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272729 tn?1194280557 My question is- has anyone had appendicitis-- and what were your symptoms? I don't want surgery, but I don't particularly want my appendix bursting at any moment either.
Avatar f tn To anyone that has had gall bladder problems does the pain ever present itself as severe aching pain in the middle of your chest? Like high in the chest above the breasts in the middle?
Avatar m tn The symptoms you described could sometimes be due to appendicitis, that’s when you have pain on the right side just above the pelvis and you may also have referred pain around the umbilicus (belly button). The other symptoms for Appendicitis are fever, nausea, vomiting and malaise. The other causes for pain could be urinary tract infection, renal colic and sometimes bowel infections like. Stool analysis, urine analysis and imaging studies may help diagnose these conditions.
554409 tn?1218407068 Most gall bladder pain seems to be centered just under the right ribs and into the right side higher than yours, and also it radiates into the Back,doid they check your appendix out ,
Avatar m tn Just because he has HepC doesn't mean he can't have flatulence or gall bladder symptoms or appendicitis or a heart attack or a number of other ailments that can cause pain.
Avatar f tn I am attempting to follow a pretty bland diet which does help. I am scheduled to have my gall bladder out on Nov. 29th. Is it possible that my gall bladder is getting better on its own and I don't need the surgery?
Avatar n tn I am curious to know what causes the right shoulder pain when related to gall bladder problem. Have already checked out ovaries and now will check gallbladder and uterus for cause.
Avatar n tn I saw the doc who checked for appendicitis. I also had had a fatty meal earlier that day. Assuming a gall bladder problem, I decided to avoid fats. Took several days for the nausea to go away. Generalized sensation of heat across the my abdomen occured a few times. Trying especially oily things brings a mild version on again. But on top of it, my Hemacult just came back showing some blood in the stool -- in two of the six windows. I've also felt somewhat constipated ever since.
4848134 tn?1360123266 Pelvic Exam, Urinalysis, CBC w/diff, CMP, and a CT scan with contrast. Below my question are the results. No appendicitis, no gall bladder issues, but a few out of range values. I was diagnosed with lower right abdominal pain, and the beginnings of a yeast infection, which the doctor says is just beginning and could not be the cause of my abdominal pain. He said to follow up with my physician for further testing. Anything 'out of range' has been marked with **.
696755 tn?1236019912 As soon as the doctor saw me he told me my gall bladder was the probable cause and sent me for tests immediately. I was jaundice and my gall bladder had turned gangue green. They told me if I had waited much longer, I would have died. The point of my story is don't let them tell you that it is in your head, or just stress. That is doctor talk for "I don't know" and the insurance companies don't want the cost of all the tests. Bless your parents for fighting at your side.
Avatar n tn I am having almost identical pain as you and I got it checked out and this past week I was diagnosed with gall bladder disease as I have gallstones. I am cleared for surgery to have my gall bladder removed and I am waiting for the OR date. An ultrasound detected the gallstones I have. Just go into your PCP and he will order an ultrasound of your liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and kidneys. Also request some blood work to check your glucose levels, lipid panel, and liver panel.
Avatar f tn I am so confused. My husband has been having all the symptoms of a bad gall bladder for several weeks & keeps getting worse: dizziness, hurts badly from right above ribs to waist w/ bad sharp pains right below ribs on right side right where doctors push & say thats gall bladder, diarrhea all day long, staying very tired & weak w/ no energy.
Avatar m tn There could be many possible causes for the symptoms you have described (a stomach virus, appendicitis, gall bladder attack, etc.). So if these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or so, then your friend needs to be evaluated by her doctor. If she does not have a doctor, then a visit to the emergency room would be the next best thing. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi there At the end of July I was put in hospital, it turned out I had an acute appendicitis which was dealt to with surgery. At the time it was gall bladder symptoms - which was clear no stones. - all other organs were fine. In the last week a similar pain has come back, I have been to the Dr, I have a chest infection and am on antibiotics - however it is only the right side that is sore. My right ribs are tender, the pain is in my back and abdomen - but only the right side.
