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Avatar n tn now i am 2 days late starting my period and i am having a brown discharge i have never had that before no way possible i am pregnant my stomach is always in major pain what can be wrong with me. do i need to call my gyn 1st thing in the am i have cramps i am 44 yrs old one doctor says my stomach hurts because the gallbladder the other says its the cysts and fibroids i just wanna be ok to raise my children.
1269698 tn?1295899811 After my period i've been having this brown smelly discharge..
Avatar n tn i have been having dark brown discharge for the passed 5 days. This morning it was like my period there was blood but it goes back to being just brown again by the end of the day sometimes so light i barley notice. I dont know what to even think?? You got any ideas?
Avatar n tn I chalked it off to jet lag and sleeping in beds that were exceptionally firm here in London. Today however, I noticed some creamy, smooth, milky brown's not terribly dark (think of milk chocolate as opposed to dark chocolate)...along with clear, dark urine. I've had my fair share of UTI's over the years, but outside of the lower back pain, the urine and discharge symptoms are different this time around. I don't really have any other symptoms to help identify this.
Avatar f tn appointment, and by that time the discharge was brown. It was really only there when I wiped, but I still wore a pad, and had a bigger amount through the day. They had me to another urine test, where they told me it appeared as if my infection was going away, even though I still had that 'hard' feeling. I didn't know what spotting was at that time so told the dr. I had just gotten my period.
Avatar n tn i took my dog to the vet after noticing that she had this brown discharge the vet told to spay my dog and the problem would clear up so i did well it didnt so i took the dog back to the vet and he went on to tell me that when he spayed my dog he looked inside of her and everything looked fine nothing out of the normal i waited the six months that he told me to wait still dicharge i took her back and they still couldnt find anything wrong i just dont get it ,she still has discharge now for 3
Avatar f tn Is it possible for me too be pregnant even with out his sperm ? I am now receiving this very thick dark brown discharge . But when I pee it is red . Does this count as my period? Or is there something else wrong? My friends say another reason my period might not be coming is because I've been very stressed abt . school and abt . me having a chance too be pregnant. But PLEASE HELP ME. I need too know whats wrong.
Avatar m tn Hello. My 9 year old cockapoo has been experiencing a brown discharge that stains the fur around her urethra for several months. She was spayed as a puppy and has never had any urinary problems before. The vet seems stumped. She did a urine test to test for kidney stones and or infection but it came up negative. She just gave us some cranberry capsules. The dog doesn't seem to have any pain or other problems other than the discharge. Any advice is appreciated.
1001672 tn?1250077960 Two weeks ago she done a pregnancy test and it showed she was pregnant the day after she started with low one sided pain and brown discharge that went on to be red blood ..Not a lot but enough to worry...I was away on my holidays so her eldest sister took her to the local hospital where a scan was performed and an internal one..The hospital couldn't see anything as she was only three weeks and all they seen was blood..
Avatar n tn I finished my period 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I noticed a light brown "glob" in some discharge. Today when I went to the bathroom, there was a definite small, gooey black glob that came out. I don't think it could be spotting since my period was two weeks ago, and a few days ago there was a small light brown glob, and today it was black, bigger glob. I am not sexually active, and have never been. any suggestions as to what is going on? thanks!
Avatar f tn I had protected sex, and since then have had brown discharge for the time up until today. It is still continuing. Sometimes it is bright red blood, but not enough for my average period. Since it's been over a week and nothing has changed I'm concerned. Also, my period is not due till the 16th of Nov at least. There has been no nausea or pain in my abdomen, no cramps, no fever (except a couple of days before the doctor's visit for the kidney infection.
Avatar n tn I am currently 4 days late, however, have been spotting brown discharge with a small amount of blood in the 2-3 days. I'm very stressed. About a month ago (right before/during my last period) I had a kidney infection and was put on several meds. Could that have somethign to do with it? Thanks for ANY help.
Avatar f tn hi i had unprotected sex with my Bf , And for a couple of weeks i had white discharge, Now i had light pink discharge & brown. Im not suppose to start my period yet. I need help ! Could i be pregnant ?!
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test on May 18, 2010 (Tuesday) and it was negative. Then on May 19, 2010 (Wednesday) around 11pm i had brown discharge. So i used a tampon to bed because i wanted to see the amount of discharge when i woke up. The next morning it was practically nothing on the tampon and didn't have any discharge at all for the rest of the day! (so annoying, I know).
