Anorexia in pregnant women

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Avatar f tn Oh my gosh, so sorry for your question going unanswered for so long. This is very important. It's obviously time to really get serious about the anorexia. It's a difficult diagnosis in general. It can be difficult to get proper nutrition when pregnant and having an eating disorder and so babies can then have a low birth weight. Trying to get the right number of calories as well as staying hydrating and not over exercising will be your challenge and one to take seriously.
Avatar f tn Sometimes women miss a period because they are stressed. You don't say how old you are, but big stressors like exams, divorce/death in the family, etc. can effect your cycle. Anorexia can make it stop too. Breathe. You're pregnant or you're not. Worrying won't change the result, and it's bad for your body. Blessings.
5627628 tn?1400006216 Not to mention the pressure of media for pregnant women to look a certain way all belly and skinny everywhere else is not real. We all grow differently. So I chose to only do it during my dr appts that way im not too focused on it. I do eat healthy. And my dr appts have been going fine. So do you find it beneficial to weigh often or not? Your thoughts...
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 31 weeks pregnant and sex is a swear word in my house! I'm pregnant with my 7th child and even tho I love my partner to bits him and the children are my world, sex is just a no go even if I wanted to it just don't happen is this normal ? I just can't be asked iv gone from a size 8 to a 16 and can't be holding my weigh like I used too. Doggy and spoons are a little boring now... Help!
Avatar f tn i missed my period by 3 days, i took a pregnancy test but always comes out negative, im currently trying to conceive , i have had anorexia in the past but 4 months ago my period started being regular again, and i slowly recovered from anorexia, i am wondering why i often have pregnancy symptoms, breast are bigger, nausea , cravings & all other symptoms due to preganncy but my tests are alwaye negetive ?
Avatar n tn My bet is that this is not because of premature menopause, since the chances of premature ovarian failure in a 30 year old are only 1/1000 overall, and premature ovarian failure accounts for only 10% of situations when women do not have periods. With your history of anorexia, you may still have a low percent body fat and when that occurs (and even when not) the anorexia may have suppressed the signals from your hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls ovulation).
Avatar f tn very unlikely. =] i dont think so.
1493843 tn?1309256719 When they were 3, she found out she was pregnant naturally! She has been in recovery since her hospital stay and she has been a healthy weight for the past several years. She had a healthy baby that is now six months old. So, getting your body healthy as well as your mind, needs to be your priority. Please find a group or counselor so you can begin your journey to recovery. Portia De Rossi just wrote a book about her struggle and it sounds like it was a hard journey, but worth it.
1030383 tn?1338460785 I have a history of anorexia, but it's 90% in the past (I think I'll always have tendencies). I also have Hep C. Lately nothing tastes good, I don't want to eat - I've been losing so much weight that I have to belt my skinniest pants. I'm pretty sure this is mostly due to the Hep C, but I can't help "sort of, kind of" enjoying it...
1428559 tn?1283094093 s a pregnancy safe version of Xanax). Some women notice improvement in anxiety symptoms during pregnancy while others notice no change and some become more anxious - there is no way to know how you will be effected. What are you taking right now? Depending On drug and dosage, there may need to be some modifications but only your OBGYN can tell you that.
Avatar m tn No, sweetheart, if you have never had sex, you are not pregnant. It is not possible to get pregnant by masturbating, (unless of course you are masturbating someone else [a male] and put some of his semen immediately into your vagina. Even then it would be pretty hard to get pregnant.) Certainly you cannot get yourself pregnant no matter how actively you masturbate. Periods can go AWOL for other reasons than pregnancy.
Avatar n tn There are also many other forums that you might want to consider joining....they are or have been in the same situation that you are in......Please take care of yourself.....I am here for you to talk to anytime.....if you like,send me a personal message,and i will get back to you.
Avatar n tn If you underweight and that has stopped your period, YES you can ge pregnant because I did. And I didnt even know I was Pregnant untill 22 weeks, I was so Ill with Anorexia, I had to terminate. Because Periods and Ovulation have actually nothing to do with eachother, people just use their period as a rought ouline of when they are going to ovulate. You NEVER know when you're ovulating. If you dont want to get pregnant, use protection, Birth control AND Condoms.
Avatar f tn I know how hard it is to stand on ur feet. Like with me my iron is low and I can't take the pills it makes me sick. But because of that I get dizzy and have passed out before while standing in line. I think other women might have the same problem so I let them in front of me. It's not special treatment its being thoughtful!
Avatar n tn Hi i dont mean to sound rude, but if you didnt want another child then you should not have got pregnant, plenty of women would give anything to be able to have children, so to say you hate pregnancy and dont want another while pregnant in my eyes is not nice!!
Avatar f tn My Stepdad is always caling me ugly .. And when i look in the mirror i believe it sometimes, all my friends say i'm beautiful. But i don't feel Beautiful. i have a problem, I hardly ever eat anymore :( i starve myself. I'm 5'3 and 100 pounds and i'm scared that i'll become anorexic, When i don't eat i get headaches, I always carry Ibuprofen with me, i take atleast 2 or 3 a day, I just really need help ..
Avatar n tn When you say that she displays many symptoms of anorexia (in spite of eating three meals/day), what do you mean? What are the symptoms you are noticing?
Avatar f tn I have very low self esteem when i look in the mirror i just want to break it, sometimes i just hate myself, I'm 106 pounds and 5'3, i keep eating less, sometimes i starve myself, i'm scared i might become anorexic, But whenever i eat i get depressed, i need help please help me, before things get outta hand ];
Avatar f tn why do girls with anorexia stop getting their periods ? what is the link to Kyphosis to anorexia ?
918035 tn?1274644533 The problem is the voice in your head. The second problem is that you listen to the voice in your head which is telling you all the wrong things. You need to sort this out with a profesional..there are many trained to deal with eating disorders with teenagers...your parents or your doctor can help you find the right person. This can be a very serious health risk...see a professional as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn t happen over night and doing it right will keep it off longer... With anorexia the second you start to eat your body holds in everything including the fat because it knows you will starve it again. Also when you stop eating your body will start to eat itself (including your muscles). You can do this hun... keep it up and persevere.
5061022 tn?1363018223 I am trying to get away from doing it as I have had it under control for the past year and it was recently triggered again in January. I have been dealing with it since the 8th grade and I am now a college junior....its a constant battle and I hate it....I am trying so hard right now to fight losing weight the right way....I am having a very hard time.....
Avatar n tn Deb I just had a talk with a women in Minnesota. She is a member on the Menopause side. I just met her recently. She said there are two different estrogens in our bodies. As we age the bad one Estrodron ( spelling? ) is increased and can store the good one Estrodial (sp) She says when the good one isn't released and the bad one is bigger then we will gain weight too. Store cortisol - even though our adrenals are good and in check.