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Avatar n tn drinking caffeine has six times caused sever panic disorder. a disorder that i did not have before caffeine. most likely it built up over the years and now I am having a toxic reaction/allergy to it. I researched this and it is amazing connection Stopping Caffeine intake for a month and no chocolate or other sweets that have caffeine. Get your life back. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, but now I don't use any medicine at all, just no caffeine.
Avatar f tn Hello, Is there anyone, I mean anyone, out there that has rhythmic movement disorder? I have been violently thrashing my body and head, laterally while asleep or mostly somewhat asleep since I can remember. I am 30 now. It use to consume maybe an hour or two a night but now it is getting drastically worse. I find myself doing it or am told that I, "rock", 4-5 hours a night.
Avatar n tn Have you ever been assessed for Attention Deficit Disorder? My stepmother and a close friend of mine were recently diagnosed and have since been successfully treated for adult ADD. I hope you find a solution.
Avatar m tn "Rarely, a cluster-like headache may be caused by unusual disorders that will show up on MRI imaging, but in “garden variety” cases, routine brain scans are always normal. In a few research studies, specialized imaging in some patients has demonstrated very subtle abnormalities in the hypothalamus on the side of the attacks." - Hopkins Medicine - Cluster Headaches From health Dimensions: Are You Magnesium Deficient?...
Avatar n tn chattiness, repetitive thought and action (resembling obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD), restlessness, psychomotor agitation, alternating moods, anger, impulsiveness, aggression, omnipotence, delirium, buying sprees, lack of sexual inhibition, and loss of values. Allergy can mimic Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (13). As far back as 1902, T. D. Crothers noted that many caffeine consuming children "exhibit precocity" and "functional exaltation" (14).
Avatar f tn Fasciculation were correlated with body weight and height and to the anxiety levels, regular strenuous exercise. Attention deficit disorder or drugs used to treat it and a related disorder may be a contributing factor. Genetic and environmental factors also contribute. BFS is not life threatening, not disabling, though the most severe forms of peripheral nerve hyper excitability may be persistent enough to create some degree of disability.
Avatar m tn As many as 50%–80% of children with Tourette's disorder have some symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), including a short attention span, restlessness, poor concentration, and diminished impulse control. On average, ADHD will manifest two and a half years before the tics appear. A dual diagnosis of ADHD and tic disorder is associated with more severe tics and greater social impairment than for tic disorder by itself.
Avatar f tn If you did not have AD/HD you would probably be correct. But actually, "All six of the available studies on the treatment of coexisting ADHD and anxiety were done on children (there are no studies done on adolescents or adults). They demonstrate that anxiety lessened for the majority of children when stimulants were introduced. The guidelines recommend treating the ADHD first, with a stimulant, and addressing the remaining anxiety with behavioral therapies and medication.
Avatar n tn ) Is his symtom commensurate with sensory deficit type Conversion disorder, or am I on the wrong track, completely.
Avatar m tn During the past two decades, child psychiatry has already provoked three fads- a tripling of Attention Deficit Disorder, a more than twenty-times increase in Autistic Disorder, and a forty-times increase in childhood Bipolar Disorder. The field should have felt chastened by this sorry track record and should engage itself now in the crucial task of educating practitioners and the public about the difficulty of accurately diagnosing children and the risks of over- medicating them.
Avatar f tn My motto is that if you wouldn’t eat the product don’t put it on your hair, face or skin. Attention deficit disorder is now one of the fastest growing diseases in our society and it can be traced to these toxins and nutrient deficiencies as well as a disconnected life from nature and spirit. According to Dr.
243619 tn?1327811037 The last 5 years have been a perpetual hell, waking up feeling drowsy and unrested, knowing I'll be dealing with the routine memory loss, severe attention deficit, and lack of motivation or coordination. SUCH APATHY, I can't relate with others because of my complete lack of emotion.
Avatar n tn He does tend to daydream a lot, and I wonder if he might have Attention Deficit Disorder, even though he has never had any of these problems before or other symptoms. The only thing that seems to help is giving him a small amount (very small, like two drink of a diet soda) of caffeine before school, and then again at recess. The only time he has gotten his work done is the days I have given it to him. What should I do.
Avatar n tn Thus it's generally used in those conditions where there is a lot of slowness. It's prominently used in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).Also it increases alertness, etc, as i had said before. 2) Are muscle fasciculations a sign of neurotoxicity? Answer is YES and NO. Normally fasciculations are not due to neurotoxicity.But since you on on this drug, it can cause it. Since this drug causes excitation, fasciculation for a past o hyperactivity.
Avatar n tn Persistent Insomnia can be caused by Medical Conditions, allergies, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, rheumatologic conditions, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, hyperthyroidism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and some of the drugs that treat them.
