Bumps on face but not acne

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Avatar n tn For a couple years now I have had about 20 or 30 red bumps on my face. I've gone to several dermatologists with none of them being able to figure out what it is. The bumps do not contain anything within them, they don't itch, and they become more pronounced when I am hot. All of the doctors have treated it as acne but none of the medicines have worked, nor is it acne. I'm wondering now what are these small read bumps and HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM ?
Avatar m tn Hi kindd well thank you for your comment and m I been swing this dormatoligy dr and he says that it's clearing up but to me it feels dry ,skin peeling,redness on face and also my face feels like stretch with this medication he proscribe me to use at night witch is tazarac 1% and I been washing my face like you say but with this glytone he proscribe me and thanks take care to don't worry al keep you posted on how I'm doing with this acne face!
Avatar n tn I have these bumps on my face that aren't itchy, not discolored but is quiet noticeable and makes my face very rough. First it started (literally overnight) in my T-zone, which made me think it was an allergic reaction or something, but it's been a couple of days and now it's slowly going over my entire face. It's very rough to the touch and making my skin very dry. When it first appeared it made my skin almost feel like there was a burning sensation.
Avatar m tn I feel like the reason they have not cleared up is because I have been undertaking treatments for acne when these bumps are clearly something else. When they come up I usually pop them which leaves a red mark for at least 2 weeks. My first question is what these are, second question why are they constantly coming up, and finally what I can do to stop them. This link goes to a picture of one. bit.ly/PwuxDT Thank you for all the help, I am getting fed up with these bumps.
Avatar f tn It is red, and contains small bumps clustered together, but as far as I know it is not acne. It can't be popped, but it does feel slightly raised. It is not dry skin, because I apply moisturizer daily, and not roseca. But it is just one of those things, that if I don't have it covered up it is super noticeable and I'm very self conscious about it. I've tried anti - redness masks, exfoliaters, and keep a generally good skin care routine that I follow every night before bed.
Avatar f tn My dermatologist prescribed a testosterone inhibitor, thinking it was hormonal acne, but these little bumps aren't filled with pus and using the Tretinoin on them made them dry out enough that I could exfoliate most of it off, only for them to regrow back to their former size. I used a prescription hydrocortisone gel on them, thinking it might be a rash, and that helped a little but did not make them vanish completely, and recently they began to spread up the right side of my face...
Avatar m tn My 7 yr old daughter has these tiny little bumps on the side of her face, bridge of her nose and around one of her eyes. They are not red, and the only ones that itch are the bumps around her eyes. They're flesh colored and you can only really see them in the light. I have no idea what this could be, some form of acne maybe?? Please help!!
Avatar f tn I'm still a young teen but I have had these bumps on my face for a while now. I have them next to my nose and under my nose and under my bottom lip, on my cheeks, and somewhat on my forehead. I am not sure what they are but they do not bother me though. I think I started getting more when I went to Thailand but they never went away. I do have dry skin also. They are the same color as my skin but sometimes they are red.
Avatar m tn It can take all day to slightly clear and many times a patch of these bumps remain. They are not filled-like acne. To look at me when I have a flare you might mistake it for acne. I don't have and have never had acne. I'm 40 and have excellent facial skin otherwise. I tend towards being allergic such as contact dermatitis, dust mites etc- Thank you so very much for any advice or direction!!
Avatar m tn Hi, for quite awhile I have had these small bumps on my jawline, not itchy red or *****, but almost like a rash. what could it be?
Avatar n tn They poped blood vessels but I have at least 15 of them on my face. They can be covered up with makup but it just looks bad. On my cheek bones I have redness and vein like things. Probally roseica what can I do.? In the last 2 months I have noticed in addition to the red dots I have been getting these raised bumps. The are not zits I have tried to pop them and nothing will come out.
Avatar f tn These bumps can be due to contact dermatitis, allergic reaction or can be due to folliculitis skin. Few other differentials for small, skin colored bumps on the face may be warts, skin tags and molluscum. Do these bumps have a central umbilication? Are they itchy or painful? It is important to have a detailed information about these bumps. Keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin may be needed if it is due to folliculitis.
