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Avatar m tn The only visible symptoms I've had though are some bumps on my fingers. I first had this last october/november (2015) when my doc Rx'd me a heavy round of antibiotics (Zithromax and Doxy) for a lymph node infection and shocked myself plugging something in. It went away after awhile. My doc said it was an immune reaction. It started again this time after I put on a shirt I haven't worn in long time. The shirt was washed and cleaned as far as I could tell.
551343 tn?1506834118 Well thats weird. I havent started my antibiotics yet because of my bad cold and yesterday i felt ill like i do when i am having a flare (MS or Lymes flare)....and got the tingling in my body, back and above my left kidney, then the pain, and the lesions came 2 of them...1 really painful and sore, just like a cat sratch again..... Not sure what is going on..could this be a flare because of the cold etc? I am wondering if i should ring my GP. It is sore this morning too....
Avatar m tn I know that he trusts me because I've had so few done. But the stories do get to me. It's the antibiotics that I fear the most as you do. Just continue to be up front with him and take those bottles with you!! Let me know what he says about your question and the effect the antibiotics will or will not have on your test. Best wishes and I'll be looking for your update...........
Avatar m tn **WARNING** **PENIS PICTURES INCLUDED** My Case : My girlfriend saw 1 white bump near her vagina. Next day I saw some white bumps on my penis and pubic hair on my skin. I went to county STD clinic and this weird doctor saw my penis for 10 seconds and told me I had HPV. While I was still in shock, he kept asking me if i want treatment and I was like yeah whatever. He sprayed some high speed white stuff on me. I dont know what was it because he never told me.
Avatar m tn I suppose there could be enlarged lymph nodes, but antibiotics should cure that. Google pictures of direct and indirect hernias and see if it's a match for that.
Avatar m tn You can also treat acne by cleaning your face regularly with Cetaphil, using mild skincare products, applying antibacterial topical medications like Clindamycin. With the help of the doctor, the treatment of oral antibiotics, contraceptive pills, retinoids, cortisone injections, chemical peels and laser treatment can be your choices. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn 4- Does the fact that symptoms seem same and that discharge was never like pictures that I saw online suggest something else might be going on? Thank you for taking time to answer... I have been consumed with questions, so just decided to get them all down in one place. I appreciate your time.
Avatar n tn You need to go back to the doctor and show him the pictures. And please don't have anymore unprotected sex. I am sure you dont want to get AIDS.
Avatar m tn Alright, I might go see the doctor again and ask for antibiotics this time. I could also see a dermatologist, but last time he only prescribed hydrocortisone which did absolutely nothing.
Avatar n tn Is there a web site that may have info about taking Antibiotics while on Pegasys/Copegus? No one I've contacted seems to know. I have contracted a terrible sinus infection and first called Pegasys. They have no research data about antibiotics in combination with their tx. How bizarre is that? Yet, they told me my GI should be able to advise. I called them. They won't advise about any other problem not directly related to my liver. So...
Avatar n tn I wonder how the dentist could not discover the abscess earlier, bearing in mind that she worked on the same tooth and took x-ray pictures just a week ago? Can an abscess be activated by a dentists intervention somehow? I had never experienced any pain before, I always do my medical checks and things are taken care of timely, or at least I have tried to do my part to achieve this. I mean I have never suspected an infection.
2111981 tn?1334328071 Hi, I just got my 5 month old kitty spayed today and they didn't send me home with any antibiotics or pain meds.... At first she was drowsy and then she was crying (which she never does) and biting at everything, like she's really in pain. I gave her a little bit of food a few hours later and she ate, and now she's pretty active and trying to lick her wound. I live abroad (in Buenos Aires) and they didn't give her a cone, but she has a bandage all the way around her little body.
437027 tn?1286834778 Well, my precious, baby son is 1 month old today! I posted some new pictures so check them out. He has already gained 1 lb 10 oz and is up to 8 lbs 8 oz now. His little chubby cheeks sure show it! He is still just the sweetest little thing. Even when he was sick and on antibiotics, he never really fussed. It's hilarious, when he cries, it stops pretty much instantly when I pick him up. I'm so wrapped around his finger, I totally work for him!
