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Avatar n tn Now I said I brushed my tongue and have for years but it dawned on me to also brush the sides of my tongue as well - that did the trick for me. No more bad taste. However, a metallic taste in the mouth can be due to a variety of causes - from medication you may be taking to dental problems. Not drinking enough water can contribute to problems with taste. Increase your intake of water and see if it helps.
Avatar n tn I am 27 years old. Since 1997, I've had a bad smell/taste. I finally went and saw my GP on 5/03 *because I got so tired of it, I thought it'd eventually go away*, who did a CT Scan, which showed sinusitis. They gave me biaxin for 2 wks, which didnt help. I saw an ENT who Id seen back in 1997 & she gave me levaquin for 3 weeks, with no improvement. I got a referral to another ENT, & he gave me augmentin for 4 weeks, guafenicen, & also presdidone to take for 4 days.
Avatar n tn In regard to the metallic taste which may be present with a bacterial infection, the tongue has taste buds all over it. The taste buds which sense sour, bitter and metallic tastes are located on the back part of the tongue. This is where many bacterial infections will thrive. The metallic taste comes from sulfur compounds produced by the bacteria. Once the bacterial infection clears, the metallic taste should subside as well.
4939681 tn?1361302899 So i insisted on going back on Doxy but was prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate and not Mono like I originally was on, and though I have been sleeping better and feeling a bit better, I get stomack upsettness as bad or worse as the biaxin so I decided on my own to switch to Biaxin as my doc refused to prescribe me Mono. But anyway i do think you should get a hold of your doctor as they should have an on call option directed from the main office voicemail; as another member suggested you do.
Avatar m tn The taste can get especially bad when someone has post nasal drip and the dried blood sticks to the back of the throat. If bleeding gums are the cause there is often bad breath associated with the bad taste. Another uncommon reason for a metallic taste in mouth is due to small electric currents in the mouth. When two types of metals are used in two different dental fillings a battery can be created. Some believe that it's due to the mercury leakage from dental silver/mercury fillings.
Avatar n tn And on days when it's really bad, my mouth has a metalic taste to it. The smell can often give me headaches. Here is what I have tried: Initially, I just started brushing, flossing, and gargling with Listerine constantly. That didn't work. Then i bought Saline Nasal Spray. That didn't work. Then I emptied the Saline out and refilled the bottle with Listerine. Yes... I sprayed Listerine up my nose. This can be painful. That didn't work.
Avatar n tn I am quite ashamed about this situation and have only told it to my mum, which she replies saying that she doesn't sense any bad smell. There is always a bad taste lingering in my mouth and i can feel that the taste is somehow coming out of my nose when i exhale. The smell becomes even more apparent when I am on an empty stomach and feeling hungry. There is always thick clear mucuos from the back of my nose and i have the habit of sniffing it down my throat and swallowing it all the time.
689528 tn?1364139441 Woke up this am with that metal taste in my mouth and remembered it's from the Biaxin the doctor gave me. (I forgot it gave me that the last time I had it and how bad it tastes). I have been also slightly nauseous. Maybe because of the meds?! 8DPO and soo worried of all this stuff I've been taking to get rid of this damn cold! Hopefully a little bean will be tough enough to stick!!
Avatar f tn Since I have gone back on Biaxin and Tindamax in the last week, I seem to hit a wall around 3pm and I can't keep my eyes open. I have taken an afternoon nap about 4 days out of 7. I am a terrible napper and rarely ever nap, even when I was at my sickest with Lyme. I guess it could be herxing from the meds, but I haven't had this in the past. I am wondering if these two drugs are particularly targeting cysts and spiros in my brain.
Avatar n tn Last September, I had the same thing - a very sour taste in the back of my throat. About a month before, I had really bad sinus drainage but cleared up. A couple weeks later, I started having this foul taste in the back of my throat. It felt like some kind of abcess or something around my lower tonsil area. I went to my MD and he said that it was "strep". I questioned him because I did not have a fever or even a sore throat.
4451049 tn?1387157037 Have you gotten what we lovingly call Biaxin Mouth yet? I remember that all too well. Sorta a metallic taste in your mouth. You sound as if you're very sensitive to medications.
Avatar m tn So, I am tending to think this is the GERD and my bad eating habits are making it this bad. Problem is, I am a smoker, so I am freaking out a bit. I submitted a form to make an appointment with you, but I am worried right now that I am Googling too much.
Avatar f tn for the last 2 weeks I have had a bad cough and chest and back pain, it is not getting better and there seems to be no cough syrop or medicationt that will work. I keep getting dizzy as well not just while coughing. I really don't want to sit at a clinic to find out I have a bad cold, but I am getting concerned that it may be more then a cold. I have also been getting a fever off and on.
Avatar m tn In January of this year (2008) I was having heartburn so bad it made me sick with feeling of muscle cramps on the right side of my chest. My doctor prescribed a 2 week course of Nexium. The heartburn went away for a few days after the 2 weekes but returned. Maalox used to help but after a few days of constant heartburn the doc told me to buy Prilosec which worked well.
