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766752 tn?1234946743 Dear jon345, I doubt that it means you are hungry. I’m sure it does not mean you are bad. I do know it takes time for the body to adjust eating food again. Be patient. Stay with the facts; try not to past judgment. The facts are you get a “bad sickey feeling” and “acidey feeling”. You body does not feel good. If these physical symptoms continue, please see your medical doctor. For more information on eating disorders, physical complications and treatment, visit the bella vita website.
Avatar m tn can anorexia cause pain all over the body? along with dizziiness and sharp eye pain?
Avatar n tn re crossing into the area of Anorexia. I have heard about the trend with young people, especially girls, thinking that Anorexia is a "cool" or "in" thing. Well, it isn't. People die from this mental illness. Please, concentrate on being fit and healthy. When you exercise, do not do it in excess, but do not be a couch potato either. Go with moderation and go with an activity you actually enjoy. Do not become Obsessive/Compulsive about exercise or weight loss.
1106321 tn?1258580667 t risk to loose my kids... i have to get my own place and get ready for my kids to come back...........thanks for any info on books or sites where i can get info...thanks .....
Avatar f tn m sleeping in a bikini ffs as iv started leaking milk .. By time I finish with getting the kids all down for bed even having a bath and shaving my legs are long!
Avatar f tn re feeling depressed, lonely, etc, what do you wish your parents would do to help you?
Avatar f tn Anyone with a resting heart rate over 100 should be checked by a doctor, if just over 100, say even 120, I'd say in most cases it can be done on a non-emergency scheduled basis - depending on other symptoms. In your case and in the absence of any specific knowledge about anorexia I can't make a connection, but I suspect anorexia puts stress on one's body and that could be at least part of the driver for the above normal HR.
Avatar f tn I would love to have kids and probably soon but im not quit sure I can. Because I have NEVER had a period in my life. Although i have been to several good specialist i have still have no luck in finding out what may be wrong with me. Can anyone give me some advice or help?
Avatar f tn Looking for someone who can help me with facts...Recently the person I was with had an outbreak of herpes, and was diagnosed by a Dr with genital herpes. Since then he has blamed me as the cause, for his genital herpes. However, I've never had any sypmtoms. Fearing I was cause I went to the Dr and had a Herpes Blood test since I don't have any symptoms that is the only test they are able to perform. I just received the results and they were negative.
4742865 tn?1358632836 Im 43 ive struggled with anorexia/bulimia since i was 18. My weight has always been arund 100. I still restrict eating only one meal a day yet now that im in my 43 its harder to lose. Someone once told me once u hit 40's its impossible to manage ur weight. Is this true? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Anorexia--Bulimia--Binge-Eating/Metabolism-problems-after-anorexia-recovery--Please-help/show/924308">Metabolism problems after anorexia recovery--Please help!
906115 tn?1344200509 Thanks for the info, I did already know most of it (self-research). I don't think I am too keen on a man breast-feeding, would look a little funny, don't you think LOL, don't even wanna imagine it with my husband :-S Breast milk is also good against a nappy rash. Has helped my daughter and other friends kids.
Avatar n tn The good new is since you've been struggleing with anorexia for a short period of time and you've only missed your period for 2 months it is likely that it will come back, and that there's no permanent damage done. I would go see your obgyn. She might be able to give you birth control which with eating regularly could regulate your periods. Nutrionally you need to make sure your getting all the food groups, protein, carbs, veggies, fruit, startches.
Avatar f tn why do girls with anorexia stop getting their periods ? what is the link to Kyphosis to anorexia ?
1158511 tn?1262554942 At 5'4" and 87.4 pounds, your body weight would qualify for anorexia. Low body weight is one of the criteria for anorexia. By visiting the bella vita website you could take our free eating disorder survey and also read more about anorexia to help you understand more.
Avatar f tn t happen over night and doing it right will keep it off longer... With anorexia the second you start to eat your body holds in everything including the fat because it knows you will starve it again. Also when you stop eating your body will start to eat itself (including your muscles). You can do this hun... keep it up and persevere.
Avatar f tn Your step-father is not only wrong, he is emotionally abusive. You are on a very dangerous path and need to get help for your eating disorder. Yes, that is what it is. You are showing anorexic symptoms and it will only get worse. Talk to a counselor at school, your doctor, or another trusted adult and have them refer you to a therapist experienced with eating disorders. Your ED is related to how you feel about yourself and you need help working through both so you can go on to live a good life.
973741 tn?1342342773 ve just given a birth to our baby#1 through ivf. I wish we tried for kids much earlier. Still whatever happens - happens for the better. Now we value time. What's your opinion?
5061022 tn?1363018223 I am trying to get away from doing it as I have had it under control for the past year and it was recently triggered again in January. I have been dealing with it since the 8th grade and I am now a college junior....its a constant battle and I hate it....I am trying so hard right now to fight losing weight the right way....I am having a very hard time.....
Avatar n tn Dear kate306, Your gastrointestinal system could definitely be thrown off from your anorexia. Your current anxiety could be the culprit for your diarrhea. Anxiety and Anorexia often go hand in hand. Seeking medical attention for your diarrhea is recommended. Getting to the root of your anxiety and decreasing your anxiety is critical. For more information on anorexia, visit the bella vita website. Best, Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr.: My 14 years old daughter 5'9" only weight 102lbs,she rapidly drop 30 lbs last year and she doesn't want gain any weight now.She has many anorexia symptom but she eats 3 health meals everyday(no fat).Her anorexia became after her right elbow injury 2 years ago(still didn't recovry yet).She deny has anorexia that's mean she refuse to see doctor. what can I help her?Is she anorexic?
148588 tn?1465778809 There are so many different studies and opinions on this issue, I don't think it will ever be resolved... We all know that study data can be skewed any way one wants to skew it, in order to come up with the preferred results. By the way, the video in the link I posted is exactly the same as the video in the original post.