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Avatar f tn I have gradually gained 40 pounds, continually have hot flashes and night sweats, have joint pain and now starting to retain water/have diarreah. I had a 135 IQ but after being on Arimidex lost the ability to do math and have problems with simple addition and subtraction. Also I have directional issues. I get lost easily, it being worse if I am overly tired or stressed out. I always keep a Garmin in my automobile. I also have acquired problems with spelling and remembering things.
Avatar m tn Just started Arimidex and after reading about the facial hair I m getting a little freaked out. My dr said since I am post menopausal I should not experience hot flashes night sweats facial hair growth etc. I really did not experience any symptoms when I went through menopause so I am wondering what is in store for me. Did anyone try AlgiCal to help with the bone density issue?
Avatar n tn Is there anything to be done to relieve night sweats and swollen fingers caused by Arimidex? Do these side effects ever fo away? I've been on it for only three months.
Avatar f tn I am afraid to start the arimidix because the person that gave me the dexa scan said it will put me into full blown osteoporosis. i am really suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Are you having any of those problems since your oophrectomy? I am thinking of starting progesterone - it helps the bones, stops the hot flashes and night sweats, and supposedly helps prevent breast cancer. What was your dexa score?
Avatar n tn The side effects are so bad now-swollen joints, artritis all over my body, swollen joints with much pain, trick fingers, no sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes-I have have all of these! I stopped for 1 weeks taking this medication! I fear the cancer will return as my estrogen and progestrone receptors are high positive! Is this worth all the suffering I have had to endure?? Is there any other drug to take that will help me? My onocologist has suggested Femara!
751009 tn?1248800145 Since beginning daily regimen of Arimidex, I find myself going through menopause yet again! I went through this early in 2000 and it was a breeze compared to what I'm experiencing now. This time the hot flashes/night sweats, etc. are multiplied tenfold! I also now have daily "bone" pain - for lack of better definition -- as well as severe pain in breast at tumor sites. This pain in breast is a good thing as in my case, means that the targeted therapy is indeed working!
Avatar n tn until I could not stand the side effects of swelling/edema. The night sweats continued, I still had a regular period during the trial. I quit the drug and did not have my "cancer" until almost 5 years later. The genetic doctor said he was pretty sure the tamoxifen helped keep the cancer away for awhile. My mother took tamoxifen for 5 years, cancer returned in her ovaries 11 years after her last breast cancer. She was also 80 years old.
Avatar n tn My husband is going throught the samething drenched night sweats I have to get up at night up to 2 times to change the sheets, dont know what is going on. but i am very worried.
Avatar n tn I started losing a lot of hair within a few weeks of starting tamoxifen and the hair loss continued to increase. Aside from the other side effects, night sweats and hot flashes, which I could tolerate, I became so stressed out over the hair loss, that I stopped taking the tamoxifen two and a half weeks ago. I am going to see my oncologist in two weeks about alternative treatments. She has suggested Arimidex but I think that causes hair loss too. Does it?
Avatar f tn I had my ovaries removed 3 mos ago due to cysts and endometriosis resulting in surgical menopause. I am having severe hot flashes, night sweats, etc. My oncologist suggested Effexor which has not worked. She wants me to start Arimidix soon. I had a bone density scan and it came back -2.1 (osteopenia). Based on the bone density scan and the hot flashes, I do not want to take Arimidix. I want to start bio identical hormones. My onclogist is very much against this decision.
Avatar n tn ) No, I was just already well into perimenopause when my cyst developed. I have been having the rare night sweats and odd hot flashes for several years. Last December, I had one ovary and its fallopian tube removed with the cyst. The cyst was a benign endometrioma, by the way. Prior to the surgery, my doctor believed the cyst could be removed from the ovary. However, my tv ultrasound indicated the ovary was enlarged and I wanted it out.
Avatar n tn After starting the tamoxifen, I started getting severe night sweats and hot flashes. My onc put me on Paxil CR which has helped. At the beginning of May I started having pain and weakness in my legs to the point that I had a hard time going up and down my basement stairs. Bood clots were ruled out by ultrasound. He took me off of tamoxifen and put me on arimedex.
Avatar n tn I have been on tamoxifen for 2 1/2 years. As a prev.measure due to be at high risk for breast cancer. Since I have been on the tamoxifen, I have continued to have hot flashes and night sweats, the hot flashes have decreased to about 1-2 times a day, but the night sweats have not decreased. I'm losing alot of sleep because of this. I spoke to my Oncologist regarding this, and he feels that "effexor" would help with the night sweats.
