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Avatar m tn I have read that a false negative is unlikely, but that Hiv-2, N or O type HIV can cause them. What is the likeliness that I may have contracted one of those strains. To be honest, I told you that I had sex with one women without a condom. This women was israeli middle eastern and the last time we had sex was in Mar 08. As explained before, only after about 2 weeks (after the last time having sex, 6 weeks after the first time having sex) I got the hiv test which was negative.
Avatar f tn this questin is for mother with SOD kids are you older than 35? did you do the blood test to see the level of SOD?...was high or not? please tell me your story, I want t know if this kind of blood test really worksto find out if a pregnancy can be with a SOD risk.
Avatar n tn How can this be when I had all symptoms to suggest HIV and further more I had sex with somebody who was and is HIV positive.Could there be a mistake with my blood specimine being mixed up with someone elses?Do I have a type which can not be detected by available tests comming from Africa?
Avatar f tn If my husband has a wound, can I be infected just by touching his blood? Do blood transmit the disease? Is there any food that he needs to avoid? About the pregnancy, if I do get infected with conceiving it normally within that 3 months 1. Is there medications to help me to prevent outbreak? 2. I had read online that preganancy isn't a problem especially when you had the virus for a long time in the body. And the placenta will create an antibody to the baby. Is this true? 3.
Avatar n tn got my blood test result on Oct 13th with HSV2IGM negative, HSV2IGG low-possitive. Although there is no specific symptoms, following instruction from dr, I took acyclovir(by intravenous injection) for 1 week. Blood test was done again on Oct 20th after 1 week's intravenous injection, and result is HSV2IGM negative, HSV2IGG indeterminate. My question is: does taking medication affect the result of IGG test? If I want to do herpeselect blood test again, should I stop medication from some time?
Avatar n tn The first HSV test was an IGG test (not sure if it was type specific) at Planned Parenthood. The test result came in positive for HSV2 (HSV1 was negative) - at about 1.36. I then took a type specific HSV1/2 IGG test a few days later (done through Labcorp) that was completely negative for both HSV 1 and 2. I went to my doctor at about week 4, and he tested me for all STDs. Everything was negative, except the IGG HSV2 test, which was positive at about 1.34.
Avatar f tn Low B12 will also make you feel fatigued. Did you have a complete blood count done to see if you had anemia as well or iron deficiency? You should have your Iron and ferritin, iron binding capacity done as well. If you have done these tests it would be helpful to know the results and the reference ranges of the lab they sent them to since each lab has slightly different reference ranges depending on the instruments they use. Do you feel any tingling in your fingers or toes?
Avatar n tn I don't get why a couple of people here are so down on her, when all those authors are really saying the same things about testing with the blood tests. I also looked up the CDC guidelines, and it does suggest type specific blood testing be available for use in setting where people have STDs or are at risk for STDs (whcih seems to me like everywhere).
29837 tn?1414538248 And a higher percentage of O neg's were infected than other blood types thru transfusions and had more geno type 2's. Just my theory.
Avatar f tn No blood in this turnip either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move over trying to get my butt underground too...........
Avatar m tn Isn’t there a different type of doctor o should see to be evaluated for EDS? A rheumatologist or something?
Avatar n tn She tried so hard not to have the disease b/has hep c on the brain none the less. In fact Susan, I read that a gamma globan sp? shot, given to stave off hep a and b and blood type issues, can transmit hep c if received before 1993 or when ever the blood supply was cleaned up. I thought of you. maybe that's how you got it.
1496927 tn?1288911980 This is the first time I've ever participated in a web forum. I'm glad I'm amongst friends that share the same pain because I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. :) I am in the Air Force and have been for the last 14 1/2 years. I had an MRI accomplished and the base called me up and referred me to a neurologist stating "possible Chiari Type 1". The below is my conclusion of my MRI report.
Avatar f tn I have had oral hsv-1 since 4/5 yrs old, confirmed with blood test in 2010. I have had one previous relationship where the guy tested hsv-1/2 negative the beginning of our relationship and when we broke it off. The relationship I am in now is my second relationship w anyone ever (including kissing,oral, sex) and is the only relationship I’ve had sexual intercourse in.
