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Avatar n tn I was put on Augmentin about 2 weeks ago for strep 850mg bid for 7 days...By the 3rd day I was having stomach cramping and diarrea with alot of residual diarrea seeping out which resulted in itchy, sore and red anal area. Diarrea was gone after I stopped the ABX but intense redness, itchy and a yellow foul smelling sticky liquid still hanging around. I had a cbc and stool sample sent to lab and it was normal.
Avatar m tn (2 pills for subsequent 6 days) (Totally, 14 gram augmentin in a week) 1-Would augmentin 1000 mg bid, started in 20 hours after exposure, prevent gonorrhea and an early syphilis if I continue to take them? 2-When can I start making unprotected sex with my wife? Best Regards and Thank You. Note: No discharge at all.
Avatar n tn My father is 52 y/o and just had a dental extraction today and within 2 hours of the procedure, he began to have chills and then fever. He is a diabetic. He has been on Augmentin 875mg BID. I called the dentist twice and she said she doesn't think this is related to the procedure, yet he wasn't sick prior to the procedure. His primary physician stated that he should continue with the antibiotics and anti-pyretics. I believe it is due to the procedure. Should I take him to the ER?
Avatar f tn she said she has developed cellulities and prescribed augmentin BID, continue with warm compresses and erythromycin. I asked about surgery she said normally not an option for children. My daughters eye is so swollen and it looks so uncomfortable. What other options do I have ?
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. No signs of infection. Dr prescribed Augmentin 875 mg BID. for 10 days. No response. Blood work done. WBC count low, RBC count low, . Pain in neck with throbbing sensations at times. Cat scan done does not show lymph glands swollen but lump is there. Trying to get into surgeon for biopsy and a onocologist.
Avatar f tn I am on Plaquenil 400mg Metoprolol Tartrate 50mg BID, Proventil HFA 2puffs every 4 hours, Flovent Diskus 250mcg (started one week ago), Nasonex, Augmentin 875 BID. I have had no problems with my cardio selective Beta Blocker prior to catching this cold. My peak flows are still in the High Yellow Zone and I am maxing out on my rescue inhaler and I haven't been on the Flonase long enough to provide control. But I am not wheezing...just stuck in the yellow zone anywhere from 360-390...
Avatar f tn Below is copied from Dr Burrascano's treatment guidelines for Lyme (posted on the ILADS website), including an entry on doxycycline [aka doxy] dosage: "Adults: 200 mg bid [meaning twice a day] with food; doses of up to 600 mg daily are often needed, as doxycycline is only effective at high blood levels." So perhaps your doc's doses are on the light side -- I'd ask him, but sometimes docs get huffy. I'd ask him anyway. It's your health we're talking about.
Avatar f tn Follow up with Pulm realized no coughing at night and diagnosed with Protracted Bronchitis. Treated 3 weeks of Augmentin 500mg BID x three weeks. Nasal and throat cultures test negative except for rhinovirus. Albuterol (qid) Combivent (BID) combined treatment resolved shortness of breath finally so dropped albuterol and combivent... but cough still persists. Follow up again with Pulm increased dosage of Flovent to 110.
Avatar n tn She is an outside dog in a kennel, brought her in gave her amoxicilln/augmentin for 5 days and swelling went down, area looked to be a cut on her head oozed and she is now fine.Problem my newfoundland has devolped the same symptoms today and he is also an outside dog in his own kennel alone.Brought him in and started the same antibotics on him and also gave him some benadryl.What could this be ??I have never seen or heard of this before and have had dogs all my life.
Avatar f tn He completed a 7 day regimen of Augmentin BID post-operatively. My question is with reagard to case studies posted online detailing incidences of endocarditis following surgical infections of staph lugdunensis (these occuring with some frequency in persons involved in inquinal or perineal invasive procedures). These persons also received antibiotic IV or PO therapy and were presumed "cured" but weeks later were found to have developed endocarditits due to staph lugdunensis.