Avatar f tn Nothing in particular triggers the pain, food drink activity etc. I read possible symptoms of appendicitis and it doesn't seem that's it and also some sort of stones doesn't seem right because I figure thAt would be much more painful ?! Please info thanks !!!
Avatar f tn These symptoms could be related to your Mirena or it could be something else altogether (appendicitis, gall bladder issue, constipation). Regardless, this needs to be evaulated by a doctor. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Along with the vomiting if you have these symptoms, it could indicate a gallbladder problem. Besides the gall bladder, vomiting could be due to gastroenteritis (infection); with this you may have fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain and indigestion. Also, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, systemic infections, appendicitis, intracranial hypertension, hepatitis, eating disorders, inner ear disorders, and certain medications can cause vomiting.
Avatar f tn The pain is lower down on the right side. Yes they did the tests for the gall stones in the gall bladder but didnt find anything. He also had another scan on Wednesday and nothing was found again.
Avatar n tn is it just as severe and last as long as the gall bladder pains? i had my gall bladder removed 6 years ago and still get phantom pains. they arent quite as severe as the real ones but still hurt pretty bad for the first two years or so. after that they let up a bit and it is just discomfort now.
Avatar n tn hi i recently had my gall bladder taken out and got immediate relief for about 1 month of symptoms but now i have pain in my upper left side radiating down to my left side and i have indegestion and some nausea again. it is almost like my gall bladder was never taken out. i had the light ran down my throat and into my stomach at the time of surgery with no ulcers or sign of any problems. what could this be now? what is the sign of appendicits?
Avatar n tn If it's not your heart, then could be gall bladder. I had a sick gall bladder that did not present as gall bladder pain. I had acid gurgling in my stomach, feeling full, stomach pain, a feeling of a rock in my gut, tired all the time, severe bloating in my gut. This went on for months and then one day concentrated on my gall bladder. I had it removed a few days later. You should also look into the pancreas.
231441 tn?1333896366 I am really worried about it also (which I am sure doesn't help). What if it is something like appendicitis. Gall bladder ok - can manage that. But this pain is lower right and lower left. I was squatting yesterday and when I got up there was a wave of pain so strong I couldn't stand for a while and felt like I was going to faint, and then i was shaking like a leaf, even though the worst of the pain had passed. The hardest thing is not knowing what causes this.
Avatar f tn also, after i had my gall bladder removed that pain came back in my right side and they had damaged the bile duct when they removed my gall bladder causing a problem with that duct working right and i had to have the ERCP done to correct that.. it may be one of those ducts. It was pretty painful.
Avatar n tn If you have regular bowel movements, then you may want to check for a kidney infection/appendicitis/gall bladder. Nausea and backaches are symptoms of each of these. God bless...
Avatar m tn Are there any accompanying symptoms such as bowel issues, types of food you've eaten? I wouldn't necessarily rule out appendix issues either - The symptoms of appendicitis can vary. It can be hard to diagnose appendicitis in young children, the elderly, and women of childbearing age. The first symptom is often pain around your belly button. (See: Abdominal pain) The pain may be minor at first, but it becomes more sharp and severe.
Avatar n tn A CT scan of the abdomen should be done to look at gall bladder, liver, pancreas and spleen. It can be a problem of either of these. There is definitely some infection or inflammation some where. It can also be Crohn’s disease or celiac disease. Log in the food you eat and symptoms you have to see if there is any correlation. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
801363 tn?1237762935 Do you have your appendix? Sometimes appendicitis can feel like this. Also, inflammation of the gall bladder can cause similar symptoms, but the pain is mainly located in the upper abdomen and travels to the back and to the right shoulder. Do have a fever? I think I would see a doctor, especially if it keeps up or gets worse. They will also be able to rule out a urinary tract infection as well.