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318181 tn?1336447096 Hyperstimulation does happen in some cycle, but it's usually only mild to moderate. The severe cases are very uncommon...especially since the doctors are montoring the follicle development and estrogen levels very closely and can adjust medication accordingly. Texasangel: Best of luck over the next few days!!! I hope everything works out this month, so you can enjoy being pregnant AND staying home ;-) Quinns momma: That sounds like a good plan! Hopefully 150 mg will do the trick for you!
529933 tn?1228264519 I know she finished her tests. Arlotheslug and Mamatina are in new cycle. So this leaves only you to join me in tww for this cycle. As per RE I should have Oed today early in the morning. I am waiting for my temps to go up to confirm O. babynr: How are you? May every day make your life less painful and my prayers will be with you. Enjoy the trip at the beach. Candie: Have a nice and happy vacation. Arlotheslug: All the best for the entire process.
Avatar n tn The biopsy revealed an ER+ tumor in the left breast. It was very small. I went on Arimidex, (for the next 27 months), Zometa, (monthly), and radiation on the leg and hip. I was given the 18 month prognosis at the time of the initial diagnosis. I moved from the large farm to a smaller one closer to family and friends and acquired a new oncologist. He was not thrilled with Arimidex, (I was about 5 months post-diagnosis at that point), but went along with it.
Avatar n tn I have been put on asasantin to combat/prevent strokes My medical oncologist says stay on tamoxifen but my radiation oncologist says have a break for six to eight weeks to see what side effects disappear and then make a decision on whether to continue tamoxifen through the normal five year cycle. Is there any side effect research or data regarding men using tamoxifen or any side effect data for women that would be applicable.
Avatar f tn Early Jan check-up Ca125 up to 102 and at 130 the next week. Had a CT - nothing showed up. Dr. put me on Arimidex. I decided it was time for a 2nd opinion so went to the U. My latest CT did not get transfered with my records but that Dr said she would probably put me back on chemo due to the #s. She then sent me for a PET/CT which also did not show anything, but CA125 was at 334 that day. I am seeing Dr #1"s nurse this afternoon and have an appt with the U Dr tomorrow morning.
Avatar n tn Inj Cyclophosphamide 850 mg I.V. on day 1 Inj Epirubicin 150 mg in 1 NS over 1 hour on day 1 Inj 5-Flurouracil 850 mg I.V. on day 1 After the 3 CEF cycles, the oncologist is recommending 3 cycles of Paclitaxel (290 mg) and Carboplatin (450 mg)". Each cycle of 3 weeks interval. My question is 1. Is the oncologists recommendation agreeable - wrt efficacy ? wrt toxicity ? 2. Would u recommend weekly paclitaxel+carboplatin instead (instead of 3 week cycles) ?
Avatar n tn But being you don't have a uterus thats not a problem for you. The only thing that worries me about Arimidex is that you do hear a lot of people have muscle and joint pains (even though my oncologist doesn't think that is a side effect of Arimidex). So I would think if there if even a little chance of Arimidex being better that may be a better way to go. Tamoxifen is known to be better for your bones. Hope this helps.
492490 tn?1255408972 This had failed over the weekend. As I have only been on Carbo/Taxol (6 cycles), Taxol (maintenance 9 mo, failed) and Gemzar for 9 months and recently failed that too. What is the next best option for a 44 yr old, stage lllc patient? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn -if the pain only started after the surgery, when did it start? immediately? At 6 weeks? Or only when you tried to get back to your normal physical activity? -is the pain associated with bowel movement, urination or sex? -is the pain related to exercise or is it present at rest? -do you have any other associated symptoms? Fever, back pain, blood in the urine etc? -how was your hysterectomy done? vaginally?, with an incision? with a laparoscope?
Avatar f tn Hi, I guess this is more of a vent because I wouldn't even know where to begin with a question. Mom diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV 2005. Mastectomy then put on Arimidex. Then the doctor found spinal tumors and immediately said chemo. My mom and I refused. I had to look up Zomeda as an option and now she's taking it. For 4 years she has been very well on Arimidex and Zomeda. She said that she doesn't even feel sick. So all was well.
Avatar m tn known as Arimidex. After 1 week of Arimidex, my back, shoulders, arms, neck, chest, and even stomach became covered in acne, and by week 2 I was forced to get off it because my acne grew so severe. I went to the dermatologist (16 year old male) and she prescribed me to Monodox, as well as Cetaphil face wash and CeraVe lotion to hydrate my skin. However, I didn't tell her that I took these legal steroids, so her decision was based of what she thought.
Avatar f tn Someone said that Topotecan worked better when combined with thalidomide -- don't know much more about it than that, although when I have chemo again (when the Arimidex doesn't hold my counts steady anymore) they are threatening me with topotecan next.
135691 tn?1271100723 She switched me to Arimidex. I've been on that 3-4 weeks and have the same side effects only not as severe. She also put me Celebrex to relieve the pain. She said she would only keep me on it for only a little while. That seems to be helping. I was concerned about taking the Celebrex because of heart trouble associated with arthritis drugs. The pharmacist told me that Celebrex was not recalled as other drugs have been. I decided I would rather fight the cancer at this point in time.
Avatar f tn I did develop a rash,that got progressively worse after each cycle....but it was never bad enough to warrant any kind of medication. Good luck on this chemo. I found it super easy to be on and at times forgot I was even having chemo. it also gave me my longest remission yet of 13 months!!