Avatar n tn Mostly small bumps on my face, sometimes growing a little big. Ive also noticed little bumps on my shoulders and arms, that seem to just be popping up randomly. Not sure if this is related, but I also have been experiencing nasal congestion, it seems like I have been picking my nose constantly. Im not sure how else to explain it. Please any tips would help.
Avatar f tn I have also have white bumps on my face for the last 10 years, I am in my 50's. Nothing works and they are like hard white heads that are impossible to pop. Two dermos said there was nothing they could do for me...that it was adult acne. They said to try glycolic and salicylic acid peels. I have tried both for about a year and 30% salicylic acid seems to work the best as far as providing a good peel. This seems to thin the skin surface to make the whiteheads pop easier.
Avatar f tn Hi, so for the past five days I've woken up with more and more little bumps spread all throughout my face. It's not acne, and this has never happened to me before. I'm not sure if it's an allergic reaction to something, but everything that I use, I've used for a while in the past as well. I feel like each morning when I wake up more and more bumps are on my face and it seems like there's millions! It started on my forehead and now it's working its way down to my neck.
Avatar n tn Have you had bouts of acne before? As bumps on the face may have several differentials including folliculitis and impetigo, one has to ascertain that this is indeed acne. In your case, if you had bouts of acne before, and the bumps do not appear to involve follicles and also do not appear to blister and crust, then this is most likely acne. For localized bumps such as what you have, the mainstay is sticking to a proper facial cleansing regimen.
Avatar m tn i am an 11 year old girl with small pimples on my arms and back and little bumps on my face please give me a cure thanks
10829482 tn?1413148994 ( I tried not using anything but water, but for awhile, but that really didn't help. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I am really starting to get worried about these LARGE bumps that keep recurring on my face. I have acne and I know what acne is but these bumps are not acne. It started with this one huge (golf ball size) bump to the right of my chin. it was huge, hidious and painful. It popped and oozed out puss unlike I had ever seen before. It was hard puss and once it popped it never stopped for like the next three days. It kept growing back.
5931867 tn?1397530193 stretch marked areas as well! Its not killed ALL of my acne but the difference is drastic! Try this out but only do it every other day.. too much will scrub your skin too much! I just keep it in a sealed container on the back of the tub. I usually dump the excess liquid that forms on top but i hope this works as well for you as it has for me!
Avatar f tn I never had acne prior to my pregnancy except for a few bumps here and there along my forehead. But In the beggining I had it on my face and got pimples on my back. the olay clay mask worked wonders before I got pregnant and even now. I think the product name changed to olay shine control, its like 7 dollars and some change in Wal mart. Its a great product.
1132930 tn?1260328333 If you have bad acne you can try a acne creme but just lightly on your face, don't gob it on. Please!! Also try birth control pills if you can because it really helps clear acne. Also the doctor can prescribe another medication to take orally also that helps to clear acne. Other then this please try to cut down on chocolate and greasy foods which clog your face with oils. Also try to not get your face dirty, and wash your hands before touching your face most of the times.
554628 tn?1362781519 Well everytime i get pregnant i sweat my face turns into a road map of acne bumps i VERY RARELY get a break out usually but both of my pregnancies i've had the morst horrible acne ever most of it is on my chin and sides of my face, is this normal and does ne one know if it's safe to use proactive while pregnant i'm desperate to get rid of this acne it's driving me nuts i'm gonna have scars on my face if they don't go AWAY lol
Avatar f tn I only have a little bit of acne on my chin and im having a little girl.
Avatar f tn In the past few days I have been washing my face with clean and clear and then the proactiv system and it seems to be making it better, not as many popable white heads. But, I still have bumps & the acne it actually getting worse on my back and shoulders. Any ideas for back and shoulders? cause i cant really get to that area easily.....
Avatar f tn Hi, I've heard the bumps called Acne Cysts. I just can't seem to find anything to help my acne and I guess trying to hide it with makeup isn't really helping much. But I'll try this and see if it will help :) Thanks!