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190885 tn?1333029491 You can buy a home glucose test kit for about a hundred bucks, or have the doc investigate for you. Although DM is another chronic disease to contend with (groan), it is generally manageable and something that we as patients can readily influence. Good luck to you, Bill Grand Oak- interesting that the DM class left you with that impression.
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say that a positive blood test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy? My blood test came back positve on Aug. 8 with a HCG level of 302 then I had to go back on Aug. 10 and my HCG was 708. I took another one yesterday but my doc hasn't called me back with the results. So, should I still be worried???? mrsstr- Good luck to you and I hope that your bpt come back positive.
Avatar m tn Are you concerned about the upward trend in your readings? If so, assuming that you did the testing with a "home" blood glucose meter, and that you tested at the same time each day, your readings are well within the accuracy range of the meter.
Avatar f tn What worked for me was to limit carbs and eat mostly protein and veggies. Once you have a blood sugar monitor you can see what causes your sugar to rise and what doesn't. One thing I found was that adding cinnamon to food helped because it is a natural blood sugar regulator. I'd have a bowl of yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon every day for a late morning snack, and it never caused a problem. Exercise after meals can help too.
Avatar f tn my gp measured my bp and it is 163/104 he gave me a home kit to test for one week, l went with a toe fracture over 10 weeks that is still causing pain, he wants me to measure bp at hoem for a week and go back, l also have extreme fatigue, stiffness on getting up at back of legs above ankle and aching arms andshoulders, l also get breathless, l just dont feel right, could this be part of my menopause or something more serious, l take nsaids for anklyosing spondlutis but have not felt right5 for s
961466 tn?1247553982 well if your blood sugar drops to 0 they will not make it they will past away but even when your blood sugar drops to 30 or below a seizure can come on
Avatar n tn Like I said 28 day duo negative 38 day rapid 3g i belive negative getting a home kit sent again, this one tells me results in 15 mins think only 3g getting a blood kit sent to send off believe that is 4g. so think the home kit will be here in morning or monday so will know results by monday latest. had to pay for this one but i just did not want to keep going to clinics as may be seen as a pain.
Avatar n tn A test first thing in the morning would be a truer test for his resting, or fasting glucose level. Normal people do have blood sugar levels that go up and down all day, so testing several hours after meals makes finding his 'norm' harder. Hence, the usual request for a fasting glucose test when a doctor does lab work.
Avatar f tn In December it was 7.3 with a diet! Well I did a home test today (got the kit at Walmart for $30.00 for 2 tests) and my test showed my A1c @ 6.4. I have been eating mostly fish and taking Cinnamin supplements, Vit D, but just haven't had time to go get a blood test done *(didn't want to take time off of work)* so I invested in an A1c home test. I was so happy that my A1c went down from 7.3 to 6.4! I am hoping to even lower my A1c more!
970550 tn?1247714016 The anxiety attacks only come after eating as my blood levels spike and then regulate according to the home glucose test kit. I have balanced my nutrition to avoid High fructose, sugar, and empty carbs, and increased vitamins and protein. But I still feel BAD, TERRIBLE! If I don't eat on time, I get sick. If I don't sleep perfect, I get sick. I have no appetite now. I feel sick for eating and sick for not eating. My energy is still way high. I suck..
Avatar m tn 2% is just over the high water mark, that is, if the testing was performed correctly and the lab did their job correctly. You can obtain a home test kit to verify. Here are a bunch I found http://tinyurl.
Avatar f tn You may not feel very good if the drink drives your blood sugar up high, but a single high blood sugar is not in and of itself dangerous. It is the prolonged blood sugars that cause harm. Also, while this test is useful to see how you respond to carbs, it is important to get an A1C to diagnose diabetes.
306245 tn?1244388567 It is a simple blood test and can be done by any Dr. and I believe that you can buy a home test kit at any pharmacy to do it yourself. Though I think if you go this route you have to sent the sample to a lab and wait for results - same as the Dr. only cheaper. Second test is a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). This is a longer test that measures your blood sugar levels before during and after consuming specific levels of Glucose over a specific period of time.
Avatar f tn but i dont think thats whats causing my blood sugar to do this.. i havent eaten all day... so i checked my blood sugar.. i have been using a machine i bought for my daughter.. when they thought that she was having some issues.. shes ok ... anyway.. i checked my blood sugar.. and it was 97... keep in mind i have not eaten all day.. and i checked my BG at about 5 pm. this has been going on for some time.. i do notice a drop after.. but i have NEVER had my levels go that high after eating..
