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Avatar n tn There is a newer class of drugs referred to as DMARD's. One of these is Arava. This is very expensive though even in it's generic form ($400-500 a month), so it depends on your insurance whether this will work for you. I have not noticed a ton of relief from joint pain yet (6 weeks so far), but I do have more energy, and less fevers. There are many new drugs in this category, but I'm not familiar with many of them yet. Give the Plaquenil a fair run.
Avatar n tn One must be careful to remember that neurontin absorption is saturable (meaning that taking too much at once will lower the amount of drug getting into the system). I hope you have spaced your dosing out to at least 4 times a day. We have used doses up to 7-8 grams a day. Tegratol can also help with neuropathic pain. Are you on COX-2 inhibitors? These might help with your inflammatory changes in the bone. Sorry that I am not much help.