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Avatar f tn Before using any serum, I'd check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Has your doctor given you any advice on what you can do to treat the alopecia and fast aging?
948202 tn?1245941816 I have not had any breakous for about 2 months since using clindamycin during the day, and sulfacetamide at night. I just recently added the retin-a becasue i wanted some anti-aging benefit. Also, i would like to add an antioxidant serum to my skin since i live in florida and want to protect my skin from UV etc.Do you recommend anything that wont break me out. When would i apply it before or after clindamycin? I use blue lizard face suncream as my spf.
999323 tn?1249913386 I'd like some recommendations for a good moisturizing face cream. Anti-wrinkle, maybe? it's actually too late for that!
Avatar n tn And told us to get my mother tested ,even though i said that we all got tested for hbsag after this outbreak and came as -ve . They told us to get anti hbs , anti hbc, anti hbc core(total) ,,,,are these tests necessary ??? His results are as follows _ Hbeag negative 0.23 Hbv dna 34 iu/ml which increased to 242 iu/ml in 3 mnths Afp serum 2.52 ng/ml IgG serum 19.8 g/l HbsAg 302 iu/ml Anti HBe 0.02 reactive ,,,AHBeAb-T 5.
Avatar n tn Dr Hagen, are these something that would NOT be missed by eye doctor as an incidental finding? In other words, would they be noted on slit lamp even if the doctor were not looking for them? I am a little bit worried about Wilson's disease due to some lab work I just had done. I've seen an ophthalmologist and an optometrist recently and was wondering if it's something they would have noticed.
Avatar m tn Can you share your anti-aging regimen like cream, facial wash, soap, supplements, diet, etc. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Facelift surgery is the best solution of anti-ageing. It help in restoring a more youthful and rested appearance to their face, thereby helping them in ageing more gracefully with the passage of time.
1520486 tn?1291056055 Case History After diagnosis of Papillary thyroid on 01-10-2010 (First Stage T4.N1.M0 Post operation Pathological Report), on 19-10-2010 after TT on (12-10-2010) and RAI of 150 Mci, ultrasound report seems their was no node in Right side of neck. But after 6 month Follow nodes has been developed on the right side of neck. TT with Deep neck Dissection was done, while RAI expert was satisfied with the ...RAI dose and uptake level. Mean while on 03-04-2011 Thyroid profile test TSH result was .
1520486 tn?1291056055 First Follow Up report TT and RAI on 29-10-2010 here what I got thyroid fresh Profile result and ultrasound after 20 days LID and without taking thyroxin pills. Serum T3= .40 nmol/L while normal Range is (1.26-3.28) Serum T4 =1.28 ug/dl (6.4-13.3) Serum TSH > 100 ulU/ml. Serum FT4= .18 ng/dl while normal Range (.93-1.7), Serum Thyroglobin (Tg) =9.9 ng/ml while Normal range (below 55). Measuring Units may be different from the Pakistani hospitals in your own country.
Avatar f tn I had woken up one day and had found that I my eye was slightly red then I noticed that I had half a white ring around the iris of one of my eye I started using anti allergy eye drops without any consultation it went off after a few day but is back again with a slight pinkness in the same eye
Avatar m tn Anti-dsDNA 16.6 IU/ml. , HBsAg test value 9520(Reactive) ,HCV,IgG test value 0.12 ( non Reactive) ,Anti Nuclear Antibody ( ANA) 0.12 , Immunoglobulin IgA 279 mg/dl , Tissue Transglutaminase antibody IgA 0.40 U/mL , Anti Mitochondrial Antibody , Serum 0.26 UL/ml , ASMA 2.70 U/mL , LKM Antibody 0.02 U/ml , Hepatitis B envelope Antibody test value (Ab) 43.0 ( Reactive) , Hapatitis Be Antigen ( HBeAg) 0.15 ( Non reactive),AFP 4.38ng/ml , HBV DNA Quantitative,Real Time PCR 5156250 IU/ml.
Avatar n tn What is the best method of skin care for aging adults? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Jock Itch</a>.
Avatar n tn Use the search feature and archives and read about PVD. The vitreous normally pulls away from the back of the eye as a normal aging change. 50% of people have it by age 50. Retinal detachment is quite rare occuring in about one in 7000-10 thousand people. I have seen traumatic PVDs causing flashing that lasts for years (tennis ball into eye).
Avatar m tn Dry eyes is also the hallmark of aging people too, particularly women. I find eye drops (many kinds on market) are great. Try and few and find out what/when appeals to you the best. I find before bed makes my eyes much more comfortable the next day.
Avatar m tn If you are 70 years old the likelihood is that you have a cataract also in your left side also and that is what is causing the night glare. A congential cataract is by definition present since birth. So if you were able to drive comfortably in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc then it is not the cause. Likely your RE has the aforementioned congential cataract but also a nuclear aging cataract also. In a situation like this I would usually operate on the 'bad eye" first.
Avatar f tn If that doesn't help then go out and get some eye cream. I like Estée Lauder's skin care the best and they have some amazing eye creams.
691935 tn?1421027090 Is anyone taking this? A couple years back I read articles of how the studies were yielding bad results for the liver. Recently, I've read that is not the case since the earlier results were from studies using extreme amounts. Most of what I can find looks good. Supposedly, key role in preventing eye disease, it is believed to cause desirable genetic and biochemical effects at the cell level, and as an anti-aging drug.
Avatar f tn why does one eye appear smaller then the other just recently and wont change i am 45 years old and just found out of slight case of cataracts
Avatar m tn i am on 500mg spread during the day because some got response only on this dose so even if 300mg worked for me i want to be sure i get max effect for eyes view.nad+increase 50% whatever the dose but doses over 300mg sustain levels for longer as regards nicotinamide effect on hbv: is it the same taking nicotinamide or nicotinamide riboside?
Avatar n tn Just wondered whats the best way in stopping the inflamation on the eyelids.
Avatar n tn Posterior subcapsular cataracts can result from aging, steroid use, or diabetes. Long term use of steroids (especially topical eye drops or oral prednisone) can raise the eye pressure and cause glaucoma damage and cataracts.
Avatar m tn Virologic responses were monitored by measuring serum HBV DNA (Roche Cobas™), serum HBsAg and serum anti-HBs (Abbott Architect™). Results: REP 9AC'- induced HBsAg seroclearance was achieved in most patients with 8-16 weeks of treatment and was accompanied by the appearance of moderate free anti-HBs titers (50-60 mIU/ml) and reductions in serum HBV DNA (to 1000-3000 CPM).