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Avatar m tn know what to do about him, because he has like, no muscle mass left on him! He says he is experiencing aches and pains all over, and he is blind in hsi left eye, and has had surgery to move the muscle so that his eye looks the right way, because it crossed inward before. But I have heard this happens to other people as well. It is dizziness/vision blacking out, and last time the searing pain brought him to his knees. And he said last time that the pain was in his right eye.
766752 tn?1234946743 The facts are you get a “bad sickey feeling” and “acidey feeling”. You body does not feel good. If these physical symptoms continue, please see your medical doctor. For more information on eating disorders, physical complications and treatment, visit the bella vita website.
179856 tn?1333547362 I was just reading about Portia DeRossi's anorexia and it says when she was down to 82 pounds she "was told she was suffering from a handful of serious conditions: osteoporosis, organ failure, cirrhosis of the liver and the auto-immune disease lupus." how would anorexia cause cirrhosis does anybody know? I'm just curious because I never heard of that before and was wondering how it was related.
Avatar f tn It was so painful that I could not use this arm and it felt extremely sore and weak thereafter and then it was fine by the by the next day . l I do not know if the two are connected???? I had not done any strenuous exercise besides hanging up washing and ironing that day. I know that I have premature P waves by 1.8. I have prolonged or no QRS waves (just shows a base line). I have an AV Block second degree Mobitz type 1. I am on Isoptin 40mg x 3 per day.
Avatar f tn Proper nutrition is the goal in treating Anorexia. Food is medicine. To learn more about anorexia and treatment options, visit the bella vita website.
Avatar f tn CNN ran this story and had the "facts" slightly "embellished". I can't remember what percentage rate they said, but it was different. The definately said that the rate hasn't been this high in 18 years.... So, depending on where you get your news, and whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, you can certainly find an answer in there somewhere to fit your needs..... Truth.... real figures. That's all anyone in this country wants....
Avatar f tn There’s much more in the CBO’s new figures, and we may have more to say about them in the future. And we offer no opinion on whether taxes are too high or too low, or just right. That’s a matter of intense national debate. But Congress must act soon on taxes, or allow a large increase to take effect automatically.
Avatar f tn I am currently medically stable but have been struggling for three years with hypothyroid symptoms( constant fatigue, brain fog,cold hands, slow motor skill, anxiety and depression worse, and a couple other symptoms) despite my bmi being normal, and proper nutrition. I am currently on thyroid meds but the only result is that my tsh is very low. Other wise I am still feeling the same and some symptoms are worse.
Avatar m tn About 20% of American adults have HSV-2 and of these, most do not know it. Thus there is a small chance that any sexual encounter with a person who has ever had sex before could be with an infected partner. BUT, the chance of transmission at any single act of intercourse with an infected partner is less than 1 in 1,000 and, if the partner is asymptomatic, is probably less than 1 in 10,000 - this is a very small chance.
Avatar f tn Hi Folks: I am praying and hoping that someone in this Forum (or another - I will post my "case study" in a few places with the hope of getting an answer or some suggestions) can help me figure out what is wrong with me. To date I have seen at least 13 (THIRTEEN) doctors and none of them can give me a solid diagnosis - and meanwhile, I am still symptomatic of SOMETHING, and don't know what to do. So here's the facts. Current Medical Status: 1.
Avatar f tn For the near half-century following the Kennedy administration, Democrats created nearly twice as many private-sector jobs as Republicans. Even though Democrats held the presidency for only 23 years compared with 28 years of Republican rule. Private-sector payrolls increased by 42 million jobs under Democratic administrations, and 24 million under Republican ones. That’s an average of 150,000 new paychecks a month under Democrats and 71,000 per month under Republicans.
Avatar n tn Hi iam a female of 24yrs i feel heaviness and dizziness whenever i move my head in space (side to side) i dont whats the problem is the problem is with my vertebral artery or is it anorexia. Pl. guide me as soon as possible.
785277 tn?1244324809 I can only speak for myself. I had beautiful teeth when I was a teenager. Now from my twenties on....43, Infections!!!!I have had all my teeth root canaled, bonded, pulled, bridged, and now finally all pulled and I'm working on implants. Its not worth all the pain and suffering, I will tell you that right now. I have spent over 35,000 on my teeth over the years. Infections in the mouth can lead to death...the infection can go straight to your heart or brain.
1811308 tn?1357250178 Yey eventually in single figures. 9 days until my baby boy is due. Come on Oscar Ryan, we cant wait to meet you.
Avatar f tn I can't wait to get there...I'm 21 weeks today and counting down!
Avatar n tn Omg! Yay! I am finally in the double figures..99days to go! :-) I'm 25+6 with a boy <3 seems like forever to have gotten to this point!
Avatar f tn Ok so 2day was my first ultrasound. My husband and I were very nervous because I have been experiencing some bleeding, and the tech wasn't all that helpful with her "Mmm" and "ooookkkk." But after about 5 minutes which felt like an hour she finally says "it looks like it could be twins" now if she didn't just make me use the bathroom there would have been some problems.
Avatar f tn first of all your periods stop because you are starving your body, and messing up all your hormone levels and plus you have no body fat. i have had an ed for almost 12 years and i didnt get my period i think till i was 18 it is not healthy to do. i have tremendous amounts of knowledge of this disease and if you ever need someone to talk to please just leave a message for me.
Avatar f tn t happen over night and doing it right will keep it off longer... With anorexia the second you start to eat your body holds in everything including the fat because it knows you will starve it again. Also when you stop eating your body will start to eat itself (including your muscles). You can do this hun... keep it up and persevere.