Avatar f tn Modafinil as very few side-effects compared to the amphetamines and other stimulants doctors often use to treat lethargy or attention deficit disorder. If your looking for something more like a supplement I recommend you eat a good breakfast (cereals like Vector are supplemented and are good for energy). The most bioavailable energy you can get naturally is from food, not supplements. Well balanced breakfast should improve your energy levels.
Avatar f tn the antipsychotic Risperdal, the antidepressant Prozac, two sleeping medicines and one for attention-deficit disorder. All by the time he was 3. He was sedated, drooling and overweight from the side effects of the antipsychotic medicine. Although his mother, Brandy Warren, had been at her “wit’s end” when she resorted to the drug treatment, she began to worry about Kyle’s altered personality. “All I had was a medicated little boy,” Ms. Warren said. “I didn’t have my son.
Avatar f tn Finally, certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. There are several potentially treatable causes to your symptoms. I strongly suggest you share your concerns with your physician.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are almost gone completely about 15 minutes after I have taken Adderall which I had previously been prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder. Even my vision goes back to normal. Of course all of this is short lived and I revert back to my previous state in about an hour but the change is so dramatic that I think it is worth a mention. Does this mean that I am deficient in a certain hormone? 2. My skin.
Avatar m tn If someone finds it difficult to pay attention or feels somewhat hyperactive, “Attention-deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder” has those symptoms right there in its name. It’s an easy, catch-all phrase, which saves time for doctors to boot. But can we really lump all these people together? What if there are other things causing people to feel distracted? I don’t deny that we, as a population, are more distracted today than we ever were before.
Avatar m tn When you read school work do you only get sleepy or does your mind wander. If it wanders then you may have an attention deficit issue, which is easily fixed.
Avatar n tn // Meds might well help you - or not. There really is only one way to find out. If you do have ADHD you won't get dependent on them. If you don't have ADHD, they can be seriously addicting. For that reason alone (plus a bunch or others), you need to see a doctor that can help you. I would try to find a psychologist or psychiatrist that specials in ADHD. Stay away from your general MD.
Avatar n tn Adderall (a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine) is a prescription stimulant used to treat adults and children (over the age of six) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall was the second drug to be approved to treat ADHD, following Ritalin’s already long stay on the market. The FDA approved Adderall in 1996 and later approved Adderall XR Extended-Release capsules in 2001.
3104867 tn?1341429633 WOW, thank you. I am looking Dysautonomia up and the only opposite I see is the excessive thirst. I am NEVER thirsty. But I make myself drink. And lately, the constipation I usually have is gone? For the first time in my life since I was a KID. I had blacking out episodes in 2004 from I had thought at the time, stress. Blacked out and broke my nose off the coffee table. They did EKG's but saw nothing. I have mild asthma, but mostly from cat allergies and FREEZING cold weather.
Avatar n tn com) Abdominal Pain Anxiety attacks arthritis asthma Asthmatic Reactions Bloating, Edema (Fluid Retention) Blood Sugar Control Problems (Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia) Brain Cancer (Pre-approval studies in animals) Breathing difficulties burning eyes or throat Burning Urination Chest Pains chronic cough Chronic Fatigue Confusion Death Depression Diarrhea Dizziness Excessive Thirst or Hunger fatigue flushing of face Hair Loss (Baldness) or Thinning of Hair Headaches/Migraines dizziness Hearing Lo
29837 tn?1414538248 Here is just a little blurb of one article: Caffeine depletes the body of calcium, so old people end up with brittle bones and hip fractures.
Avatar f tn Suri says, "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder affecting about 3-5% of the world's population under the age of 19." At one time, in fact, it was believed that children outgrew ADD or ADHD, and it never appeared in adults. Nobody in the field believes this any more, and in fact Dx of adults who were never Dx as children is not rare.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Your symptoms are suggestive of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a chronic condition that manifests in childhood and is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity and/or inattention. There is difficulty in academic, emotional and social functioning. There are diagnostic criteria and other associated neurological, behavioral and developmental disabilities. Consult a neurologist for evaluation of these symptoms.
Avatar n tn Addicts who experience distress, anxious dysphoria, and turbulent anger prefer the calming actions of opiates, whereas addicts with preceding attention deficit disorder, depression, or bipolar disorder often prefer stimulants (Khantzian 1985). Figure 1 presents conceptual relationships between brain damage and cocaine/stimulant abuse.
649926 tn?1297661380 I'm extremely lucky that my insurance pays. Anyway, Strattera is a medication (approved) for attention-deficit disorder, not anything specifically like energy or "cog fog." I just asked my doctor to try it on the theory that since one ADD med had helped me so much (for a time), perhaps another one would too.