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148354 tn?1211237506 What I learned from all of this, is if you have any kind of acute pain anywhere in the abdomen, and you don't fit any of the classic symptoms of an appendicitis, it still could be an appendicitis. Find a doctor you can trust and takes you serious. So yes, as diagnosed from the post op lab report, there is such as thing as chronic appendicitis.
405614 tn?1329147714 What makes a person decide that it might really be appendicitis and to go to the doctor? If I throw up, get a fever, what? Thanks for any ideas, thoughts, input of any kind.
Avatar m tn I also have quite a bit of white/clear vaginal discharge that's a bit foul smelling. All symptoms come and go except the discharge and nausea (except the nausea has let up a little, thank goodness). My periods have been regular. During my last period all of the symptoms were a lot worse. It was a heavy period, heavier than usual but not to any extreme. Now I'm 15 days into my cycle and the pelvic pain is a lot worse.
Avatar n tn The other ovary was not 100% healthy but they left it because of my age. I chugged along OK until 48 with one ovary. Three kids, normal periods, no hormone problems. I did end up with a total hyster last year partly due to a complex cyst on the remaining ovary and because I had a lot of adhesions and pain. My uterus was enlarged and bulky (not fibroids though as they said all along, weird) and I was having prolonged heavy periods. I was very anemic.
Avatar n tn I have had a Hysterectomy and an oophorectomy ( removal of right ovary)But now a year later I have two cyst that are causing problems on the left ovary. I am 26 years old so I had orginally left the ovary because i didn't want to go into menopause. But now with the constant pain again I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had a similar problem? please help!!
Avatar n tn I am 41 with a strong family history of cancer. My mother had breast AND kidney cancer, and I recently lost my father to metastatic colorectal cancer. That being said, after having pain in the area of my left ovary, an ultasound found that I have "something" growing on my left ovary. A repeat ultrasound showed that it is growing, and I was giving the choice to leave it and "watch it" or have it removed. I did have a CA-125 blood test, which was "normal".
Avatar f tn I have right ovary pain constantly now, It started off and on, for about 1yr. Now the pain is constant, has been for about 4 months.. It is controlling my life, when I work, when I do things with my family and my husband and I can't have sex without me being in so much pain afterwards I don't do anything for about a day & a half!! I have had both vaginal and topical ultrasounds done.
Avatar n tn Went to GP who thought it could be hernia, appendicitis (it really felt like a muscle pull.) CT scan showed something near or on my right ovary, but she needed an ultrasound as it couldn't really be seen very well. Blood tests all fine except for something elevated in my liver (my guess it is the effects of the Wellbutrin I have been taking to stop smoking. She was not concerned about it.
Avatar n tn I am 28 years old with no children and I missed my period for 2 months in a row so my doctor did an internal ultrasound to look for problems. She found a 5cm cyst on my left ovary that she thought was a dermoid cyst and said she would probably have to remove it. She observed it for 4 weeks and then said it grew to 7cm so she scheduled a laparoscopic surgery for 7:00 a.m. 2 weeks later.
Avatar n tn At 17 while still a virgin, I experienced an episode over several days involving high fever (103+), purulent vaginal discharge, and extreme stabbing pains in my right ovary. I rode it out and never sought help from a OB/GYN. At 19, living with my first sexual partner, I was diagnosed with HPV and also stage III (if I recall correctly) cervical dysplasia. My OB/GYN performed a cone biopsy and I was cleared of cancer.
Avatar f tn This discussion is related to Problems after bowel resection. In February 2006 I had an emergency bowel resection. For no apparent reason, a large portion of my small intestine had twisted and the blood supply to my intestine had been cut off and died. About 40% of my small intestine (ileum and ileocecal valve) had to be removed. For the next 2-3 months I had horrible diarrhea after everything I ate. Within one week I went from 135 lbs. to 115 lbs.
600910 tn?1219731969 I always been really healthy, never had any medical problems. Until last year, I woke up from sleeping with the worst abdominal pain that I could have ever imagined. I would shake and have chills, and sometimes almost faint. I get these episodes sometimed once a week or once a month. They can last 30 minutes up to 10 hours. They come within second and I never know when they will come. I also get really sick and I sometimes throw up.
148354 tn?1211237506 forgot to add this mimics appendicitis,I know with ibs my symptoms would come and go,but with ovarian cancer dont symptoms gradually get worse and more painful? is it possible to be in early stage and dr's havent found it? im getting scared!
485259 tn?1326312778 PS Not everyone has problems with the "gas" .. I was very fortunate and had no problems whatsoever....