Avatar n tn I was dx Jan 2003 with a 2 cm invasive ductal carcinoma with associated intermediate grade DCIS,both comedo and cribriform. The tumour was stage and grade 2, ER+ (PR not done) and only some 3 yrs later did I go privately for the HER2 test, which thankfully was negative, a good prognosis. My Nottingham score was 4/4 an there was no vascular invasion. I was offered either a Wide Local Excision with rads or a mastectomy with no rads.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I got a negative blood pregnancy test after having my first and only IVF. I'm 40, in excellent health but, I've never been pregnant. After all standard fertility tests was told that I was okay. My husband is 45 and has a low sperm count (about 8 - 10 million), poor motility and morphology. After stimulation, 5 eggs were retrieved, 4 fertilized via ICSI and were transferred but apparently none implanted.
Avatar n tn tamoxifen arimidex experimental avastin avastin in combination with a chemo drug such as cytoxan, or taxol, or carbo prognosis is tricky. It is unlikely that your mother will have the experience of a durable remission. It is possible that her cancer and symptoms could be controlled with chemo for a while. That does mean that she should expect to be on chemo chronically.
Avatar f tn My mom has stage IV metastatic breast cancer including bone, liver, lung, spleen. She has had zero symptoms though or side effects from her current medication Arimidex now Aromasin, and Zometa. Bone has stablized. Liver and lung tumors are starting to grow. The doc wants to put her on Xeloda or Tetrotere (sp?) The doc feels Xeloda is an easier schedule to follow (oral med) and has low side effects. But seriously, how is Xeloda??? I'm worried about cell count going down.
Avatar f tn I did two cycles of anabolic steroids about a year ago and quit because I knew it wasnt good for me. The 1st cycle was just 450mg of testosterone and arimidex every other day for 8-10 weeks, took 6 weeks off then did the same but added 200mg a week (100mg 2x a week) of kalpa pharmaseuticals trenbolne hexa. I have been off everything for 8 months now with no issues till this (not sure if related).
Avatar n tn Hormonal agents -tamoxifen -arimidex (anastrozole) -megace (Megestrol acetate) Oral chemotherapy -cyclophosphamide -hexamethylmelamine Intravenous chemotherapy doxil -topotecan -weekly taxol weekly carboplatin -weekly cisplatin Hope this helps Sue.
178107 tn?1315951230 A very difficult situation, obviously. I would try to break down the sources of the pain-- how much is from spasm in the muscles of the 'shoulder girdle'? How much pain is from nerve compression at the foramen as the nerve roots exit the spine? How much is from the bony spine-- did the fusion 'take'? Is there pain coming from the facets or connective tissue of the spine? Telling these apart depends on a combination of exam, imaging, EMGs, and response to procedures...
Avatar f tn I'm unconcerned about cancer or the radiation, because I can't keep on this rollercoaster. My muscles hurt, joints, emotions, menstrual cycle. Everything is out of whack. Supposedly I have a very wise Endo , but was told by many PA's and GP's that it was impossible to have symptoms of HYPER while the TSH is measuring hypo or normal. He ran anti-bodies, said I have this and RAI will make the condition easier to manage. I believe last scan said my thyroid has only 12 activity left.
Avatar m tn Hi Thomas - I had FEC chemo in 2003, 25 rads, 2 months of tamoxifen, then 4 yrs on Arimidex. I have been having severe hip, foot and hand pain. DEXA bone density scan showed significant bone loss since starting hormonal therapy. My GP suggested I stop Arimidex for 4 weeks to see if the pain diminished, which it has. He is now referring me to an Oncologist for evaluation and change of hormonals, perhaps Femara. However, in the last month I have been very nauseous, no appetite, and lost 10 lbs.
Avatar f tn Hello, Thanks for getting back to me. I got your note as well. I am sorry I didn't reply earlier but I have only been discharged from hospital today (not cancer, really bad chest infection). Anyway, your information that there are new drugs for treating metastatic breast cancer in trials is very encouraging (?). Oh for the brain I had before chemo fog! I have been dealing with this disease for over 10 years now and I am working towards living for another 30, no matter how much my husband cries.
Avatar n tn She had Topotecan before but she only did one cycle. And the Gyn Onc said the daily dosage of Topo for a week was harsh which I also suspected. I would have preferred a once a week or once every three weeks treatment. She had platelets transfusion, Procrit and Neupogen while on Topotecan. On Gemzar: It is an easy drug for her. No transfusion at all. Just a few Neupogen and you can postpone or reduce the dosage. She's only using 10% less that the dosage of 800 mg. Dr.
Avatar m tn Dennis, My wife only had a scan of the lump in her breast. The full body CT scans were not given until after the mesectamy. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I take 10-15 per day (ranging in 5mg, 10mg, 15 mg (Roxicodone) to 20 mg CR.) I take a chemo shot weekly along with long term breast cancer meds (ARIMIDEX) both causing severe bone pain. My Pain Management Dr. and Oncologist have both told me that the pain meds are actually maintenance drugs and that I should not have shame in taking them, I cannot buy into this, I just don't think that I can spend the rest of my life taking these.
Avatar n tn For example, one might use the HCG for two to three weeks in the middle of a cycle, and for two or three weeks at the end of a cycle. It has been speculated that the prolonged use of HCG could repress the body’s own production of gonadotropins permanently. This is why the short cycles are the best way to go. The side effects from HCG use include gynecomastia, water retention, and an increase in sex drive, mood alterations, headaches, and high blood pressure.
Avatar m tn She also tells me my spine is getting close to ostoperosis,which can be caused by low T levels.I am only 42 and take very good care of myself.My sex drive was always high,even with anxiety/depression,but now it is very low and I have very weak erections.My body aches and I never feel rested. I have 3 other doctors (specialists) who have never heard of anxiety/depression lowering testosterone and the patient feeling worse when getting T replacement.I had the worse reation to andriol.
Avatar n tn Have you tried taking a small dose of Arimidex? I've been on Testosterone for the past year and, without a bi-weekly dose of Arimidex, I'm limp and completely disinterested.