is menapause related either pre or post because all the research seems to be common in women in their 40s to 60s. Suzanne Summers wrote about it in her book Ageless.........If you have found any relief other than ice please let me know....
Avatar f tn they never gave me any meds yet but for the past 3 weeks I have been getting red bumps that look like bites all over my body and they itch like crazy. And I think from all the itching the thighs and arms are swelling . Does anyone else have this problem or is there a bed bug in my bed.
Avatar n tn Every summer for the last few years I’ve had itching on both of my arms, one at a time. This is the only place on my body that itches. It is usually a spot near my elbow or wrist, but can be on my forearm or the area between my shoulder and elbow. It usually happens in the night, or evening, occasionally it happens in the afternoon. There is no real pattern. It starts with a strange sensation, then it gets warm, and then itches, and if I touch it, it explodes into a relentless deep itch.
Avatar f tn ok i am 32 years old and for almost a year now i have had these bumps under my arms .they very in size and shape but all hurt and itch at times. when i pop them puss comes out and it smells bad but even after they pop or i pop them they never go away ! they are so ugly so what can i use to treat them and what could they be?
Avatar n tn Every summer for the last few years I’ve had itching on both of my arms, one at a time. This is the only place on my body that itches. It is usually a spot near my elbow or wrist, but can be on my forearm or the area between my shoulder and elbow. It usually happens in the night, or evening, occasionally it happens in the afternoon. There is no real pattern. It starts with a strange sensation, then it gets warm, and then itches, and if I touch it, it explodes into a relentless deep itch.
Avatar m tn I have had these red bumps on my skin since i was a child. My mother has psoriasis and i was never taken to a dermatologist because our childrens clinic simply said that it was probably psoriasis and never examined it. I am curious to know if thats actually what it is, but for a lack of insurance I can't go to the doctor. They are on my arms and legs mostly, while i have also found some in my genital area. The bumps never itch , but sometimes they get rubbed by pants and hurt.
Avatar n tn just recently got some red bumps and small blisters covering part of my forearms they dont hurt or itch at all but its somewhat disturbing to look at when i am deling with my customers at work. they began to show up monday morning after i got out of the shower ...
Avatar n tn This isn't a helpful comment but my bumps are random and on my stomach, sides of boobs, some on my arms, and there a few that rap around onto me butt. Super scared they will keep spreading.. Is lotion and to apply?