897070 tn?1320656229 I believe it helped me recover as well as I did from the transplant as well. There are lots of foods good for the liver, like beets and artichokes. Do a search. Limit your intake of salt and iron. Salt is a big problem, its in everything. Read labels. An overabundance of iron alone can cause cirrhosis. You can become a vegetarian but you want to eat things like tofu ( the white kind is best) and tofu milk, to help with your albumin levels. Egg whites are good too.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't have a D & C or any other type of option the Doctors give you to terminate if they believe that your pregnancy is not viable just because of whatever, reason. This is your body and ultimately, you get to decide in the end. Do what makes you feel comfortable with whatever decision you choose because you are the one that has to live with it. I would wait it out. Nature has a way of progressing and you're body will let you know when things are not ok.
299260 tn?1304219705 8 which is a whole point higher than last month(5.8), however I didnt O until that wed or thursday before and blood was drawn on Friday. So there is still hope. I have to call when ever AF shows so they can see where in the cycle they drew the blood. So i guess it is just another waiting game. Im really hoping that AF wont show and I wont have to do another round. Congrats to all the BFPs!!!
Avatar n tn all i can say is that i know someone who had gnats nest in her hair and she had to go to the doctors about it. This may not be the case for you but just thought i would mention it. good luck hope you get this sorted out soon.
Avatar m tn Even though you came on the scene with both guns blazing, we knew if would be a matter of time before some type of storm hit. I thought you were rather arrogant at times but people have a different attitude towards tx. My post to you weeks back was let's see what you got down the road since you are early in tx. It's good to have a positive attitude, but you have to keep an open mind with treatment and can't base every one's experience on your own.
299260 tn?1304219705 5 inches long ArmyPrincess - 34 weeks! Stacey: BFP!!! 28 weeks!!! (appt 6/23, u/s 6/26) Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 23 weeks & It's a girl!!! =) Luvkayln: BFP!!! 12 weeks!!! (u/s 6/23) Dnikkki: BFP!!! (1st u/s 6/24!) Keyan: Will ttc again after only 2 more Lupron shots! =) Guesito: Planning to have a tubal reversal & looking for a new RE! Rachjas: Starting Follistim/Repronex tomorrow! b/w Wed & Thurs, u/s Thurs, ER 6/23!
Avatar n tn Yes, it's a screening test, not a diagnostic test.
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Avatar n tn I can lose bladder control and maybe lose the ability to get erections. It also seem that this type of surgery has a low success rate and most often leaves the patient in the same or worse pain. No I haven't seen a pain doc specifically. Would they be better able to help me with this?
Avatar m tn You need to find out what foods you have trouble digesting, you can also get an allergy test or look up your blood type, certain blood types are known to have trouble digesting certain types of food. But i must reitterate, whatever you do, stop the acid blockers as they do not cure the real underlying problem, they just reduce the short term symptoms and make the long term health problems worse.
Avatar f tn But it never hurts any of us to eat a better diet - it will only improve our weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Fixing those things makes our entire body function better.
172023 tn?1334675884 I ride English Hunter-Jumper, Western, and bareback. My favorite is English Hunter-Jumper. I haven't ridden in over a year though. My last horse died of old age, and now I don't have a horse and I miss riding so much. :-( My mom wants to get Trevor a pony to learn to ride on because he's horse crazy too. He's going to have a Black Stallion birthday party in Nov. Hopefully we'll get one soon; we've been looking for a pony and a horse to keep on my mom's farm. I really want to ride again.
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Avatar m tn I hv ulcerative colitis & on Pentasa 500mg since 2 yrs. Happily married but committed the greatest sins ever: Oct10 this year I went / my colleagues to Ger on business visit & went to Koln FKK, I had 2 escorts protected vaginal w/ no defects-unprotected oral/receiver only) - 2nd nite the same but w/ 1 French kiss 1-2 min.
Avatar f tn Are there any treatments? If so, what type of doctor would be able to help? ENT? Neurology? I have no idea. Thank you for any help/suggestions you can give.
Avatar f tn December 5, 2008 How did you tell SO about your pregnancy? I called him from car after getting blood test at doctor's. Had 3 biochems, so needed confirm from doctor after positive stick reading.