Avatar n tn pressure, fullness, or pain in the abdomen dull ache in the lower back and thighs problems passing urine completely pain during sexual intercourse weight gain painful menstrual periods and abnormal bleeding nausea or vomiting breast tenderness If you have these symptoms, get help right away: pain with fever and vomiting sudden, severe abdominal pain faintness, dizziness, or weakness rapid breathing
Avatar f tn According to WebMD diagnosing appendicitis can be tricky: "Symptoms of appendicitis are frequently vague or extremely similar to other ailments, including gallbladder problems, bladder or urinary tract infection, Crohn's disease, gastritis, intestinal infection, and ovary problems. The following tests are usually used to make the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn 2 or 3 days after conception typically would not present any pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes we can create symptoms too...I have puked up my breakfast before...thinking I was pregnant. But I have experienced early pregnancy 3 times, and no sypmtoms were evident usually until 6 weeks (4 weeks gestation).
Avatar n tn Calcification od the appendix is caused by acute appendicitis, and I would think it would still have to come out. You have the physical symptoms of appendicitis. I would ask the doctor what if anything is to be done about your appendix, why, why not. Your getting pain from somewhere and if this is the only thing they can find, then I don't see why they don't go ahead and remove it.
Avatar f tn The causes can be determined by the presence of associated symptoms. In gallbladder problems there will be nausea, abdominal pain and yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes. In acute appendicitis there is fever with chills, pain in abdomen and vomiting. The exact cause can be confirmed only depending on the characteristics of the pain, findings on physical examination, laboratory, radiological, and endoscopic testing. Do see a healthcare professional. Write to me again.
640526 tn?1312111511 They did surgery on the spot, and thankfully, I still have my right ovary. My doctor said I shouldn't have any problems with getting pregnant in the future. Talk to your doctor about your options. I think it's the best way to get rid of any fears and insecurities you may be feeling because of this revelation. It's possible birth control can help shrink it or surgery may be needed.
Avatar n tn The pain got slightly better each day until today when I was bent down on one knee and then stood up, this time without any additional weight. I am not having any problems with appetite, bowel movements, fever, etc. There is no pain while coughing, though I haven't sneezed so I can't say if whether or not that causes pain. Applying pressure to the area does not cause any pain, and I could not feel any lumps or otherwise things that felt as if they shouldn't be there.
879306 tn?1240896003 These can help level you out and heal you from the inside. Doctors jsut treat symptoms not problems. Anytime you can naturally get your body into balance you are better off, natural remedies attack you problem.
Avatar n tn Hello, Going by your symptoms five possibilities are coming to my mind.Firstly,it can be pelvic inflammatory disease which can be caused by an infection of the pelvic organs. As you are a female, so this possibility is high. It can also be due to fibroid uterus or ovarian cysts. Ultrasound abdomen and cervical swabs are needed to rule them out. Secondly possibility of irritable bowel syndrome is also there. Diagnosis is made on basis of clinical evaluation.
Avatar n tn RSO (laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy and right salpingo-oophorectomy), your surgeon was able to see your left ovary. So one of my questions would be, how did your left ovary look at the time of your surgery last year? If it looked normal, then you should feel fairly reassured. You are right; most cysts are benign. In fact, with the description of your cyst, I might wait a month and repeat the ultrasound. It may be a cyst of ovulation and be gone next month.
Avatar m tn Hello, My case can look rather particular in fact it is the second time in ten years that I have to undergo surgery due to ovarian cysts ruptures on my right ovary and every time the doctors in ER first think of an acute appendicitis which make them run a quantity of useless tests while I am in pain and makes me even more doubtful and worried.
Avatar f tn Hello, My symptoms are: I have a constant, dull pain in my lower right abdomen. Earlier the pain increased feeling like something moving or a wave of pain/cramp. That is gone but the tenderness remains. It feels sore when I press that area. Current medications: Allegra, Penicillin for strep throat History: I had my appendix removed nearly 30 years ago. It think it is past my usual time for ovulation. I have had a kidney stone before. About 16 years ago I had a kidney infection.
Avatar n tn i was worried that it might be appendicitis. i researched for its symptoms and fortunately i don't have appendicitis. i had a cold evening shower several days ago and that might have triggered this numbness. feels like it's getting worst.
Avatar n tn The organs in that area are intestines, appendix and female reproductive organs. You might have an ovarian cyst cooking on your right ovary. I was plagued with them when I was in my 20's. When you ovulate, sometimes the egg has trouble ejecting from the ovary, so a cyst forms. It's harmless, but hurts something fierce when and if it finally ruptures. Many times a cyst will slowly drain and result in pain from the fluid coming into contact with other tissues.
Avatar f tn Well, I saw my gyno and she felt my left ovary was enlarged so I got a second pelvic ultrasound. They found cysts on my ovary and fibroids in my uterus. I saw a gyno again who reviewed the ultrasound and said what I may be suffering from is endometriosis. He suggested that once I begin my placebo pills during my birth control, to start taking ibuprofin. Do that for three months, come back and if nothing changes, I'll go on Lupron. If my pain goes away, more than likely it's endo.
Avatar n tn they immediately took me to the hospital and it was suspected that i was having appendicitis, however, after tests, they found that a cyst on my right ovary ruptured causing the agonizing pain. it happened two more times (the following two months). i then went to the gynecologist where i was put on birth control, and never had a problem since. this may be the best option for your daughter. hope this helps, and i hope she feels better soon.