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Avatar n tn My 10 month old son is being treated for an ear infection with amoxicillin. He has pre-existing eczema on his face and when the rash developed a rash all over his body on day 4 of antibiotic use, I thought it was more eczema. The rash improved for a few says (but did not go away) but has now worsened (day 8). I decided, with agreement from doc, to keep him on amoxicillin to complete the course rather than introduce a new antibiotic.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on both my inner thighs. Red and some with small white puss bubbles in the middle. They are not close to my penis or scrotum but in the middle inside of my upper thighs. Jock itch or herpes? The pictures online of both don't look like what I have.
Avatar m tn I had sex with a condom I immediately felt a burning sensation. I have a rash and red spots on the tip of my penis. I went to the doctor all tests came back negative. no STDS no herpies! she just gave me something for the itching and told me it might be awhile. Its been over 3 months and the symptoms have not gone away. I have tried every home remedy possible. Lamisil, Peroxide, amoxicillion, coconut oil tea tree oil. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
Avatar n tn I have this condition for 10+ months and I have been on many antibiotics including amoxicillin /clav/ Doxycycline, and others. I am so tired of the pain both burning and soreness of the spots when I set. I have pictures if anyone has a similar condition they have cured I can supply to see if it is the same. The skin looks tight, layered, and the spots are red and sore and can be poked without much pain. When poked the pain goes away for a while until it shows up again.
Avatar n tn Itchy rash on legs from the knees down and the forearms. The rash gets extremely dry. Irritants seem to include vinyl and the sun. She has substantial swelling in her calves and feet. I have pictures, but it doesn't appear that I can post them on this forum. However, I'm not convinced that the swelling is related to the rash and I'm wondering if maybe there is a circulation or some other issue compounding the problem. She has been prescribed countless creams and medications.
Avatar n tn They gave him amoxicillin. He continued with the rash getting worse, a temp of 104 for a few days. I kept taking him back to his pediatrician and finally they put him on a steroid and antihistamine. It helped with the rash but after he was tapered off everything came back but worse. This time he had to go to the hospital and stay overnight because his arms swelled up and puss started oozing from them. They treated him with steroids again and tested him for EBV virus. It was negative.
225036 tn?1294513000 great evidence for the future (if future treatment is required) thats one thing i didn't do was take a picture of my rash.. my rash also appeared a second time, but only larger. Do you think i was smart enough to take the pic that time??? NOPE, of course not... but i also blame some of my foolishness on lack of education. My mother and father who where born in the fifties, never even heard of the disease before....
Avatar m tn my 4 year old has been getting what looks like spotty skin on his legs/feet and arms/hands. when i google looks like pictures of cutis marmorata or livedo reticularis. It is not really as bad as some of the pictures but you can surely notice it if you are looking. I am really worried about this. It has been coming and going for almost 2 months now. I have been to the doctor and ped and they seem unconcerned. It doesn't seem to happen when he is cold either.
Avatar n tn They told me it was scarlett fever, even though 2 strep tests came back negative. They gave him amoxicillin. He continued with the rash getting worse, a temp of 104 for a few days. I kept taking him back to his pediatrician and finally they put him on a steroid and antihistamine. It helped with the rash but after he was tapered off everything came back but worse. This time he had to go to the hospital and stay overnight because his arms swelled up and puss started oozing from them.
Avatar n tn joelle921: Look at this page of rash pictures: A bull's eye rash means Lyme Disease. If you don't have a good camera, borrow one and quick take pictures of the rashes, with a ruler for comparison. This is necessary because the rash may change or disappear before it is observed by a physician who recognizes it. You will need these pics to get proper treatment for tick borne infection. Here is info on Lyme Disease:
Avatar n tn However, I went to a French doctor when I did still have the sore throat and he prescribed amoxicillin in powder form (despite me telling him about the biaxin xl I had previously been prescribed, which he wasn't familiar with because that is the commercial name), but also pointed out that i had a brown tongue due to a fungus and prescribed to me triflucan, an antifungal also in powder form. he attributed the brown tongue coating to the antibiotics that i had previously been taking.
Avatar m tn I read numerous posts and read that if its a ARS I should have high fever (which I did not get) and sore throat along with rash which again I did not get. Also, I have no idea if that CSW was infected or not with HIV. My question is do you think it was ARS and if I was your patient, will you recommend testing? Should I go for testing as being a Uncircumcised man it increase my chances to 1 in 1000 (provided she was infected which we dont know).
Avatar f tn NaniKai, The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation has good information. Check the various links to see what's available. Click on "The Lyme Rash" for many pictures. Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses Joseph J Burrascano, Jr., M.D. Updated September, 2005 The above is in PDF form.
Avatar m tn Also developed a rash on my chest under right nipple. About square inch of small red itchy bumps. On back I developed 4 larger red bumps that are quite painful when touched. All has come in the past few days. Any connection?
Avatar n tn This could just be my head playing tricks with me. What isn't just in my head is a rash that i've gotten a couple of times on my legs and arms, once or twice on my face. But this might just be wind burn and chapped skin from being outside in the cold. Also, some very small red dots on my chest, abs and arms. Again, this could just be me looking way too closely at my skin.