446896 tn?1237806342 so I dig out my home bp kit and test it. If I'm mentally stable...its 115/75. If I totally freakin out, it's 30 points higher. If it's high, then I'll test it, then test it, then test it again until it's normal. Strange, isn't it. I finally decided to have a physical done, and I had massive precipatory anxiety leading up to the appointment. Thoughts of doom and gloom escalated up to my physical, which was late Sept 2010. My blood work came back perfect, but my BP tested high @ 135/95.
Avatar n tn I made some changes to my diet, started walking almost every day, made sure that I was drinking water more frequently and upon a friend's suggestion stopped taking the pill for diabetes. In the subsequent two blood test over a period of six months, my sugar levels were normal. During my next visit, I confessed to the doctor I stopped taking the diabetes pill. The doctor was not overly surprised and was happy that my sugar levels were under control.
Avatar n tn My mother is a diabetic and i have been feeling ill of recent, so i used her test pen to check my sugar levels on her home kit to see if my levels were ok, luckily they were and that was the end of it. then i read somewhere that u can catch HIV through sharing a pen?
Avatar n tn ok 23,4 kids just had a son on may 23,07 didnt wait the 6-8 wks no sex had sex 1 week after had one period on june 18 have not had on since took 2 test at home neg. 1 blood test neg, but always tired, and have stuffy nose all the same signs when im preg. but now on 8/10/07started spotting?
Avatar n tn I am only 6 days late but with the other 2 pregnancies had early positives. Now I took a home test when I was 3 days late- negative and a blood test 5 days late- negative too. They wanted to start me on provera but I wanted to do a little research first. I was having many pregancy symtoms along with the late period such as feeling tired all the time, nasea,and my husband and family even said that I had the pregnancy glow. Then I got the call today, very frustrating.
296076 tn?1371338074 yep I can get them at Walgreens for $14.99 for a kit of 50 I just have to wait til I get off work.....ahhhh.....I'm so glad I checked.....screw the Dr.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, his doctors did not perform an ACTH Stimulation test before they started administering hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone. (The doctors were not able to consult with an endocrinologist due to the holiday weekend). At his first visit with the endocrinologist (June 8) he was still experiencing orthostatic hypotension, so she doubled his dosage of Fludrocortisone, stopped the hydrocortisone and put him on Prednisone.
Avatar f tn If it is up in the high 120's-mid 130's I know to test and each time the test came up positive. My blood sugar stays up for 9 weeks then normalizes for a while then spikes again. I am one week late. I haven't EVER been late since my late 30's and while in my 40's right down to the hour. My blood sugars all of a sudden spiked. I took a hpt last Sunday and it showed positive but AFTER the alloted 10 minute time, then I took several more over the week and they have all been negative.
Avatar n tn I even heard about a bracelet that gives a mild shock when a patients blood sugar is low to help them realize what is going on. Anyway, I am just concerned about her being alone and going into insulin shock without anybody realizing it until it is too late. She is looking into getting the pump which I think would help the situation a little but I still am uncomfortable.
970550 tn?1247714016 The anxiety attacks only come after eating as my blood levels spike and then regulate according to the home glucose test kit. I have balanced my nutrition to avoid High fructose, sugar, and empty carbs, and increased vitamins and protein. But I still feel BAD, TERRIBLE! If I don't eat on time, I get sick. If I don't sleep perfect, I get sick (and its hard to sleep). I have no appetite now. I suck...
231441 tn?1333896366 Tomorrow will be D27, I think I can test again tomorrow - if I find time to go out and get a test kit today. Or at least by Friday. My twin sister says she feels I am and she wants me to be having twins like she is. We do know there were 2 x 12 mm follicles at D11, but don't know if they both matured to ovulation. If I am the uncertaintly of whether this will stick or not is going to be huge after the last 3 losses, and this coming immediately after the m/c.
Avatar m tn The best way to see the effects of food on your sugar levels is to test using a home test kit 2 hours after eating. If your levels are really high medications like metformin may also help. However, if your levels are really high you should be working with a doctor to optimise your levels.
1438499 tn?1283891533 I would see a doctor and get an A1C test which is a test of average blood sugars for a couple months. You can even buy a kit and do it at home. In order to reduce blood sugar you need to reduce carb intake, exercise and lose weight. Your doctor may also put you on an oral medication at least until the numbers come down. Don't ignore it, the consequences are not good.
Avatar n tn The doctor figured by now I should have had a positive test, so he didn't make me get a blood test. But something tells me otherwise? I have never been this late...ever! I remembered today, that I think I may have had implantation bleeding about 2 to 3 weeks ago, and didn't think anything of it. This would be my first pregnancy, if I were pregnant, so I don't have any experience with this stuff. Any input??? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Blood test and home pregnancy tests for me where all negative and I was 9 weeks pregnant before it came out positive. Didn't happen to me with my other two just my son. Only time will tell unfortunately.