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Avatar n tn For the last 5-6 years I have had a problem with bumps apearing on my forehead. I have tried several creams and facial washes but nothing seems to help. It seems to get worse when I sweat but I always wash my face immediately after exercise. The bumps look as if someone has hit me with a golf ball and they are quite painful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I had bumps on my forehead since September. Now it is December. I recently took some pictures of them and sent it to my dad, who took it to my family doctor back home. THe family doctor said it looked like Herpes. I have tried to treat the bumps with over the counter wart medicine. The medicine does cause the bumps to fall off, but they tend to grow back again in the same area but not at the exact location. Some of the bumps apear in a thin linear fashion.
Avatar f tn Hi, I notice some little bumps only on my forehead. There are not itchy or anything but there are noticeable. It started last week, but I have to say that I used a sun lotion that is special for the face only on it. But I bought this sun lotion 2 to 3 years ago. Maybe it's too old. My friend told me to buy every year new sun lotion. The other thing I did new is that I am drinking soy milk. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I have had some sort of bumps on my forehead for a couple years and they wont go away! They aren't pimples. What should I do?
Avatar f tn i have little bumps in one spot in a bunch on my forehead. i just noticed them today and its kinda starting to worry me. i have had them on my arm for a while, and just thought they were caused by the sun. but when i noticed them on my faced to today i started thinking. i have looked at my make up cause i was reading that it maybe caused by makeup with silicon in it. i would just like to know what it is if you could help before i go to the doctor over it. thank you please let me know soon.
Avatar f tn Ok I had unprotected oral two times and protected vaginal sex with a Trojan non lubricated condom I didn't notice any breaks on the condom but I still got tested for hiv around 3 and a half months after this now around 6 months after the protected vaginal I get bumps on my forehead and under my eyes that sometimes peel I'm freaking out should I re test?
Avatar n tn So I was bracing myself for some hormonal changes. Now I have tiny red bumps on my forehead and my rosacea is not getting better. How do I know if it's Pevonia causing this ( which is suppose to be all natural botanical products) or the discontinuing of the BCP?
Avatar m tn I have some acne like bumps on my forehead and was wondering if it is actually acne and how I can get rid of it? Will salicyclic acid help?
Avatar f tn I am 30 years old and have had these bumps on my forehead for years and I am tired of them any help would be appreciated. Thanks. See photo here http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h200/hyrumbradshaw/Mobile%20Uploads/image.
Avatar m tn I have a light spot on the side of my face the size of a quarter. I have bumps on my cheeks and forehead. I have a little lump the size of a dime under my left eye . Any Home remedies , im a14 year old male also PLS HELP !
Avatar n tn They gave her medication for the headache but she is still in massive pain and is miserable. Just today, dozens of small bumps appeared on her forehead. She called the hospital but they couldn't seem to explain what it was. She is absolutely miserable and unlike most cluster headache patients, it is a constant pain and has not gone away at all. Please let me know what this is and if there are any tips. Also, how long will she most likely suffer with this?
Avatar m tn My son is 4 and since he was a newborn he would periodically get tiny (like the tip of a pencil), white, raised bumps on his forehead and more recently, the rest of his face and arms. Sometimes, when he used to scratch or pick at them, they would become more irritated and painful. As long as he doesn't mess with them, they are pain-free and itch-free. They usually only show up one or two at a time. If left alone, they will disappear on their own after a month or two...
Avatar m tn I have had several bumps, four now, show up just below my hairline on my forehead. These bumps are very firm, have been there for a couple of years now and appear to have no intention of going away. The skin over them is smooth like the rest of my skin and the bumps are not sore at all.
Avatar f tn i have the red bumps on my forehead, in my hair line, temple and eyebrows and very itchy what could thes be its been almost a week and this is the first time ever breaking out like this
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever heard of an allergic condition where as someone gets tons of ugly little bumps on the forehead and itchy skin? HELP ME AHHHH thank you.
Avatar m tn For the last few months, I have been getting what looks like small reddish/flesh color pimples on my only my forehead. All over my forehead, up to maybe 25? Generally worse after I shower (reddish) then they fade more towards skin color and are less noticeable, but still noticeable. Wasn't scaly at first but have noticed my skin drying up and starting to flake. However, I don't recall if that was the case before I started scrubbing my forehead with soap and water like a mad man.
710218 tn?1230649578 I don't think it is seborrheic dermatitis, I had no flaking and it went away pretty fast, plus it was only on the forehead, just red bumps. I am leaning toward sweat dermatitis, can you provide any more details of what that encompasses? I lean this way because I was sweating profusely at the time and after I cooled down and stopped sweating, it mostly cleared up just leaving behind some very small skin colored bumps that are now going away, but never flaked. Thank you for your valuable input.
Avatar m tn Greeting of the day ! Hi, I got bump on my forehead above right eye after fallen down aprox. 1 & half month back. I am pressing using hot surface of stone and cloth, there is pain when I press it in specific area still. Plz. advise what to do, and where to consult the specialist of same in Delhi( South Delhi).
Avatar m tn Thank you for the reply!!! =) I have tried the selson blue medicated and it helped on my arms a little bit. As far as my forehead the bumps are red & raised - if I squeez them a long white stringy thing will normally come out - Any ideas as to what this is & possible ways to treat? Thanks again!!
Avatar m tn hello, today I woke up with a series of reddish bumps on my forehead, along the hairline. they are clustered in spots about 1 cm in diameter max. they are not painful, perhaps a little dry. I have also recently had a couple of (rather) mild sore throats. Since I had an unprotected oral encounter about 3 weeks ago, is this rash something to worry about? Could this be a symptom of HIV primary infection? Thanks for your advice.
Avatar n tn I know it's an unusual location, but this thing on my forehead is presenting itself in a way that sounds a lot like herpes. It started out as an itchy red area, and it now appears that blisters have formed (though it's kind of hard to tell because it's not the easiest area to inspect). Honestly, I would not have thought anything of it if it weren't for the fact that it stings occasionally. I've never experienced that from any mosquito bites or acne.