Are coffee enemas good for you

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Avatar n tn i've herard enemas are good for weight loss and stomatch bloating, is this correct and where can i buy them please?
458072 tn?1291418786 Make sure you are using organic coffee.....there are pesticides etc in regular coffee. You don't want to defeat the purpose. Decaf is only for How are you doing?? I have missed talking with you! Any update on your sleeping patterns? How's the thyroid?
Avatar m tn Certainly individuals do react differently to things. Very true. But coffee is never good for you in any medical theory except, again, as an enema. Yes, caffeine does make people feel more alert and therefore better, but when it wears off you either need more to get back to that feeling or you will feel worse.
Avatar f tn I do agree that fresh fruit and veg are good for you but as for the rest - I think it has all been said here.
Avatar m tn I don't use coffee enemas, but I think I can help you out. I do know that coffee enemas can have a Catch-22 effect, where the more you use them, the more constipated you'll get! And actually, I'm not a huge fan of enemas, altho sometimes they help. I prefer using BabyLax or PediaLax, squirt two tubes from the small box in the rear, and some waste will normally come out in minutes. You can repeat once in the same day if you don't get results.
Avatar m tn These electrolyes regulate your heartbeat and can producte arrhythmias of your heart. Enemas provide a fast laxative when you really need it. The volume of chemicals in enemas is far less than the volume of colon washes, hence the name, colon washes. Colonoscopies use to require one drink a gallon of medical detergent over an 8-hour period to clear the colon for inspection.
Avatar f tn Just think that fruits and veggies and some fish and etc. and some other healthful things in moderation were always good for you, and will always be good for two cents...oh, and I've been drinking green tea for years, and I'm glad about that...
Avatar f tn not worth mentioning. With HCV you are either infected or you are not , it is that simple. There is no negligible infection.
578865 tn?1218003943 but I just wanted to say that drinking coke is not a good alternative to get rid of your headache! Coke is bad for you. Soft drinks are one of the unhealthiest things you can put in your body. Read this: http://nutritionresearchcenter.
5160872 tn?1385252394 Please try to live in the moment, you are still the same person you were before the dx, you can still achieve and live the good life and i know you are worried about being there for your kids, and you can, absolutely you can be the best mother you planned to be.......... nothing on this planet will ever take that from you, be YOU and you'll never go wrong! HUGS.............
Avatar f tn Paula, you are in my prayers, hope you are up and out of there soon. Home always seems better to me, my own bed! I know you are ready to get home too.
Avatar f tn I don't know. Your symptoms seem pretty hospital worthy. What part of SD are you in? I live in north county. We have a few clinics up here that might be worth a shot.
Avatar f tn It is currently being studied in several locations around the world and results of most of those studies are not in. I have to take issue with you for claiming that 10's of 1000s of people are taking it. In looking at the LDN sites I find nothing like those numbers. Even if I did the fact that people are choosing to take it means nothing about whether it works. In the 80's I had many patients who chose to take coffee ground enemas or sheep red blood cell infusions to treat their cancers.
Avatar n tn are you guys in america... anybody in toronto...if u are in america plz try to contact the Phildephia Monell Institute for chemical senses..
483733 tn?1326802046 So that include all soft drinks eve diet because they have aspertame (sp?) in it and that isn't good for you either. No more chocolate you know pretty much all the enjoyable comfort foods out there are a no no.
695000 tn?1316139648 Everyone has already given you good info and advice, but I'm going to stick my two cents in anyway. I totally understand not wanting to take meds. I was like that when I was dx'd. I have always had an irrational dislike of taking meds (When I got my first cavity at around ten, I turned down the novacaine. I never did that again, but that gives you an idea).
Avatar n tn I have lived with fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue and myofascial syndrome for 14 years. I know you may think that you are the only one suffering but I promise you that you are not. I do believe there is a cure,and I haven't given up,oh I do understand the pain because it is constant. I am on pain pills and it has gotten to the point where it is not working like it use to. I study a lot and I am about to try Dr. Vickery's protocol.
Avatar m tn I assume since you are cirrohtic you are on Abbott Turquoise. Trial procedure moves slow at best. I would ask to speak to the doctor yourself and find out just what the problem is. Generally they already know what is producing these high numbers. Getting kicked off the trial after 6 weeks is not something they do just like that. They may reduce your Riba dose. Or they will refer you to see your own doc to find out the cause. It may just be that she was wrong in what she was referring to.
Avatar f tn Some are full of sugar and fruit and gums to replace fat. Look for the one that works for you, usually expensive. ♥ Routines ARE important in all aspects of life, as is exercise and good emotional health. Meaning that stress and other emotional issues can also help your gut condition get worse. Running and other exercises may not be the only option, there is Pilates, Yoga, Yolates, Bikram yoga etc.. and swimming that may have double benefits.
Avatar m tn I would call Mayo there and ask for an appointment and a plan for a change in care. They are so good to work with and have all the new methods to use in cancer.
Avatar n tn sorry i got your name wrong in my last post could you please let me know how you get on with the treatment hope all goes well for you thanks again.
1401023 tn?1280784958 I do take fish oil caps (as often as I remember) for my triglicerides and because it's generally good for you. I think it helps things move smoothly as well.
Avatar n tn i think i read that coffee enemas are the only cure for bromine. or was that something else? yeah, i'd say your a bit paranoid.
Avatar m tn Defecation is easier if I put lubrication in my anal canal and take a hose and shoot some water inside for an enema. Coffee enemas were in the Merck Manual until 1972 and male gays do this all the time, so I regard all the precautions and "dangers" listed on various websites as a product of the sissy culture now spreading in the English speaking world.
Avatar f tn These are not perfect, in some cases they are not very good at all, but they are published and available to anyone to read, to review and to criticize. In many cases the cure rate is not great, but the drugs to extend life. I would love to see some similar, appropriately controlled studies that look at alternative approaches to healing in order to be able to compare.
Avatar n tn first off you should stop eating and stop with the laxatives and go to the ER. Black stool means you are internally bleeding, and the fact that you cant / barely able to have a BM can also mean there's a blockage along the way.
Avatar f tn Hello, I must ask why are you using the enemas? Did the doctor prescribe them because you have been constipated? You stated that you have used 8 of them already, is that in one day or over some time? It is possible your pain is from the frequent enemas but it is hard to say. Please give more info so that I may be able to answer your questions.
Avatar f tn As all of you know when you are on treatment for any illness, you follow your doctors orders , and always ask before taking any OTC treatments that might conteract what he/she has perscribed for you. I believe from reading about this treatment that it could be very harmful for those on chemo for OVCA, the coffee enemas will irrate the colon and will dehydrate you. the other mentions products may interfer with your chemo.
Avatar f tn the other elbow is coming soon. (The old tale of WORKING hard is good for you is NOT true.) Now, my IBD/IBD is increasing to what they think might be Crohns. I've done the CT Scan with Barium & Dye Contrast. (Felt like I was dying for a week after) Now tomorrow the gastro will schedule a colon testing...don't know what yet. I was the same as you...I've dealt with the IBD/IBS for 20 yrs and now it's fullblown.
Avatar n tn I take Clonazepam, and while it does relieve anxiety, you are correct in that it makes you feel tired. I had triple bi-pass surgery in 2000, so when I get these gas type pains in my chest area, of course I get anxious. However, visits to ER resulted in a cardiologist telling me "I'm don't know what it is, but it's not your heart. I believe it's gastro intestinal.