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Avatar f tn Hello, Is there anyone, I mean anyone, out there that has rhythmic movement disorder? I have been violently thrashing my body and head, laterally while asleep or mostly somewhat asleep since I can remember. I am 30 now. It use to consume maybe an hour or two a night but now it is getting drastically worse. I find myself doing it or am told that I, "rock", 4-5 hours a night.
Avatar m tn (a) Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), (b) Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or conduct disorder, but it is difficult to disentangle those features from those of BPD. I certainly exhibited episodes of hyperactivity-impulsivity or just impulsivity, but I cannot find any detailed information about these early years since everyone who knew me then is now dead or not contactable. 2.7.1.
521840 tn?1348844371 A Common Source of Treatable Problems Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has generally been considered largely a disability of childhood, one that many people expect to leave behind as they grow to adulthood. Most of us think of ADHD as primarily a child’s problem that interferes with progress at school. We often picture hyperactive little boys with behavior problems.
Avatar m tn Finally, certain people live into adulthood with thinking troubles that are later diagnosed as learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many people think of this as a childhood disorder but it can start in childhood and not be diagnosed into adulthood. There are several potentially treatable causes to your symptoms. I strongly suggest you share your concerns with your physician.
Avatar n tn occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, yoga and meditation techniques, music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, psychiatrist, and psychologist. If you are prescribed to a medication I recommend from my experience that you also seek a outside support group or proffesional help that will also help guide you to further self-improvemnt and mental growth.
Avatar n tn It's not something that is your fault or that you can necessarily change on your own. From your description, it sounds like you might also have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Some of your personality reminds me of my son, who has both ADHD and depression/anxiety disorder. He is in his 20's but with medication he's done OK, and is very smart and now working on a Master Degree.
7157455 tn?1393307449 Or is it more likely we don’t want to take the time to understand these children? If you or someone you know has a child that has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chances are the child is actually just fine. At least this is what the “father” of ADHD, Leon Eisenberg, would presumably say if he were still alive.
Avatar n tn MAADD Support Group hosts Michael Laskoff, author of Landing on the Right Side of Your ***: A Survival Guide for the Recently Unemployed, from 6:15 to 9 p.m. June 10 at Seafarers & International House, 123 East 15th Street, NYC While Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder has been known to cause complications finding and maintaining work, there are some tips to combat the difficulties. In fact, many of the skills needed to find the right job spin off techniques used to manage ADD.
Avatar n tn He’ll reference those experiences and other job search tips during an hour-long Webinar for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association starting at 9 p.m. EST April 28 via ADDA members simply log in online to view his 45-minute presentation, followed by a 15-minute question and answer session. Laskoff knows firsthand what it takes to battle the business world and come out on top. “You’ll find you’re going to make more mistakes than other people.
Avatar n tn Your inability to concentrate and learn may be due to ADD.....Attention Deficit Disorder which is extremely common. It wouldn't matter how hard you tried to wouldn't be able to, which makes learning anything difficult. I think all of this has led to depression which robs us of everything. I would see a psychiatrist for an evaluation, and I suggest a psychiatrist because they are most knowledgable when it comes to the medications and referring you to the proper therapist.
Avatar n tn Forgive me for posting here, as I don't think I have ADHD, but I seem to have some kind of attention deficit and restlessness which makes it hard for me to concentrate on my tasks. I remember having those problems at school; than they became less severe, especially when I had jobs which required a lot of moving around and being active (teaching etc.).
Avatar n tn I thought I just had Attention Deficit Disorder, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia, or post polio syndrome...something Please! to blame my symptoms on!! But not HepC! Oh well, at least there is treatment for it. How do you folks hold jobs with this tx thing and all its sides? I don't know how ya do it! I am glad my husband lets me stay home but the money is getting real scarce. I am trying to sell products from home for some extra $$.
3104867 tn?1341429633 WOW, thank you. I am looking Dysautonomia up and the only opposite I see is the excessive thirst. I am NEVER thirsty. But I make myself drink. And lately, the constipation I usually have is gone? For the first time in my life since I was a KID. I had blacking out episodes in 2004 from I had thought at the time, stress. Blacked out and broke my nose off the coffee table. They did EKG's but saw nothing. I have mild asthma, but mostly from cat allergies and FREEZING cold weather.
322138 tn?1306246734 check out for much information on ADD. Also, Sari Solden's book "Women With Attention Deficit Disorder" is a great book for women. Your life is just beginning with the diagnosis. You must se a psychiatrist for proper medication treatment. Stan Kapuchinski, M.D.
Avatar f tn // Focus on the Inattention symptoms. On the ADD/ADHD forum where I post a lot, I have seen numerous parents saying similar things. By the way, it is not unusual for an intelligent girl to go unnoticed in school (well, at least till about middle school), while all the hyper little boys are noticed.
