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Avatar n tn Hi. I have these little white bumps on the inside of my cheek. I first noticed them a year ago but honestly I can't really say how long they've been there. They don't hurt or itch, they are just there. They don't break off when I scratch them. They seem to be just under the outer layer of skin. They don't appear to have spread since I noticed them last year.
Avatar m tn Hello I ha e a small rough patch on the inside of cheek. I was wondering what could it be I have been tested for hiv and that has come back negative I am a bi sexual male and do participate in oral sex but my partners claim they are clean and have no marks or lesion on their penises.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and felt a bump on the inside of my cheek. When I looked at in the evening, I saw a visible black bump. Is it likely I just bit my cheek in my sleep, or is this possibly something more serious? Thanks!
Avatar n tn i have a large clump of white material that appears to be a cluster of individual bumps all in one area. it's painless unless bitten on but otherwise painless. the clump does not have any red or distinguishable lining. instead of being round and smooth, the individual bumps are small and more spiked/pointed, varying in size. the cluster is altogether the size of and looks like a spiky earring (as big as a small pearl earring).
Avatar n tn There are bumps as well on that side along the top row of teeth on my cheek, but they are slightly larger, are the same color as my cheek and have been there for years (although more of them have popped up). Is there any reason I should rush to the dentist for either of these bumps or am I okay just waiting another month until my six month checkup?
225237 tn?1333142599 in front of my ear), pain in my right upper/lower teeth and today I noticed a red spot on the inside of my right cheek. It doesnt hurt to touch and doesnt seem like a bump either. Does anyone know what it could be or what should i do?? Thanks for the adivce!!
Avatar n tn I get cold sores but now I believe I have herpes inside the mouth. I keep getting red ulcers on the inside of my cheek. I also have burning mouth syndrome And have gotten small canker sores but no sores like the herpes pictures that I have seen on the internet. I have gotten little red bumps around the tip of my tongue. What are some of the sores typically associated with herpes inside the mouth? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn My 8 yr old dtr is extremely allergic to many things and has been on allergy shots for several yrs, but has had several bad reactions to her shots so her allergies remain, for the most part, uncontrolled despite shots, inhaled steroids, and antihistamines. She also has "over-reactions" to insect bites, etc., in that the bites swell to 3/4 times the normal size. Allergist says nothing can be done but oral/topical antihistamines and prevention from exposure, etc.
Avatar n tn I recently noticed a small (slightly larger than pencil-eraser-sized) cluster of 20 or so pinprick-sized raised light dots on the inside of my cheek, about 2cm to the inside of the cheek (near where the cheek makes contact with the first molar). The effect of this cluster creates a 'rougher' feeling spot on the cheek. There is no pain or increased sensitivity, and I noticed it about a week ago.
Avatar m tn You should go to a dentist to get it evaluated. I can't say specifically what it is. It may be a severe case of cold sores but normally it doesn't get that bad. It may indicate that there is something else going on with your immune system so you'd definitely want to get it checked out.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal done about 6 months ago on my left hand side. I now have a lump inside my cheek, towards the upper jaw area. You can not see it inside, you can only feel it. Does anyone know what it can be? My oral surgeon said it was nothing to worry about, but I am very worried.
Avatar n tn I have had these crystal filled bumps on all parts on my face but my chin has mostly been affected. I had a skin peel a few years ago because my doctor thought it might help the condition. It did not help. I have never had them professionally removed; I did not know that was even possible. I have noticed that eventually the crystals work themselves toward the outer layer of the skin and come out, but new ones quickly take their place.
Avatar n tn Now as I was talking a shower I noticed that I got two more bumps just like that on the same side of my but cheek. There's nothing inside of them, they don't look like pimples or cold sores. It doesn't hurt me if I press on them or if I scratch them, and they have a hard texture. I've only had sex with one guy, and we used condoms every time we did it.. and i'm pretty sure he was a virgin too. i can't help but wonder... could it be herpes?
Avatar m tn I have tiny bumps comming frequently at inner walls of my cheek. & have this transparent fluid filled in it which i felt was sticky and slimy (like mucous) once i squeeze it with my fingers the fluid comes off and bump submerges. few days from then it comes again at the same spot. Its not painful I am having this problem from couple of months. please advice me how treat it.