Avatar n tn Around day 8 I stopped the nebulizer bc it seemed to be making my cough worse. Plus it made me dizzy, exhausted, and a bad taste in my mouth that was hard to get rid of. So I just finished my round of antibiotics & now I have a terrible rash itchy as hell on my legs!! It's on my arms a little but not as bad as my legs! No matter what I do, change my clothes, wash, put cream on, cortisone, Benadryl cream, anything, it's still very itchy.
Avatar n tn My nose is always congested and im frequently clearing my throat on a daily basis.Symptoms have not gotten wrost, they seem to be stable.Now i've developed bad breath since 2weeks, its a metalic kind of taste that i constantly have in my mouth.My teeth are fine and healthy, so I strongly beleive my coughing and the bad breath are related.Has anybody had these symptoms???? please help.One thing i forgot to mention is that all this might of happened after taking muti-vitamins daily.
Avatar f tn I have never had a history of allergies or notable sinus infections. However, most likely since November of 2010, I have had issues with becoming ill every 2-8 weeks. For a while I assumed I was just having a bad winter and getting lots of "colds." All my episodes just felt like really bad colds, i.e. scratchy throat, developing into congestion, runny/stuffy nose, strong fatigue and mental fogginess, little bit of sneezing, etc. Sometimes I had a low fever (100.
Avatar f tn On Wednesday, my doc said to stop the Levaquin (I had about 1/2 hr of pain in my left achilles heel) and start Biaxin and Plaquenil. He also said to take the Tindamax 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. I was happy to do that. I hate the bitter, metallic taste in my mouth from it. Then, he realized my yeast wasn't clearing up after 4 weeks on Nystatin, so he said hold the Biaxin while I take 10 days of Diflucan. So last night, I took my first doses of Diflucan and Plaquenil.
1423392 tn?1286593990 I suspect I have a deeper yeast issue than Nystatin can handle. The downside of taking Diflucan, is I can't take Biaxin at the same time. My doc put me on Biaxin for intracellular Bart and Lyme when he took me off the Levaquin. I fear the Bart coming back! I go in a week from tomorrow. I will add this to my list of stuff to talk about.
Avatar n tn because i dont want turbinate surgery but i cant sleep and breathe because they are swelling so bad and im getting worse cause my muscles,joints are achy. thanks in advance. any advice greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn ) I'm not much on beef or pork -- I just lost the taste for them long ago -- but now that I think about it, some bacon might not be so bad. Hmm. I've been so brainwashed into thinking meat is bad that it's hard for me to remember I need the calories and should eat what's fattening for a change! Keeping the calories up will help you feel better and less faint. It happens to me too when I don't eat enough. I don't like plain water, so a little lemon or lime juice makes it taste better.
Avatar f tn As for on treatment - I'd wage that most of us couldn't handle thinking about drinking it let alone doing it...between tongue bumps and bad stomachs the thought would have made me squishy.
Avatar n tn It took me 3 one week antibiotics to get rid of it then two months later, i started having a pain in the center of the skull above my throat... behind my palate and having bad taste and smell coming from there.... also sore throat and ear pain... i also had a mild headache on the top of my head. I went to another doctor and she said it was sinusitis..
Avatar m tn Decreased dry, cracked lips Decreased conjuctivitis Increased nausea Increased dyspepsia Flatulence Decreased dizziness Decreased pruritis Pharyngitis Taste perversion Delayed Responses: Mild rashes on arms Intense malaise Mild fatigue/weakness Full body myalgias/arthalgias Intense headaches Increased anxiety/agitation Mild hearing disturbances/tinnitus Respiratory weakness Mild left/right upper quadrant pain and tender
Avatar n tn my hands start to go numb, I feel like I can't breath and feel like passing out. It's gotten so bad I feel I can't go places publically or travel because I don't want it to happen outside of my home. My question is, is it possible that the only thing suitable for my condition is some kind of nasal airway surgery? If so, what kind? I feel if I felt the right side of my nose working as easily as the left side, the panic attacks would go away.
798555 tn?1292791151 Seven years ago, I was treated for babesia with Mepron and azithromycin for a period of four months. I never had any bad reaction to it, just slowly got better and better, tho until the Lyme was treated, I still had that going on in the background, of course. The Mepron/zith worked well, and when that was completed, I straightway began treatment for Lyme with two other meds.
Avatar n tn I have anxiety that comes and goes and i too start feeling really sick when i go to leave my house, shaking, nausea, lightheaded, ect...i've had anxiety on and off since my teens but never this bad so i too am looking for some advice and talking to my dr about it.
Avatar n tn I just started this afternoon, having the exhaust smell, and scratchy throat. It seems that I can even taste it. I went outside to see if there was a running car sitting in front of my house. I've never had this before and I'm not having any other issues.