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Avatar f tn I had an angiogram on November 16th. The doctor didn't find anything, so no stints were put in. The procedure only lasted about 30 minutes and was back in my room. I had to lay almost flat for 2 hours then the nurse had me up and walking and then got dressed and left. I have not had any pain in the groin area, no small lump formed like I was told might happen and only a very small amount of bruising in groin area.
Avatar f tn I had a cardiac cath 2 days ago. The next morning I removed my dressing in the shower as instructed and felt fine, slight tenderness to the site. As I was trying to put my clothes on, I lifted my right leg and I had a "popping sensation" to my right groin that took me to the ground and I blacked out. I finally made it to the phone, called triage and they sent me to the ER.
Avatar n tn first red flag. I became very tired; second red flag. In the dressing room I noticed edema, third and final red flag. I called the Nurse Practitioner at the cardiac clinic, she asked me to come right in. I did so, she scheduled me for a stress test the next day. I didn't do well with it and my Cardiologist took over, I was admitted in the hospital. The Angiogram revealed a surprise.
Avatar f tn 5mg Bisoprolol and 75 mg aspirin 24 hour holtar ECG in 2 weeks Diagnostic coronary angiogram in 6 weeks My questions are could this be stress as just before stress ECG I received a call saying my mother had been rushed in to hospital and it's very serious.
Avatar n tn I also get pains on the left side of my stomach while doing exercise( walking up hills ) My heart is fine execpt my cardiolgist thinks its unconditioned and I need to do exercise to get it back in shape.(had angiogram, echo, and stess test all normal) Also I had a endoscopy done 2 wweks ago that came up clean. For some reason this pains lead to acid like pains in the stomach and like someone is putting a knife thru the left side of my stomach.
Avatar n tn OMG! I've found someone going through the same thing as me!! EM, you're not nuts and not alone. I too have been dx'd w/dystonia, movement disorder, spastic Cerebral Palsey (CP). Let me start @ the beginning... I am 28, was born with MILD CP, lt sided hemiplegia. I walked w/a mild limp (like a sprained ankle) and carried my lt. arm slightly. I functioned normally both cognitively and physically otherwise until Nov 2000. I began having incredible pain and spasms in my legs and arms.
Avatar n tn she also took my fathers assistance in bathing and dressing up and occasionaly for eating( which she has used offand on in the last few years whenever her various problems were aggravated so we did not react too strongly) present problem she had a fall in in august and and needed regular assistance to make it to the toilet even.end august we noticed her difficulty in holding her pills and a slight tremor of the left hand .
Avatar n tn A NOVA scan last month showed reduced perfusion to the left hemisphere especially in middle cerebral artery distribution. I have a functional MRI, angiogram and cognitive testing scheduled this upcoming week to determine the need for STA-ICA anastomosis. There is advanced technology out there also including PET scans and much of it appears to be at university hospitals. Here is what I would recommend.
Avatar m tn Tonight my heart aches and is fluttering because I didn't read the label on my salad dressing before I used it and it has msg which i know effects it and I'm tired to boot! It would be nice not to have to worry about all of these things constantly. To those with successful ablations: do you still have to worry about all of those things I mentioned above?
Avatar f tn Also, now the lights from the show are too intense for me too handle, as are the bright lights around the mirrors in my dressing room. On top of it all, I've had intense anxiety and panic attacks which I've never had a problem with before. I don't necessarily think I'm just freaking out about my symptoms. I think whatever this is triggers that "fight or flight" response and thus makes panic attack onset easier.
Avatar f tn I had back surgery this past September. Doctor sent me to a cardiologist and I had thread mill test, EKG, and an angiogram. My doctor wanted to do the angiogram because my brother had a heart attack in his fifties. I had 60% blockage in the middle artery but he did not feel a stint was necessary because he only does stints if there is 70% blockage. Everything else was fine. I have had an MRI and blood tests which showed my thyroid medicine was to high and was cut down.
Avatar n tn I still have incidents even last week when I thought I ordered Ranch dressing and they brought me Thousand Island dressing and everyone at the table said I ordered Thousand Island. I couldn't believe it because my last thought was Ranch. That is the second time for that same thought process. I have short term memory problems and I think stress makes it worse.
211940 tn?1267884866 I can't put on my bra or take it off by just reaching behind myself. I have trouble dressing myself; sometimes I can't hold a glass without the pain. I can no longer pick my 17 month old grand daughter up. I can only lift my arms sideways up so far or straight up or behind me. My husband and I have to shower together because I can't shampoo my own hair even. Even combing or brushing is an effort. And so far they are searching for the answer to this one.