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276730 tn?1327966546 However last 2 months I got these little white bony gum bumps on gum on my lower jaw. They havent gone away. Anyone have this?? Im 6 weeks post tx. They dont hurt but they are raised and feel uncomfortable and sometimes depending what I eat it feels odd?? If anybody had this please let me know. I also got a brown freckle on pallet of my mouth from tx went to oral surgeon he said it wasnt anyhting to be concerned about just watch it to see if it gets bigger--Also from tx I guess??
Girl I now am in severe pain and misery with it I have A large white It feals like a Boil on my Gums in the lower front, My Bone is very painful also, and thier are little whit bumps on guns, Its swollen and red and hard bumps all along the lower gums '' What should I do now,my Insurance wont cover a Gum specialist,so I thought maybe an oral surgeon to just Cut the Gums and let the infection Drain somehow ??
Avatar n tn I started having the same problems as described for almost a week- little microscopic bumps on my upper lip, just at the lip line. When I wake up, my lips burn and feel raw and almost sunburned. Even though I'm staying hydrated, it doesn't seem to help. I don't own any Carmex, but I have been using an older generic lipbalm that a dentist handed out. It has SPF15 in it and I wonder if the two are related?
Avatar n tn i also have these little bumps on my lips and my daughter that is 2 years old has it also..i was told that it was fox fordyce and that it could be taken off by laser surgery but the scaring afterwords may be bad..i dontknow what to do about it...ive tryed all the over the couner creams diaper rash creams cold sore creams even facial scrub to try to open pores ....i feel ya! this *****!
Avatar n tn I recently quit chewing tobacco after several years. Inside my lower lip, below the line where lipstick would go, I can feel several small things --almost like tiny circles, when I push against that area with my tongue. Elsewhere, tiny little bumps. I also have a very small "line" like a thin pencil lead, in the middle of my lower lip. But I also noticed that I have a very sharp edge on one of my lower teeth, which may have caused that "line.
Avatar m tn I have white bumps on my gums I have been looking up gum disease and periodontitis and I think I have perioddontitis I have two of them on my upper gums one on the left and one on the right but the one on my left seems like it went down and is flat like now but is still white now the one on my right is still there and I can't tell if it got slightly bigger or is still the same though.
Avatar m tn In the meantime, chew on sugar free gum to distract your tongue from playing with the line.
Avatar n tn I get them randomly, and not only on my thighs but also on my stomach, right below my pant-line. the ones on my stomach are usually smaller, nowhere near as big as the ones on my thigh (especially right now - it's probably half the size of a golf ball, and yes, flat). I was sick of worrying about it so I googled it, and I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one. I always assumed they were pimples, so I often try popping them with a needle but alot of times it does nothing.
Avatar n tn This might be bacterial vaginitis, yeast, chlamydia - and the bumps are irritation, or it could be the bumps are hpv, but they don't usually line up like that. My guess would be that whatever is going on has irritated the oil glands there, and that's why they are inflamed. You need to be seen by your doctor, an std/GUM clinic or Planned Parenthood.
Avatar n tn I quit chewing snuff about a month ago. I have been using nicotine gum to ease the transition. In the past couple of months, I've noticed bumps inside my lower lip. They are small yet visible, and I can feel them with my finger. Also, my lip is a little swollen around the line that separates the bottom of the bottom lip from my face. I also notice the slight swelling in the mirror -- it is puffed out. I'm supposed to go to the dentist in June. Is this something that should be looked at sooner?
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend and he has an itchy rash on his waist, ankles and thighs. I have red bumps on my ankles and knees. Some of my bumps are raised and seem to be filled with liquid. He went to the doctor but could not get a diagonosis because doctor sen't sure what it was and prescribed a cortizone cream and antihistimine. Mine seem to be going away. We are thinking his could be scabies and are afraid to sleep together as it could be contagious.
Avatar m tn Hi, Was diagnosed a few months ago with molluscum contagiosum by a STD/GUM doctor after she had a look at my penis and thankfully no other issues present - had all the tests, all negative. But now I have lots of red bumps on my bum - photos attached. Is this the same thing or something different? I've also been getting lots of dry skin and blistery type things on my feet and hands. I thought it was excema, as did my doctor. Is it possible to get molluscum on the hands and feet?
Avatar n tn Last night I took a shower and was washing and I felt a ruff spot on the inside lips of the vagina. I look in the mirror and was shocked. I saw a bunch of white bumps in a line on the inside lips at the top along the sides and the bottom. They looked like the moles that people have that hang off the skin but white. I was amazed I never noticed them before, or maybe it just happened a couple days earlier.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old and have been using smokeless tobacco on and off for less than three years. Recently, I developed three little white bumps on my lower gum line where i usually put my chew. Since these deveolped I have stopped using smokeless tobacco. These bumps kind of scare me and I was just wondering if i should be worries about cancer and what not. Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn A couple of days ago, I noticed a large line of hard bumps, knots, or mounds on my upper gums....they could best be described as mini-mountain ranges on both sides of the upper gum area......they are very hard and don't hurt at all. If I run my finger over the group of knots, they extend from slightly past the front of the mouth all the length to where my teeth are in the back of my mouth on both upper sides......
