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521840 tn?1348844371 A Common Source of Treatable Problems Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has generally been considered largely a disability of childhood, one that many people expect to leave behind as they grow to adulthood. Most of us think of ADHD as primarily a child’s problem that interferes with progress at school. We often picture hyperactive little boys with behavior problems.
627816 tn?1349241716 Given the problems with the apparent over use and abuse of restraint and seclusion which have been emerging over the past few years in schools across the country, more strict and uniform policy requirements for schools on these topics may be needed. More data about and attention to how these procedures are used is certainly warranted.
Avatar f tn wow.... i just experienced the same thing seconds ago and out of desperete need of an explanation i googled this.. im actually doing my project for school right now that is due tommorow and ive been sitting in front of my computer for several hours of silence. out of no where, my mind kind of wandered and my ears focused on the smallest noises. typing keys are like banging, and the sound coming from my computer booms. everything is magnifyed in perspective, and ringing within my head.