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Avatar n tn Well I don't think it will kill you unless they meant that as the previous poster said ..... soy does act like Estrogen and if your tumor were ER+ it would be fed by Estrogen .... and there might be a possible recurrance which might in the long run "kill you". That's pretty far fetched when it comes to an explanation though. I personally do not intentionally injest soy products but I'm not a NUT about it. The same is said for Flax.
Avatar n tn What is the best calcium to take that will actually be used by the body? What about soy and black cohash should women who have had estrogen positive cancer take that. I was very active, but the joint stiffness and pain is making that difficult.
Avatar m tn Five years ago I was happy, healthy and enjoying my life with my beautiful four children and husband. Then, It was discovered I had breast cancer - 1mm of invasive dcis. Which led to: Lumpectomy Mastecomy 13 nodes removed Lymphadema Oopherectomy Hysterectomy Reconstruction - wore the expander for 11 months Gallbladder polyps appeared after medication Atrophic kidney discovered after operations Pyeloplasty and Nephrectomy scheduled.
Avatar n tn After chemotherapy MRI and PET show absolutely no cancer. I am having bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction to prevent any reoccurence. I am now in menopause due to chemo. Three questions - 1. How much will taking Tamoxifen or Arimidex cut my chances of reoccurence? I really do not want to take them. Are there studies with percentages? 2. Could I take Indole 3 Carbinol instead? It's supposed to work in the same way. 3.
Avatar f tn Are the hot flashes likely to get worse on Arimidex? Also, I am curious about the effects of soy and flax products as possibly contributing to my cancer. I have consumed more than the average woman's diet of soy milk, tofu and flax seed over the last 2 years. I know I cannot eat these things again. A February 2007 mammogram was negative for anything suspicious. Gee, the fun just keeps coming!
Avatar n tn My older sister, who is a health nut, almost vegetarian, soy, natural and organic foods only , plus works out 5 times a week, has a total cholesterol of over 300. So, my heart docotr put me on the vytorin. Seems to be working fine. I have been on it for 6 months now. the good cholesterol is at 45. I can't remember what the total was. I do not watch my diet and the only exercise I get is at work which is fairly physical. Lots of stairs and lifting.
Avatar n tn hi my mother had platinum resistant ovarian cancer iv stadium, taxane, gemcitabine, caelyx and topotecan don't work more; what drugs are most effective at this time? thanks a lot for every hope would give us.
Avatar f tn I was told to avoid soy products, specifically tofu, edemame, soy milk, soy sauce is OK in the small amounts usually used. This was a blow to me because I love tofu and made soy milk chai every morning. The other item I avoid is flax seed because it's high in lignans and the phytoestrogens are there as well. It's great for the heart but now I avoid that as well. I'm on Arimidex as a postmenopausal woman.
Avatar f tn That is something they give for pre-menopause and menopause (estroven-c and primifen have soy and black cohosh in them) My doctors think that taking them before and then starting HRT was a contributing factor in my breast cancer. So I would definitely ask my doctors about the soy factor if I were you. It may just affect women with invasive ductal carcinoma, estrogen receptor positive.
Avatar n tn Then again, my oncologist recommended natural estrogen (from soy) and apparently, he sees no connection between soy and my cancer. As far as I can tell, soy might promote estrogen-receptive cancers. It is very confusing. I recommend that everyone does their own research and then decide. I still eat soy but now make sure I don't overdo it. Moderation is the key, I think. Unfortunately, I cannot eat beans or dairy, so that eliminates two protein sources.
378102 tn?1215575266 I didn't realize that black cohash was like a soy thing -- glad someone corrected me -- I just stopped my Calcium as I see it is in a soy oil base -- will have to find another one --- antidepressants and antianxiety meds really help a lot with hot flashes -- when i had my surgery I was already on them and it made it tolerable -- the first recurrence I was not and the tamoxifen had be just about over the edge -- I was wringing my clothes out and was so crabby we almost got divorced -- this recurr
Avatar f tn pills have to really get accurate information, like you haven given us, before deciding to take BHRT instead of Arimidex or other life saving medication that are approved by the FDA and proven to cut by 50% the development of a new or recurrent cancer. Thanks again BB..for researching this eye opening and excellent information!
Avatar n tn VEGFR (vascular endothelial growth factors receptor), PDGF (platelet derived), EGFR (epidermal), estrogen and progesterone receptors, and the list go on and on. No wonder, Carbo/Taxol may put many to sleep, but majority wakes up again and many times it just resist them in a short period.
501944 tn?1224059621 Begin by only eating brown rice and soy yogurt. Make a record of food that make you sick. Basil and many spice made me sick. People think I am crazy but it works.
Avatar n tn I have discussed this with my doctor and he maintains that my number (257) is normal and that no hrt is necessary. I was hoping to find a study or a medical reference or a medical chart that listed normal testosterone levels by age so that I could go back to him with that and convince him to treat me. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I will be seeing a top hormone doctor next week in the states regarding my on going struggles. I will update everyone on the progress. Can you explain what you mean by getting "thinner" and the pain? Where does the pain come from and what is it like? I do get testicular pain now and again due to the varicocele and sometimes tingling in the penis head/glans which can be painful at times.
Avatar n tn I have posted here before, but I feel that I must be persistent. I am 29 years old, and have been impotent for about 2 years now. 2 years ago, I was absolutely fine. I could have sex as many times as I wanted to. 3 times a night would be no problem. I woke up with erections, and if I didn't have sex I would masturbate in the morning and before I went to bed. It is a different story now however. No morning wood. No libido. If I am able to get an erection it doesn't last long.