174515 tn?1191710869 the thick stuff is sort of stringy but not streaked with blood or any brown. anyone have any ideas? i do have a kidney infection so i am peeing blood, at least i was according to the tests friday, but i've been on antibiotics for three days for it now. is this worthy of going back to that bleeping hospital again?
Avatar n tn at the end of july i didnt get my period instead i experienced a light brown discharge for a few days,2 weeks later i started havin brown mucus discharge again, i then didnt get my period at all in august, its now september and im 2 days late and am now experiencing very light pink & brown discharge as well as many signs of pregnancy bloatin, nausea, headaches, sorebreats, light crampin...but when i took a test in august i think it came out neg...could i be pregnant..PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn then once i hit about the 4 yr mark started spotting the brown discharge almost daily for what felt like forever. it was causing so many issues that may 08 i finally had it taken out. havent gone back to complete normal yet, still have a bit of hair loss and acne but not nearly as bad as before. i am ttc now so it is nice that after 4 months off it, my cycles are FINALLY getting regulated. i had a 39, 27,25 and then a 30 day cycle since Merina had been taken out.
Avatar m tn i have a history of kidney stones and have been having some blackish/dark brown discharge which seems to be coming from urethra. I have not been drinking as much water as of late, and this came about. Last 3 days, though, pushing the H2O. Is this most likely blood?
Avatar n tn I had a painless yellowish brown discharge coming from my penis and felt a slight leakage during the day. I could see the stain of the discharge on my underwear, but couldn't see the discharge on the head of the penis. There was discomfort and slight burning when urinating, but it wasn't particularly painful. I was sexually active, but always used a condom properly. So I was wondering what it was.
Avatar f tn Since my last cycle i notice a brown discharge and it doesnt have a smell to it. I just had my cycle for this month and it has happened again and I am just wondering is this normal cause it basically all began after april 6th when i was rushed to the hospital and found out that i have some kidney stones and a hernia and I have been on meds alot lately but honestly i never ever had this before what could it be?
287071 tn?1365196113 With my first pregnancy, I had some brown discharge, and ended up finding out I had a missed miscarriage. With my second pregnancy, I had some spotting around 20 weeks and found out it was just a scratch on the outside of my cervix and our little guy was just fine. But any sign of blood, no matter what color, I'd be calling my doctor to make sure that the baby is fine. This is especially true if you've had a miscarriage before. But, it is completely up to you what you feel is best.
Avatar n tn Yesterday though when I went to wipe in the morning there was a slimy bloody brown discharge. It was all day long when I wiped. Today it was the same thing but a little heavier, I was helping remodel a house so I was cleaning for two straight hours and *TMI* when I sat down to pee this slimy bloody brown discharge was in my underwear and the crease of my leg. I don't know if this is a UTI because the last one I had wasn't like this, it just burned badly when I peed.
Avatar f tn The doctors advised me to take tramadol with 2 paracetamols for the pain and this in turn has caused constipation so for some time now my stools have been like small pellets that are very dark and extremely smelIy and i have also had two episodes of dark brown discharge that smells quite unpleasant. I am quite stressed out with all of this as it feels my employers don't believe a word i am saying and have requested my medical notes.
Avatar f tn I had white discharge and for two days it was brown discharge but no odor .. that's how it was in my frist pregnancy but I miscarried around 12 weeks. And that was a year ago now itit's doing the same thing .. so I was in the shower and I passed out and fell I went to the hospital bc my boyfriend was worried bc I had been having sharp pains in my lower stomach on my left side I randomly feel cramps and sick .
Avatar m tn Hello, i am a 20 year old student and recently found that i have two kidney stones. I believe they have both moved from my kidney to my bladder and was wondering how long it takes to pass them through my urine once they are already in my bladder. These stones are 1mm and 2mm and also i was wondering to what extent the pain is going to be when i pass them?
Avatar n tn with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year.
Avatar f tn Im 27 years old, single, not married and Im suffering an on/off lower abdominal pain together with back pain and fever. And there's a vaginal discharge as well, sometimes odorless and most of the time it has very foul smell.
Avatar n tn on those 23rd I assumed I was getting my period because I start out with a brown discharge. But the that discharge is still here. When I wipe after going to bathroom sometimes the discharge is light on toilet tissue and sometimes I will get very light blood. I still have this discharge and I know if it was to be my period it should be over by now. Could I be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test last Monday and it came back negative but I don't have no signs of being pregnant either.