4451049 tn?1387157037 Another funny thing------ I just googled catheter pictures and most of the pictures where of people who looked about ready to die and in a hospital bed!!! That certainly isn't what I and many others looked like----- we went about our normal business (as much as Lyme would let us) of taking care of home/family/children/working/ourselves.
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Avatar n tn My 17 month old daughter has a rash on the upper cheek of her face that has been there for over 4 months now. When she gets sick and has to take antibiotics, it starts to go away...almost to the point of non-existence depending on the regimen; however, as soon as she stops taking the antibiotics, the rash starts to come back. It looks similar to mild diaper rash and is about the size of a quarter. Sometimes looks a little crusty and sometimes not.
Avatar m tn The reason I think it's candida is because I have a long history of antibiotics, which allow candida to grow. But tonight I saw my throat...
Avatar f tn This only started happening on my third month of antibiotics. It has now been two months since I have been off the antibiotics, however the bumps are still there. I’ve attached a picture of what the bumps look like on my arms. The same texture is on my neck and chest. They are not red or filled with anything. Just raised, skin colored bumps that follow a follicular pattern. I’ve tried moisturizing but putting anything on them seems to irritate them further.
Avatar n tn As you can see from the photos this rash is bumps that cluster and itchy like crazy! The itchy not only causes them to spread but also to get crusty and scab. She is on antibiotics, prescription strength oral antihistamines, prescription strength ointment and powder and it is only getting worse. I know it is not scabies...which is what I was worried it was...what do you think? I so appreciate your help.... http://im1.shutterfly.
Avatar m tn -No reaction to RX lotions and creams( Have tried drying lotions, moisturizing lotion, and of course creams containing antibiotics and meant for healing) -No prior oral antibiotics taken before. What could be the cause and what could you suggest it is?
1421714 tn?1283716370 A dermatologist would confirm for you - it's usually cured with antibiotics. There are pictures of the condition on the dermnet site (NZ) so you can compare.
Avatar m tn thanks alot . . . sir do you need pictures i can post them . . and suggest me oral antibiotics too so that i can rid off as soon as possible .. once i applied GENTOMYCIN on it . . . it only relieved itching nothing else . .
Avatar f tn I am suffering ffor 7 years of reccurent UTI, no antibiotics helping. With the doctor we came to a conclusion that it can be some cyst or other thing, but he says it is very hard to diagnose it. I've got MRI, and to me the are some unsusual findings there, but no doctors in my town able to analyze them. Could anyone have a look please? Unfortunatelly I don't see the opportunity to attach pictures here...
Avatar m tn i have itching on the anterior side of scrotum . i can send you the pictures if you want for deep examination.
Avatar m tn You also need to apply topical antibiotics. If the symptoms are not controlled by topical antibiotics, then oral antibiotics like tetracyclines may be needed. Please consult your dermatologist and discuss this option. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
374593 tn?1257883550 they sewed me back up and thank God it did not get infected.. however i took antibiotics to prevent infection, which caused her to get thrush ...but now everyone is all better, i can eat food (which is AMAZING!!) and we are adjusting to life as a new family!!! The sleep deprivation and stress is all soooo worth it and sooo easy to deal with since there is such a beautiful little person looking back at us!!
Avatar m tn The following are links to two pictures and hopefully below them you will see the actual pictures without having to click on anything. I include the links in case the pictures do not appear. Please let me know what his problem could be. Thanks in advance for your help. [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=http://postimg.
Avatar n tn A couple weeks ago, i noticed some white stuff on the way back of my tongue accompanied by some red bumps, which could be normal because they dont hurt and dont look inflamed or anything. I have looked at pictures of thrush, and it does have some similarities to it, however, it has not spread to anywhere else in the mouth and it is not curd like. Furthermore, it does not come off, when i brush it or scrap it.
1484224 tn?1287852238 Hello, One possibility is of acne vulgaris and the other possibility is of perioral dermatitis. Treatment consists of oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. A mild soap or soap substitute, such as Dove or Cetaphil should be used for washing. Scrubbing should be avoided. If the symptoms are not controlled by topical antibiotics, then oral antibiotics may be needed. Please consult your dermatologist and discuss this with them.