1768089 tn?1313754822 He tested negative for strep throat but his throat was red and swollen as well as his lymph nodes (Left larger than right). He is allergic to Amoxicillin, Augmentin, and Cephloxin (unsure of spelling). They are treating him with Omnicef 3 ml bid x 10 days. He took two doses yesterday and one this morning, with hardly any relief so far. How long does it normally take to start working? and......
Avatar m tn Ear ache with a bit of swollen ear and slightly off color and very plugged. I've been on Augmentin 875mg bid for 5 days and really thought I'd feel much better than this.
Avatar f tn my 4 1/2 yr old daughter has her third bout of tonsilitis( whith white spots) in two months for her first bout she was given antibiotics augmentin-bid 200mg it did not clear up and developed into an ear infection as well so the dr gave her losefar 100 mg as soon as she finished this course she developed a horrendus cough so we went back to a diff dr who put her on zinnat 250mg because the tonsilitis had not gone and she had developped bronchitis as well, she was unable to tollerate this med and
187666 tn?1331176945 They did an IV bag of Zosyn, sent me home finally with plenty of metronidazole (QID) and SulfaTrim (BID). The intense abdominal pains have eased but now I feel like I have the "stomach flu" - just cramps, gurgling, nausea and watery stools every hour or so. Is this part of the improvement and healing from diverticulitis or is it part of the meds? (my nausea seems to be getting worse) Yes, I'm eating low fiber foods for a few days as directed and yes, I'm eating yogurt twice a day.
Avatar n tn and placed on orapred and augmentin. She improved but then the dry cough started. we have been to a pulmonologist who has tx her w/ xopenex and pulmacort. The cough was just in the mng after she woke up. Never at night and insignificant during the day. There was no fever, no wheezing---her spirometry testing has been unremarkable. Allergy tx was negative-skin and blood, however this cough persists.
Avatar f tn On Fri the 15th I saw my doctor and he is treating for me for a horrible sinus infection, which he says could be the problem. I re-started the Copaxone last night and am taking 875mg Augmentin BID. Do you think this will help or is there something else I should do, Solumedrol or something? I can't stand the numbness and lack of taste. Am I at least on the right track or am I expecting too much to quickly as far as results. I appreciate your help and input.
Avatar m tn The next day I went to the dentist who put me on Augmentin 875g bid ,and said my xray showed an abcess above the bad tooth. By the way, I never had any pain whatsoever, at all. 1 week later I returned to his office for a debridement of the abcess. He said the antibiotics were doing the job and no pus came out at all. He put a temp filling over the tooth and I will return in one month for a root canal and crown.
Avatar n tn so then the yeast over grow and you're left in misery - i know it sucks, and it happens every time i take ANY antibiotic that isn't for a UTI. Penicillin, Biaxin, Augmentin, you name it - if i have to take it for more than 7 days i'll get a yeast infection. Simple solution to this - talk to you OB/GYN about this.
Avatar n tn I was treated with 40 mg Nexium, twice a day. This did not help. Went to ENT, and took 875 mg of Augmentin for 2 weeks, with no relief! Actually, it become WORSE on the antibiotics. I then underwent an endoscopy, pH probe, and subsequent Nissen Fundoplication. The endoscopy showed a very small area of inflammation and the pH probe showed supine reflux. But after the Fundoplication surgery - I have received no RELIEF in the throat area. This was supposed to fix my problem.
Avatar n tn My liver and pancreatic enzymes were almost back to normal and my white blood cell count was okay. I took Augmentin for 10 days and was prescribed Pepcid because the surgeon thought I may have had a minor ulcer due tot he surgery. At my next visit with no relief the surgeon referred me back to the gastroenterologist I had seen in the hospital. The gastro was called in bacause they wanted a consult on an ERCP.
Avatar f tn I have a bad infection in the right sinus right now, and that's where the smell is coming from.I'm on Amox/Clav 875 bid ,right now praying the infection goes away soon. I have to say it's the worst sinus infection i've ever had. Really thick disgusting mucous coming out.It's so painful on the outside of my face where the sinus is located. Also, anyone....... be careful using a neti pot. The water must be boiled.