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807129 tn?1245277127 My MS neuro has done studies using methotrexate to treat RRMS. I think it was successful enough they're pursuing more tests of it. Good luck to your mom.
Avatar f tn Depakote, seroquel, effexor, and for a short time, wellbutrin (I shook on that one, it really amped me up). Off all now and am feeling better but know that I need to find a med that works for my core diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Common ones include Aricept, Bachlophen, Requip and Mirapex. I couldn't tolerate any of those and was ruled out for Tetrabenzene because it could create depression in me. However, I've found Zofran to be extremely helpful. And the natural remedy rhodiola that was first studied by a clinical researcher at Columbia University has been of great help as well but both should be taken under a doctor's supervision.
Avatar f tn My wife is 68 and has m.s. she takes prozac,lorazepam for nerves and sleeping,seroquel for major mood swings and now aricept. Is this to much medicine to take together.
Avatar n tn So the doctor re-prescribed the aricept and added metformin. After starting the metformin, he slept all day and would not sleep at night. She took him off the metformin, but kept him on the Aricept. The sleeplessness and hallucinations have remained unchanged. A few days ago, we took him back to the doctor about this, and she decided that he does not suffer from alzhimers but parkinson's diseas instead.
Avatar f tn she is taking prozac for mood,lorazpam for sleeping and nerves,seroquel for major mood swings. They want to try her on aricept. do you think this is to much medicine. I want her to have some what of a normal life and not in a fog all the time. is this to much mecdine?
Avatar f tn She was discharged to a skilled nursing facility a couple days later but with some new medications she hadn't had before, including Aricept and Seroquel. I don't know what her blood chemistries were at discharge, but I would presume everything was within normal limits or she wouldn't have been discharged. She seems even more confused than she did before and, while her spirits are up, she seems very unsure about herself.
Avatar n tn I developed severe akathisia after taking Seroquel, Risperdal and Prozac- we are not sure of which one was the offender- docs think most likely it was the risperdal however prozac was initiated around the same time. I was on seroquel many years without any difficulty. The seroquel and risperdal were given for sleeping problems and the prozac for anxiety.
Avatar f tn The atypicals are Risperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Geodon, Invega and Abilify. However, until the new antipsychotics such as the glutamate antagonists like I'm on are approved as medications these are the only medically availiable options and people should stay in treatment but since Clozaril is available that can and should be used if a person develops tardive conditions.
1109293 tn?1258333223 However, there are many other clinically approved options though for tardive that are far more effective. The standard ones being Aricept, Baclofen, Requip and Mirapex. I use the Clonidine patch application for tardive which is quite helpful. Tenex which is in the same class of medications is helpful as well. Botox shots are used for tardive dystonia that is specifc to one area (such as facial tics).