Avatar m tn Your doctor may not be, no disrespect intended. I was diagnosed with major depression and also have Attention Deficit Disorder. I use ritalin when I need to focus and complete difficult jobs for me-like doing paperwork. UGH! I took ritalin (a stimulant for ADD) daily for awhile and DID go manic. I did all kinds of things I wouldn't normally do including spending large amounts of money on impulse. Having an affair! Etc.
Avatar m tn An Australian study suggests daily dose of fish oil helps calm children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children in the study were given a commercially available dietary supplement containing a combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil, in a ratio of four to one. They were given just under a gram of fish oil a day. The results showed that children on the active fish oil capsules, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, had improvements in attention, behaviour and vocabulary.
1710955 tn?1309450073 I don't have any adverse effect and it actually makes me feel human. Typically, the medicines used for attention deficit disorder or ADHD are used to combat fatigue.
Avatar dr m tn Again the answer to this mystery lies in how well you’re breathing at night while you sleep and how well your body can adjust to the constantly fluctuating sleep deficit. Sleep Less, Get More Creative Whenever I see patients who work in traditionally creative occupations, I find, more often than not, that many of them have narrowed upper airways, leading to easier collapse of either the throat or tongue structures while in deep sleep, leading to multiple arousals and inefficient sleep.
892215 tn?1389722306 ) It is called Interferon-induced attention deficit disorder...(Seriously!) Just for myself, I found I had a 24 hour window before the full effects of the interferon kicked in. I would give myself my shot just before bedtime (so the worst of the chills and aches passed during the night) and an hour after I'd taken an extra-strength Tylenol. The first 3-4 days after the shot were the worst days of fatigue and, by the end of the week, I was feeling much better and was able to do about 1/2 speed...
Avatar n tn Congestive or Chronic Heart Failure, Type 1 Seizure Disorder, Stroke, COPD, Auto immune system disease, emphysema, hearing loss or poor hearing, statutory blindness, Peripheral Field Problems or Other Vision Loss, Clinical Obesity or Morbidly Obese, attention deficit hyper activity or ADHD, bipolar disorder or manic depression, panic disorder, schizophrenia, autism, head trauma or brain injury.
401095 tn?1351395370 There is increasing concern that such children in later life may be prone to attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, and a spectrum of autistic disorders. Tolerance. Tolerance to many of the effects of benzodiazepines develops with regular use: the original dose of the drug has progressively less effect and a higher dose is required to obtain the original effect.
Avatar n tn I have researched anxiety disorders, dyslexia, oppositional defiant disorder, autism and so on. Nothing seems to fit just right. So here is what we are currently facing... At home my son has improved tremendously. His hyperactivity has died down and he seems more like a typical 5 year old boy. He generally listens on the first try or at least by the second. If he is could take five times or more. He is sweet...caring...affectionate...thoughtful...very attentive...
281019 tn?1235009097 times when I'm speaking and my thoughts just vanish (computer crash), or I'm trying to listen to someone and my mind goes blank...can't hear the rest of the sentence/conversation (ADD...Attention Deficit Disorder); difficulty with recalling words, how to spell them, or type them and others as though my articulators (mouth, tongue, jaw) don't want to cooperate * aicd reflux problems and gastrointestinal problems that come-&-go * bladder problems that come & go.
Avatar n tn Went to a counselor/psychologist who said I had attention deficit disorder and obsessive compulsive syndrome, but I dont know if I can blame that for everything, or if it is a true diagnosis. Went to a chiropractor for back & neck pain, he told me I must have fibromyalgia. GOOD GRIEF it keeps getting worse!! I went to my regular doc who finally ran the hep c test. I do think a bunch of my symptoms were Hep C caused.
Avatar n tn What is ADHD or ADD other than people who can't pay attention? What does it take to pay attention? PRACTICING PAYING ATTENTION! Just like any other thing you want to get better at, it takes practice. In this technological age where commercials give stories in 1 minute and everyone's in a hurry to go finish another pointless task, I think we need to take a step back....
Avatar m tn Only 400,000 people in the world have it and you have excessive eating, short stature, low muscle tone, light skin compared to family, the gonads (testies) don't form, you have very low IQ, infertility, Diabetis is type I not type II, small hands and feet, lack of sexual development, attention deficit, growth hormone deficiency, etc. Your symptoms are different. Unless you have all these things?
163305 tn?1333672171 There has been progress made in this area. In many areas the police or in some areas certain specific divisions within them have specific training to deal with what they refer to as emotionally disturbed people. Whether or not I like the term the concept is good. For example they have the ability to talk down a person who is suicidal and is trying to jump off a bridge. They can also work cooperatively to help someone who is psychotic be able to agree to obtain psychiatric help.
Avatar f tn Playing with poop is not typically something that results from ADHD. It is often seen in Reactive Attachment Disorder with children. RAD is often seen in adopted children, where the initial attachment with the biological mother has been disrupted, even if the child was very young or an infant when adopted. It is something that can be easily addressed in therapy, but cannot be eliminated through meds, since it's a response to stressors not genetics.