Avatar m tn 1/9/10 - Visited doctor regarding allergies to amoxicillin. Told the doctor that 24 days had passed and the penile rash was still present. Received Gonorrhea and Chlamydia urine test (waiting on results to this day). As you can see, I'm very confused as to what I'm experiencing. I have never had any visible blisters, ulcers, or anything that could be popped or scrapped (which makes it impossible to get a swab culture for testing HSV).
184674 tn?1360864093 Since his eyes weren't bloodshot or swollen, I let him recover from it on his own because antibiotics give him diarrhea and diaper rash, despite probiotics, and I don't even want to imagine holding him down for eye drops like three times a day. Over a period of four days, the goo subsided and by Saturday, it was gone. Only problem is, the eye goo seems to be replaced by a much wetter, aggravated cough and a fever.
Avatar f tn They also said the rash (new one) didn't look like an allergic response to Amoxicillin (though it was mild, I still say it was! I also had the female problems from it, remember?). He didn't really look at it much and it is mild and had begun fading. I now just have a little redness but it's gradually going away, it seems. I've never had that rash so, what else could it have been. I'd just stopped taking amoxicillin when it popped up.
Avatar f tn Rashes from other things itch also. Pemphigus doesn't itch. Since you broke out in hives from the penicillin derivative (probably amoxicillin clavulanic acid) it is a side effect of the drug. Usually a rash alone is not necessarily a allergy but hives and trouble breathing are usually an allergy. So use caution when using any penicillin type of drug. You may want to get allergy tested for this. So they never did a bacterial culture on these sores?
223152 tn?1346981971 partial responder from 2006. Rash was bad, but became manageable; stopped incivek and stopped rash. Other sx expected - can be a little crabby; loss of energy; and still have to be careful with diet; more small meals and lots of water. Other #'s at week 12 lab - ALT - 44, AST 41, Plt 95, ANC 900, WBC 1.9, TSH 1.78, Cr .8, UPIC 6.2. I actually feel reasonable considering the drugs; still at 600 mg riba.
Avatar n tn You will probably get the same thing from the neuro, but Lyme disease creates all these symptoms, and with that rash u have, (circular and a clear bit in the middle) it all adds up. Lyme disease tests can come back normal even if u have Lyme! Ive heared it time and time again. The rash would be from the tick bite itself and you may have not even been aware of the bite itself! Did you stress the fact of your rash to your doctor. It seem sso obviouse to me. Go to Yahoo.
Avatar n tn I've had success with Amoxicillin and Amoxil in the past for this but don't have enough info to help my MD make a decision. I'm too far along to think about stopping tx now. Five weeks left! Also, anyone ever heard of taking "Colloidal Silver " for infections, and how well can a damaged liver handle that? Thanks for any and all suggestions!
Avatar f tn Bring him back home, fever persists, stiffness gets worse ,back into the docs, again get told its just a virus and to send him to school on Monday ( it was Friday ) On Monday get him up, start to dress him when i notice a huge big red bulls eye rash Covering 2/3rds of his back. ( was not there the evening before when i bathed him) Finish dressing him, put him in the car and drive to docs office......where i tell the receptionist my son needs to be seen NOW!!
Avatar n tn (We stopped the Solodyn about a week ago when the rash first appeared.) The doctors aren't sure if that is what triggered this. The hives a week later have slowed up but we are now having severe joint pain. The joint pain also moves daily from one area of his body to the other. One day it is on the right side affecting his hands and feet mostly, then the next day it is on the other side. Sparadically it become so severe he can't walk on that foot or write with that hand.
Avatar f tn But I have just been feeling swollen and worse, and even have several types of rash, one of which looks like mucinosis and the other little blistery bumps. It became so extreme that a dermatologist took a biopsy on the 20th and I'm awaiting the results of the inflammation. But the good news is that my hair stopped falling out and the spooning in my fingernails is almost gone, and they are strong and growing again. Anyway, from the way I'm feeling, I suspected rT3 and went and had labs drawn.
753324 tn?1457822792 yellow/greenish puss, she'll need to see the Vet for oral antibiotics.....Amoxicillin would probably be the choice and it is not expensive....... Now the bad part: You MUST get her on a good quality diet....NO, I'm not kidding! The food you have fed her for 4 years is a joke! Not your fault, understand....There is absolutely NO nutrition in Hill's JD! Yes, I looked it up...It is sold for Joint Disease because it has a few joint supplements in it...
1187071 tn?1279373298 Plus it has so hot here it might be from that it might be a heat rash. I am severely allergic to pepcid so I can't take that unless I want to end up in the er. but I will try to find something else OTC to see if it helps when I go out tomorrow. I did eat pudding right after. I am so sick of eating pudding but I did eat it. that is mostly what I have been eating or sandwichs since bread is soft.
Avatar m tn i take ibuprofen and the pain mostly goes away but not 100%. i have looked at 100's and 100's of pictures on the web for several hours and nothing i've seen looks anything like this. i guess my questions are: a. could this be a friction burn from masturbation/ handjob/ dry humping/ or tight clothing.? i wear boxer briefs and tight jeans. b. could this be due to hygiene? c. does a herpes sore last longer than a month? if so does it always break the skin and turn into a red open sore? d.
Avatar n tn But my sister said they were some kind of bug bites. But i have a rash kinda bump thing by my under wear line.. so im pretty confused on what they are also ..some are like 5 little bumps clustered together..then there are some just alone bumps... hmm?