Avatar f tn Also, I have alot of gastrointestenal problems on this drug, night sweats are terrible, discharge and so much more. What is the percent of this drug helping to insure not getting another breast problem regarding cancer again? I heard it is only 6 to 10% and if this is so I would stop taking the drug due to all the side affects.
Avatar n tn If these fibroids are rapidly growing would arimidex be helpful until I can have surgery?
Avatar f tn I feel like all day at work is just one big hot flash and the night sweats, people think I'm nuts at work. I know things could be worse, and I'm grateful for that. I skidded by with a lumpectomy and radiation. But the fear of recurrence is worse than the Tamoxifen. My last visit with my Oncologist I complained of a lump that hurts a little. She said to wait and see, it's suspect. My breasts are all cysts, and I can't tell if a lump is different from another lump. I'm sorry for the babbling.
Avatar f tn I also had my ovaries removed due to cysts and endometriosis and am now suffering horrible hot flashes, night sweats, insomina, etc. I also just had a bone density and am close to osteoporosis. I am afraid to take arimidix since it causes bone loss. I want to take bioidentical hormones but my oncologist is against it. Has anyone with hormone receptor positive breast cancer taken bioidentical hormones? What are your thoughts?
Avatar m tn Last night was my third night taking 37.5 effexor. I've been waking up nauseous, jittery and anxious. I take it at bedtime because it makes me nauseous and I find I get a good nights rest. I take it for panic attacks and hot flashes! I'm 50 year old woman. I had a panic attack yesterday. Are these normal side effects?
Avatar n tn Erectile Dysfunction - I can still have erections but not near as powerful and much below normal Shrinkage of both penis (length and girth) and testicles Loss of interest - I am not motivated to do anything Memory problems Sleep problems including night sweats and I guess as a result of all that...depression. I probably have prostate issues since drinking alcohol easily causes urinating problems but otherwise I am relatively healthy.
Avatar n tn I actually have been fine and have had only the occassional hot flash, no night sweats, but do find my pillow gets pretty warm at night! I also take efexxor which is an SSRI antidepressant (had been on it prior to surgery) they are known to help with menapause symptoms. I also stay away from soy products and herbal menapause remedies. Another lady in my office had her ovaries removed when she was in her late 20's, she's now 65 and was never on any hormones or took anything for menapause.
Avatar f tn Honestly I just gave up being checked for anything, because if I was gaining weight and tired he said it was Fibromyalgia, Night sweats, hungry losing weight etc, it was my nerves.
378102 tn?1215575266 I would love something that helps!!!!! The sweats are bad enough, but, the constant up and down all night long is getting to me....I wake up, sweat, go back to sleep, wake up, sweat, go back to sleep....on a good night I get a four hour stretch...but usually it is every hour or two...UGH!!!!
501944 tn?1224059621 I was vomiting almost every night for about two weeks I then felt a little better and it only occurred every couple of days. Well right now I can't hold anything down. I'm afraid to eat, but I am hungry. I am now starting my days vomiting, sometime in the first couple of hours I wake up. I also started vomiting more than once a day. I went to the dr. last week with my son (mon.) I weighed 149.
Avatar n tn I thought it could be low testosterone...but apparently not...I still get night-time erections, but then when I wake up in the AM it is like they disappear and it takes tremendous amounts of enticement to get me excited. I also noticed that I don't feel the same sensation...What possible causes could it be? It is quit stressing...I have read similar stories on here...I am 33 years old...could my cortisol levels be too high? I am willing to test anything?
Avatar n tn In the beginning I suffered night sweats (which have gone away), hot flashes (which continue, but not as severe as in the first couple of months), leg cramps while sleeping (those have stopped), weight gain (working hard to keep it off), and menstrual cycles that are completely out of wack. I am 48 and premenopause. My periods were very clockwork...until after 4 months of being on tamoxifen.
Avatar n tn The first night, usually no sleep at all. The second night maybe a 1/2 hour or an hour of trash sleep (not very rewarding if you know what I mean). I tried ambien CR in October but it turned out to create another problem. I need to take 2 to fall asleep. Once asleep, I would continue to look for the ambien to take more (I don't really remember doing this but my wife told me about it). I ended up taking 5 in one night without realizing it. I'm glad she noticed and stopped me there.
Avatar n tn I have constant diehrea, abdominal pains, NO energy, I get dizzy a lot with any slight movement, I can sleep 10 hrs at night and get up to do things around the house and be ready to go back to bed within 20 minutes of getting up. I am starting to have really bad depression because of the doctors telling me there is nothing wrong with me out of one side of their mouth then tell me all this other stuff at the same time!!