Avatar n tn I have scabies on my penis and have been diagnosed by a doctor.. There are 4 bumps on the shaft that I squeezed a while back Clear liquid came out. Now they are smaller but there is still firm skin a few weeks later, like flat bumps about 3mm. the head is flaking skin and looks patchy. I'm not sure what to put on each area. nothing looks infected just very rough. And the bumps look like they might scar. also below some of the skin on the head looks patchy like it might scar as well.
Avatar m tn I'm freaking out about a month ago I started performing oral on a strange man and stops pro some precu anyway this week I have noticed dry mouth and some small bumps on my inside cheeks towards the bottom gum line they bumps have been the same for a few days I feel them when I rub my tounge along them I do have type one usually get just a cold sore on lip does this sound like type 2 now when I zoom in with a flash light they look almost yellowish inside I'm fresking out Aldo having burning mouth
Avatar m tn First I'd like to say I don't smoke and I drink about once every 2 or 3 months. I've got two bumps along my hard/soft palate line that are sometimes hard to see because they are under the gums not actually sticking out. I've had those for 5 months now.... and even had an oral cancer screening, but the dentist didnt see anything suspicious. Now the last 3 weeks my cheeks have also gotten two tiny "spots" on them as well.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, This past weekend, I had unprotected sex with a new girl I've been seeing. It's the first time we've had sex. We had lengthy and vigorous sex on both Saturday/Sunday, but on Tuesday night I noticed about 5-7 tiny red spots on the underside of my penis shaft for the first time. They are still visible today (Wednesday) and I'd say look about the same.
Avatar n tn And I have white sores in my mouth and my throat is sore. I just found another small circular red bump on my gum line. Can u give me an idea of what STD this is?
Avatar f tn Ok So about mid February I noticed this lump on my inner thigh/ underwear line/ I have a hard time describing exact locations so bear with me. I remember I went to the washroom and when I wiped I felt something tender. So I grabbed my hand mirror and took a peak. It was about the size a nickel. Very soar and very red. When I squeezed the damn thing puss and blood came out. It swelled up quite a bit, to the size of a gum ball.
Avatar n tn But i can feel it im going to do the salt thing now it is just like that fly at a dinner that just wont go away cause it will go away then its back in a few days is it the change in weather. i dont know and when it heals up it kind of looks like if you pop gum on your lips and a little is still there but no hurting no buring just a little spot. I hate it.
Avatar n tn It started on one spot on the front side of my tongue and it eventually spread across and into the palate and gum area. Some days are worse than others, but none are pain free. The top of my palate has little bumps and also down the back side of my mouth. I also get what appears to be some kind of cankers or oral ulcers. They start as a small white spot and then it gets bigger and bigger each day.
Avatar m tn Sensory seeking behavior also includes when my son desires to wrestle anything and anyone around him. He likes to throw himself on the ground, he bumps into everything, he is constant crazy motion. He has trouble with social cues and we've worked really hard to teach him about this. Etc. Sound familiar?
Avatar n tn So the clinic sends me to an ear nose and throat speclist the next day and my tonsils are huge so he puts me on antibotics, but after a week I saw no change so I went to the hospital and they changed my antibotics. So I begin to really freak out and went to my regular doctor and told him the story leaving out the transexual part. He gave me the HIV test (2weeks), put me on some anxiety drugs, and told me to go to the psch doctor, which I have been.
Avatar m tn other suggestions are tenting your house/ we've been bombing it but not working as of yet due to when we leave our home they are living on us (the creapy things) a natural and very good product is (look it up on line!
6762654 tn?1384543591 have a small white looks to be puss filled sore in my mouth, located next to my front teeth and canine along the gum line, it hasnt opened and i havent tried to pop it either when i press on it through the area is the only time it cases any pain what should i do?
Avatar m tn Then i noticed it was only sore on one side of the throat. So i looked in the mirror and saw some bumps on the back of my tongue. Then I just recently looked at my tongue and there were new white bumps on the side of my tongue along with a white line across the side of my tongue. I also have a fever and lower back pain? don't hold back on the answer. I wont be offended let me in on everything i need to know..
Avatar n tn Hi Grace..I have a question on the on my gum in the back of mouth i had a little red dot the dot went went away and turn into a little strach-like mark almost like a small little line can this bee some form of cold sore or herpes?? And i had a bump on my vagina yesterday at the bottom of my vagina more so on my butt check but the inner pert i busted it and it was tinged with blood and plus didnt spread wasnt red or anything should i be concerned??
Avatar m tn As my gums have been hurting for the past few days on the inside bottom in the front I decided to take a look in the mirror today and I noticed on both sides on the bottom of my mouth white hard bumps - they appear to be a part of my gum line and look like bone - however I do not remember ever seeing this before. The only thing that looks weird about it is that they both start at three teeth from the back and stop before the first front bottom 3 or 4 teeth.