Avatar n tn cheek, tongue and inner lower lip. One of the small bumps on inside lower lip still present and now somewhat whitish. Burns a little. Does this seem like abortive canker or maybe fibroma? Serious? I'm a non smoker and tested negative for herpes 1 and 2 after 8 weeks from most recent sexual encounter (IgG test). Thanks again BTW Is 8 weeks considered adequate time for IgG test?
Avatar f tn This is embarrassing but I am a 26 year old female has a cluster of itchy bumps on the inside of my buttocks. They're not directly on my crack but just slightly off of it on my cheek. I believe they were caused from my clothing. They appeared after a busy night of work and I work as a waitress. I had worn a thong and tight panty hose that evening. There are about 8 bumps that are really itchy.
Avatar n tn I've had these small bumps on my lower inside lip for a week now. They dont hurt, and dont sting when i eat certain foods, i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary, one day they just popped up there. Theres alot of them, and they're really small. They are only underneath my bottom lip, and only about half an inch down, once i feel past my lip, there gone, and down at the very bottom of the inside of my lip it turns back to smooth there.
1752950 tn?1313161227 She scratches and then cries and calls them boo boo's they cover a large portion of the sole's of both her feet and are on the insides of her feet as well. They don't seem to have spread, they are not anywhere else on her. I have tried a cortizone cream, (over the counter), it relieved the itch to let her sleep but it just won't go away. I will try Tea Tree oil not sure what else to do. Please respond if you have ever experienced anything like this or if you have suggestions.
Avatar m tn The little bumps on the inside of your lip may be Fordyce's Granules, which are small sweat glands that are misplaced and are in the lips and cheek area instead of on the skin. But I'm assuming that these bumps were present before and that you just started to notice them now due to the other bumps on the corner of your lip.
Avatar m tn ok so for a wile now iv had bumps that are on he lower part of my penis. they are red and do not hurt when touched or pinched although a little clear stuf kinda comes out not much but verry small amount. the thing is that iv been known to have cold sores not around my mouth but inside on my cheaks sence i waz a baby. i have a lot of sex but with one person. and im a bit of a dog. so i have cheated. sadly. iv used condoms befor but theres a few were i didnt wrap up. do i sound ******?
Avatar f tn I have red bumps on the inside of my cheeks (butt) and on my anus. The bumps are not in really close clusters although they're all around the same area essentially, and it does not look like a rash. The bumps are small in size and not flat. It started as itching, a LOT of itching, at my anus and the opening to my vagina, then more of my vagina, but mostly at the opening and anus. It finally went away. There were no bumps at the time.
Avatar n tn They appear to be liquid filled, as some have popped and water-ish liquid came out. I took a picture of a segment of a few of the bumps. What is probably not clear from the picture is that when you look very closely at one of the bumps, it seems as though it has separate sub-chambers. I am also a bit afraid that it may be spreading based on contact, because something somewhat similar has appeared on both my right hand as well as the head of my penis (perhaps from masturbation?).
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with this guy about 2-3 weeks ago and a few days later i started getting all of these small itchy bumps like flea bites ALL OVER my inner thighs and inside of my butt cheeks.They itch really bad!! I noticed now that there are a few on my stomach.I looked up herpes and the pics look NOTHING like them. I thought maybe he had bed bugs or something but why only in these two areas?
Avatar m tn There is a natural linea alba (latin for White Line) on the inside of each cheek. On some people it is very pronounced and others not so much. Everyone has it though. It is normal. This is what it sounds like. To rule out anything serious I'd have it checked by your dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, chew on sugar free gum to distract your tongue from playing with the line.
Avatar n tn I have these little white bumbs on the inside of my cheek. kind of like granules, soft, white and dont pop or cause any irritation. there ae about 15 of them scattered together on this inside of my check in my mouth. What are they? Should i be concerned?
Avatar m tn they are now formed a ring like. a ring of small white bumps. it is there for past 4-5months. The same thing is present on both of my cheek. I have recently quit smoking, my age is 22.
Avatar n tn Hi, I woke up this morning with a rash on the inside of my butt cheek. It doesn't hurt, and it's not itchy either. It just looks like 5 little red bumps. I'm worries it could be a first appearance of herpes? Please let me know what you think.