Bactroban shelf life

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Avatar n tn The ER Dr also said that I will probably need surgery being put under with general anesthesia. Also, he told me to stop the topical cream ASAP (Bactroban) because it wasn't good for it, and in fact it did make it sting when applied. It is still growing at a very rapid rate, and its making its way into my vagina. I see my OBGYN tomorrow and will find out more. This is probably the worse pain I've ever felt!! How does one get MRSA? I've heard of it before, but not sure how it came about.
Avatar n tn Nothing inside nose seems to be affected. However; I have a deviated septem, and sinus allergies most my life. So many sick people around me...I have been putting Bactroban inside tips of DR. recommended for our household to do. This is a precaution against MRSP.. I will get some Nasonex and a nasal decongestant, will also use the Xlear nasal wash I already have. Continue w/ Bactroban as well. I will break down and go to my DR. if this doesn't clear up soon.
1166735 tn?1263478953 The specialist I saw, said there was nothing surgically that he could do now to help me. And that I would now have chronic pancreatits for the rest of my life because the sphincter is the"control" mechanism to prevent crap from backing up into the pancreas? So, I live in pain-every day. I am seeing a pain dr for special "blocks" that will stop the GI pain---I have had a couple and they do help-they just don't last. So he doing a different type next week.
288415 tn?1231634102 I have had ear trouble since day one of my life. I am the type to get swimmers ear from showers. I have a simular problem with gunk and itchy ears. I am unable to hear unless my ear is directed at what I am trying to hear. Some times they get so bad I have to go to the ENT specialist and have stuff suctioned from my ear once a week for about six weeks. Regular eardrops whether it is antibiotics, steroids, or whatever only make the situation worse. I got Domboro drops which helped with the goo.
Avatar f tn OMG!!! This is the story of my life...i will try the suggested options but am in need of answeres fast!! My face has a new scar every week...ive been battling theese " plugs" for the last four years along with tinea versacolor...i am 38 yrs old female...tried all the derms treatments with no success! I will try the antifungal cream....any new info or answers please respond asap!!!!
Avatar n tn Let me tell you that cream was a life saver . I had tried everything, Differant MD's telling me this and giving me that. That biopsy made life a whole lot better. Now I control it. But, I still have itching till this day. I have learned to live with it. I was told by a MD once "IT is a old lady disease". I really had trouble when I was younger thinking I had to live with this the rest of my life. I have to take that med with me evrytime I go overnight anywhere.
Avatar n tn However, right now I'm just so thankful to have my life back and to have my skin healed that I don't want to rock the boat. The one thing I can say without question is that this was related to either using toothpaste, milk or coffee (or all three). I don't think it was related to sugar, because I did have some M&M's the other night and had no problems reoccur. However, I still keep my sugar intake much, much lower than before.